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    Here is yet another example of a “white child” that we in America are FORCED to pay attention when they are in “harms way”.

    Never mind the countless black and/or other minority children who are missing that NEVER receive this level of attention to bring attention to their case.

    If they are white put them in the spotlight if their black put them in the back!

    How many hours have been devoted to missing white children vs black children?

    White children accounted for 67 percent of AP’s missing-children coverage and for 76 percent of CNN’s. But they represented only 53 percent of the 37,665 cases reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children during the same period and only 54 percent of the cases found in a 2002 study of missing children sponsored by the U.S. Justice Department.

    Black children accounted for 17 percent of the AP stories, 13 percent of CNN’s, 19 percent in the Justice Department’s study and 23 percent of cases reported to the National Center.

    The discrepancies for Hispanic children were greater, accounting for just 11 percent of AP’s reporting and 9 percent of CNN’s stories, yet 18 percent of children reported to the National Center and 21 percent in the Justice Department study.

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    Whatsup, I think the unusual circumstances were responsible for the coverage, rather than the fact it was a white child. Any kid who floated away in a helium-filled UFO would get the same attention.

    I was not surprised when they found the kid. I was once looking after some kids and had the whole neighbourhood and the police combing the area when the 3-year-old went missing. Despite numerous searches of the house (cupboards, fridges, everything) by numerous people, she turned up in her frickin’ bed sound asleep. She was so tiny, no one thought to lift up the tiny crumpled-up pile of bedclothes that lay in the middle of the bed.

    BUT, it seems now to have all the hallmarks of a hoax. Not only is there the puzzling statement by the kid (“We did it for the show”), Mom and Dad seem way too quick to get the entire family in front of the cameras in their own living room to do national TV interviews. And they have a history of publicity-seeking stunts, eg Wife Swap. Plus, that they were so convinced the kid was in the balloon doesn’t seem plausible. Why would anyone just *assume* that? Unless someone saw him get into it and fly away, why wouldn’t releasing the balloon and then running away be at least as likely?

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    I certainly agree with you in principle, WHATSUP, that the media has a racial double standard when it comes to missing children/people. However, there was an element to this story that made it particularly bizarre/newsworthy. Most ‘missing children’ are not assumed to have taken off in a helium powered UFO.

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