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    Oh for Chrissake, whatever, Miss Winters. Keep on flogging that tired horse. Yeah, Chicago politics are corrupt. Shocker! Show me a place where politics aren’t corrupt? Show me a big city that doesn’t have slumlords?… um… hello? (crickets chirping)… I thought not. Twat.

    This story just shows that the right-wing nutjobs out there are so apoplectic over our African-American not-so-very-progressive president that they’ll cheer anything that looks like a failure, even when it hurts Americans. They are utterly hateful bottom dwellers and will be the ruin of American freedom if they are not kept in close check.

  2. NevadaBoi says

    Do you hear taht?

    They’re saying….

    “Yaaaayyyyyyy! No Nazi Socialized Fascist development programs in Chicago! we can continue to keep this country poor so we stay rich! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!”

    What sleeze buckets. They would cheer at puppies being kicked and old ladies being run-over if it meant they could spin the story into their vile rhetoric. But hey, that’s “compassionate conservatism” for yah. THEIR Jesus would be so proud. (The real one would not)

  3. jimmyboyo says

    and when people questioned the lies of leading america into an unjust war with Iraq that never attacked us on 9/11 (15 of the hijackers were saudis) these same folks screached “TRAITORS!”

    oh the hypocricy

  4. Erick says

    I think they are scum, but I would argue the assertion that the Olympics is good for the economy. The host city rarely makes money on them. Chicago was fortunate that it would not have actually had to build much, so was a small chance they would see some money from it. But typically that just doesn’t happen.

    These people were just happy that Obama couldn’t get something done. And they are scum. That doesn’t mean that Chicago was the right choice for the Olympics, though.

  5. DeeVee says

    Winters, what are you doing to help eliminate corruption and make things better? Sitting on your keyboard?

    You belong with the rest of the cheering bastards who one day will look back on the disrespect you so lovingly flaunt and realize that most of your lives have been spent festering negativity and pitiable worthlessness. What a sad, sad waste.

  6. Reggie says

    Why the surprise? The conservatives/repugs are so determined to see Obama fail, that they celebrate any “failure”. They have no constructive plan or vision. Only the downfall of Obama. Grayson has it correct!

  7. Gry says

    When I was in high school, I joined the track team, and with little build-up or fanfare on my side, I competed in a relay and performed beyond expectations, ultimately knocking a guy a year ahead of me out of the spot and being promoted into his place.

    His reaction was not to kick it into gear to win the position back. He threw tantrums. He bitched endlessly. He told the coach I was on steroids. He claimed I was banging half the school.

    These twits are his “adult” equivalents, and the blonde dick with the Buddy Holly glasses next to the hag with damaged hair and what I’m presuming is an intact hymen actually bears a weird resemblance to him.

  8. Kevin says

    For those who don’t know, Americans for Prosperity was created by Koch Industries, the largest private company in the U.S. Koch effectively funds and runs AFP, so this is hardly a spontaneously formed grassroots group.

  9. says

    This isn’t surprising, considering (their) President George W. Bush isolated the U.S. with his policies, causing angst and disdain from other countries. It will take more than 10 months to undo what Bush did in 8 years. These conservative could care less about America.

  10. says

    There are many reasons to applaud such a loss regardless of the city and regardless of whether Obama was involved or not. Contrary to to the uninformed assertion made in this post there is no clear cut evidence that hosting an Olympics would brings millions into the economy. There is much evidence they draw more out of the economy than they are worth and thus don’t encourage prosperity at all but poverty. Just because a project brings X millions doesn’t make it profitable if if cost +X millions to produce it. That is pretty rudimentary logic. And most these things cost more than they generate.

  11. gayalltheway says

    These people are the most disgusting people I’ve ever seen. What happened to the good ol’ US of A? Where did all these cave dwellers come from? They give conservatives a bad rep. Why do I feel like the 2 sides of any kind of debate now is not between liberal and conservative – it’s more like good vs. evil(conservative being the latter of course)?
    It is truly saddening.

    Btw, about the “prosperity for the host city myth”, it’s actually not a myth, it is very rare that a host city will prosper from hosting the O but Los Angeles did end up with profit for hosting the 1984 O. I guess it boils down to conservative (that word again)financial planning and realistic expectations.

  12. Bryan says

    This rose-colored glasses view of the Olympics is charmingly divorced from economic reality.

    Ask Atlantans about the great economic boon the Nike/Adidas/etc Corporate Locusts brought to their city, and how they’re doing with the resulting crushing debt over a decade after the fact. The planet is littered with pathetic, overpriced, useless architectural grandiosity in what were Olympic venues and are now essentially slums.

    The Olympics are just one more brilliant corporate profit machine. “Let’s create the world’s largest ad venue, get some of the most talented people alive to staff to perform for free, and bill the tax payers for all of it.” I can’t regard it as a coincidence that the parasite has decided to suck the life out of an economy even more screwed up than ours. It’s like watching a homeless person be beaten and robbed.

  13. chad says

    This conservative republican trash is disgusting. Obama’s intention was to bring tons of jobs and money to our country,and this vile partisan vermin were only concerned about seeing our president defeated,this is how disgusting they are. Have you noticed that all the old geezers that had their “untied we stand” bumperstickers” no longer have them on their cars once bush was out and Obama in

  14. Mike says

    The hypocrisy and outrageous behaviour of these wingnuts is simply breathtaking. They absolutely have no shame. If the rest of the country doesn’t wake up and pull our collective heads out of our asses and stand up to these freaks once and for all, we’re doomed! Alan Grayson had the balls to call them out. I wish the rest of us would do the same. We need to tell them to unequivocally shut the fu#k up!

  15. Attmay says

    I take it you didn’t read the Reason article?

    I’m not surprised the Homophobe-In-Chief failed. Since he thinks money grows on trees, I’m surprised he didn’t just flash a few extra wads of cash at the notoriously corrupt IOC (or have we forgotten how Assault Lake City got the games, or the French judge of figure skating).

    Jocks aren’t heroes. I’d screw ’em, but I wouldn’t idolize ’em.

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