1. Antny says

    I think Obama’s appearance is to help HRC raise money so in return they’ll round up more money for Obama’s 2012 run. It’ll just be another hope filled speech with no actual change.

  2. says

    Why does Bill O’Reilly keep interrupting and cutting off Wayne Besen. O’Reilly is simply the most rude and obnoxious show host out there. He is condescending and does not even listen.

    I shudder tho think that any American actually admires him and it is frightening to me that members of my own family follow him. O’Reilly gives my depression a depression.

  3. DR says

    Wayne came across as a bit naive in parts, but I’m glad that he was, overall, able to articulate the issue well.

  4. says

    The gay-rights movement, or at least one part of it, is in the process of jumping the shark. Why are we even going on a show hosted by Bill O’Reilly? We’re encouraged to despise Obama or at least protest him and consider him a traitor, but we’ll sit and chat with Bill O’Reilly? O’Reilly blatantly lied in his summaries about Obama. His popularity is NOT sinking, it sank down to earth and has of late rebounded. Health care is NOT a death dance, health care reform is HAPPENING, very possibly with the fabled public option. But these talking points are not disputed because they fit in nicely with the reason O’Reilly would agree to this kind of chat about gay rights—it’s really just a bash Obama (and bash Democrats) 4:38…and far too many gay activists are so interested in making their point on gay issues they’re willing to go along with that or whatever else it takes.

    O’Reilly is totally misinformed (he didn’t even know Obama had promised to repeal DADT???), and is totally unworthy of hosting people discussing our issues.

    O’Reilly also made sure to throw in the newly fashionable class-warfare crap about the HRC’s dinner being “swanky.” Ohhhhh, swanky is baddd…!

    If Obama were to announce something of substance at the HRC dinner, part of me thinks most of the angriest activists wouldn’t even pause to accept it as a good thing. Even his speaking to the HRC (not my favorite group, but nonetheless a gay group on my side) is being brushed off as “so what?” in spite of it being only the 2nd time a sitting president has spoken to a gay group. Yes, words are words and actions are actions, but anyone who can’t see the strategy behind what’s going on at this point doesn’t want to see it.

    I wish the march well and I do expect the president to step up. Protesters? It’s not something I see as helpful.

  5. Gregoire says

    I hope the march on Sunday is a positive celebration and united cry for our rights and NOT some jaded protest with Obama devil signs. I don’t see that helps the debate.

  6. Jeffrey says

    Matthew: Obama has already given speeches in which he promised to move on GLBT equality. More words don’t move the ball any further down the field. Another speech just doesn’t cut it. We are past being excited that a sitting President dares to speak directly to a ‘gay group’.
    He needs to ACT on the promises already made. Until that happens, he deserves every ounce of criticism he has earned.

  7. Bill says

    Wayne did an amazing job!

    Bill O’Reilly purposefully mispronounced Wayne’s last name. Wayne has been on the show before and he said it corrrectly before.

    Bill O’Reilly wants division. Wayne instead told him how gay people including those attending the HRC dinner are going to move forward. Obama can do multiple things at once. Gay people need to hold Obama accountable to his promises and better nature. BTW, there is no such thing as “traditional” marriage. What Bill O’Reilly is talking about is heterosexual-only marriage.

  8. JT says

    Bill O’Reilly is always defending Obama. His interview with him got me to vote for Obama in the first place! But O’Reilly is wrong on this one. Obama can keep his promises. Besen came across as just….so-so.

  9. Mick_u says

    Wayne should have made it clear to Bill that the issue is equality and not necessarily just marriage.

    Marriage in the US currently does not equate to equal rights. Equal rights is the key issue that should be at the forefront of any debate. The republicans need to be educated that this is what we essentially want and need, not necessarily just marriage if it doesn’t equate to equal rights and if the act of ‘marriage’ essentially has no weight or recognition when it comes to the federal law.

    DOMA will eventually be repelled so same sex couples will be able to marry (hopefully in all states and with the same federal rights) however till that day we should continue to fight for equal rights, certainly so, if marriage does not give us full access to all federal and state benefits / law.

    In the UK and many other countries they call the commitment a Civil Partnership / Union. By registering and having a Civil Partnership or Union you would automatically get all the same rights as a married couple would. The only difference would be the name, Civil Partnership instead of Marriage. Even so, you would get all the same rights as an opposite sex married couple, which I think is more important than being ‘married’ under certain US state laws that are allowing same-sex marriage.

    Long term marriage with equal rights is what we should aim for however till then I personally think that our short term goals should be for equal rights in all areas and this should be the key focus of any discussion around LGBT rights.

  10. says

    It’s people like Bill O’Reilly that make me distrust straight, white, Christian, Republican, well-off males. Him and Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter.