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Documentary Exposes Mormon Financial Contributions to Prop 8


8: The Mormon Proposition is a new documentary about the involvement of the Church of Latter Day Saints' involvement in the passage of Proposition 8 in California. It's written, and directed by Reed Cowan, produced by Cowan, Chris Volz, and Steven Greenstreet, executive produced by Bruce Bastian, and narrated by Dustin Lance Black.

The trailer dropped yesterday. Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Religion is just a fancy word for cult.

    Posted by: Wes | Oct 20, 2009 12:36:58 PM

  2. I applaud the producers for their work.

    Is someone doing a piece on the Roman Catholic Church's (Knights of Columbus)equal responsibility or guilt?

    The Mormons have their tithing system which is an endless source of refinancing.

    The Roman Catholics are more overt in their fundraising.The Knights of Columbus at the RC Church down the street from me here in Southern California has been working extra hard to refill their coffers. They're having another pancake breakfast next week.

    The Mormons surely deserve all the criticism they are receiving on this, but I hope the Roman Catholics who are equally responsible (see the contribution amounts) are equally held to account.

    When will some people stop using God and religion as an excuse to justify inflicting pain and suffering on their fellows?

    Posted by: interested bystander | Oct 20, 2009 12:46:05 PM

  3. let's start a petition to have it shown at all BYU campuses!! Like that'll ever happen...

    Posted by: Chdwckvnstrsslhm | Oct 20, 2009 1:07:12 PM

  4. Bystander is right, and there's enough of an evidence trail to document it. We assume the film includes discussion of the internal LDS memo from way back in 1997 revealing their longterm plot to both oppose marriage equality AND cospire with the Catholic Church to do it that a local Salt Lake City ABC station uncovered last November:

    And, Bystander is right, we mustn't forget their dancing partner in moral crime: the Catholic hierarchy.

    "SF Chronicle," 11-9-08: "Months before the first ads would run on Proposition 8, San Francisco Catholic Archbishop George Niederauer reached out to a group he knew well, Mormons. Niederauer had made critical inroads into improving Catholic-Mormon relations while he was Bishop of Salt Lake City for 11 years. And now he asked them for help on Prop. 8, the ballot measure that sought to ban same-sex marriages in California. The June letter from Niederauer drew in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and proved to be a critical move in building a multi-religious coalition - the backbone of the fundraising, organizing and voting support for the successful ballot measure. By bringing together Mormons and Catholics, Niederauer would align the two most powerful religious institutions in the Prop. 8 battle."

    ANYONE who is opposed to labeling these people as BIGOTS and ANTI AMERICAN for their rabid attempts to enforce their religious beliefs on CIVIL law is as big an enemy of our community as they are!

    It wasn't that long ago that BYU was using electic shock and nausea-inducing "therapy" to try to "cure" its gay students, and the Church still refuses to order their member "therapists" not to use them.

    No more Mr. Nice Gay!

    Posted by: Michael @ | Oct 20, 2009 1:25:17 PM

  5. I'd be more apt to sign a petition to have their tax exemptions taken away here in California.
    Where is that petition?
    Could it even happen or is it just a pipe dream?

    Posted by: Ryan | Oct 20, 2009 1:27:56 PM

  6. Love all those beautiful temples. Remarkable how something so lovely can house something so hateful. If there is a God, God is going to bitch-slap a lot of people for spewing hate in God's name.

    Posted by: rayrayj | Oct 20, 2009 1:35:18 PM

  7. In the 1950's it was tried and failed with the John Birch Society. Today, it is a stronger movement, UTILIZING THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY, but it is not the John Birch Society pushing, but organized religion, with the side effect of McCarthyism. The film looks to be an eye opener, which probably will only be seen by the 'choir'.

    Posted by: CB | Oct 20, 2009 1:46:36 PM

  8. This article is much more well-written than Queerty's; Queerty's read as if this documentary was meant to be about the entire issue of Prop 8, not just the Mormon involvement.

    Posted by: Yuki | Oct 20, 2009 1:54:33 PM

  9. "Going to hell".......if I had a dollar for every time one of these judgmental Neanderthals told me that I'd be a wealthy gay.
    "Hell" would be to exist in the same dimension as these wankers.

    Clearly these tossers (Mormons) and I are not going to the same place, that's for sure. And my money is on me !
    This looks like a great documentary, and to the young guy who is so upset, have courage,much has already been achieved, mostly by dedicated USA activists,such as the great Harvey Milk and the example of the great Mark Bingham; the tide is with us on equality, it just takes some time to come in.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Oct 20, 2009 1:59:55 PM

  10. Sorry, Ryan. I'd luv to see their tax exemption take away, too, but it simply isn't going to happen under the present [or foreseeable] management of the IRS.

    The problem begins with the sacrosanct [pun intended] position of religion in the US and continues with IRS regulations that are VERY vague about what constitutes violation of their regulations regarding nonprofits trying to influence legislation. [They are absolutely forbidden from endorsing candidates but still get away with it.]

    They use terms like "applying a disproportionate amount of effort and resources" with no definition of how much that would's entirely up to the agent who looks into a complaint. They've sent warning letters to some nonreligious-affiliated groups but still almost never withdraw tax-exempt status.

    So we're left with only one "weapon"--social pressure. Does anyone here genuinely believe that God suddenly told the Mormons that polygamy and banning blacks and electro-shocking gays was, ooops, now wrong? They, just like the supporters of Jim Crow laws, changed because society no longer tolerated their nonsense.

    And that's what it's going to take with churches [and not just Mormons] re LGBT rights, too. Public condemnation as bigots and financial boycotts.

    Which brings me back to the documentary which I understand was shown at Sundance in UTAH!!!! Fuck that!

    Posted by: Michael @ | Oct 20, 2009 2:36:43 PM

  11. What makes the LDS leadership most execrable is that they're trying to steal our state of victimhood. I hope that a lot of people get to see this film.

    Posted by: Bruno | Oct 20, 2009 3:06:42 PM

  12. Why not just BOYCOTT JetBlue Airlines?

    Guys, gals, c'mon. You know JetBlue was started by, funded by, is run by, owned by and PROFITED entirely by MORMONS?

    Yes folks, it's true. Hit them where it hurts 'em. Their INCOME.

    Posted by: TomJ | Oct 20, 2009 3:29:58 PM

  13. this is stupid. Mormons are standing up for what they believe. Its not always about the Gays.

    Posted by: ryan | Oct 20, 2009 5:31:49 PM

  14. Right.

    And what noble and wonderful beliefs they are too.

    "Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God is death on the spot. This will always be so." - Mormon Prophet Brigham Young

    Remember, this man is a prophet. He's revealing the timeless and unchangeable word of God here. I guess that redneck judge in Louisiana should've simply claimed he was a Mormon after denying a miarriage to that interracial couple. Then the LDS could issue a statement saying he was "standing up for his beliefs."

    Posted by: John | Oct 20, 2009 6:02:16 PM

  15. This looks good.

    Posted by: KFLO | Oct 20, 2009 7:10:38 PM

  16. Ryan in this case, it IS about the gays. Your people, or at least those with whom you sympathize, robbed US of OUR rights. Just because a person/group believes in something does not make it right for everyone else who doesn't believe in it. The Mormon leadership overstepped its own boundaries and used its pulpits and sacrificial alters as political action posts. Because of what they said, the Mormon lemmings sent millions of dollars from around the country (and apparently from its own tithing coffers) to fund a campaign that demonized and stripped legal rights away from an American minority group. I don't care what you or your fellow Mormons believe in, just keep your faith personal and beseech your Mormon Gods in sackcloth and ashes asking for forgiveness for believing that you should be part of anything in America that takes granted rights away from other Americans, no matter what you or your so-called "majority" has been told is the right thing to do. The Mormons acted with poor-judgment and what they did was un-American. If you can’t see that, you aren't smart enough to know what it right for me, my friends, my community, my town, my state, or my nation. In other words, when you vote, vote for what is right for you, not for what you think is right is for me, because you won’t be right.

    Posted by: Jamie | Oct 20, 2009 8:43:34 PM

  17. Can we also have a documentary about the members of all those African-American churches whose members actually voted for Prop 8?

    Posted by: GrabbinNewscum | Oct 20, 2009 9:45:16 PM

  18. "the Church of Latter Day Saints'"

    You're stubborn about continuing this stylistic error, aren't you, Andy?

    I'll say it again: makes you sound ignorant and unprofessional.

    Posted by: YooHoo | Oct 20, 2009 11:44:59 PM

  19. GrabbinNewscum,

    Please don't start the race baiting. There aren't even enough African American voters in the state of CA to make a difference. Did the African American community vote for prop 8 overwhelmingly? Yes, I cannot deny that, but the face of the matter is that the ads and the misinformation spread about gay marriage was the impetuous. African Americans as a group are religious and consequently, socially conservative.

    Posted by: Terrance | Oct 21, 2009 4:15:13 AM

  20. You do realize that Obama is against gay marriage also, right? Why don't you criticize him. Oh right, because Mormons are an easy target.

    Posted by: Michelle | Oct 21, 2009 9:18:53 AM

  21. Terrance,

    There aren't enough Mormon voters in the California to have made a difference in passing Prop.8 either - yet that didn't stop people from protesting in front of Mormon churches.

    In fact, there isn't enough of any one group in California to have tipped the scales in favor of Prop.8.

    If you think the advertising by the Mormon church was so effective, then why weren't more people influenced by it? Why didn't Prop. 8 pass by 75%, instead of a slim 52%?

    It's interesting how people accuse their opponent's advertising for being effective - but then they themselves are somehow able to see through it. Are you assuming that blacks are just more gullible than whites, who voted against Prop 8 by a majority?

    I'd rather criticize the people who actually VOTED for Prop 8 - and not give certain special privileged racial groups a break, just because middle-class white gays feel bad for them.

    Posted by: GrabbinNewscum | Oct 21, 2009 9:57:03 AM

  22. But MICHELLE Obama is criticized here all the time and not just his non-support.

    That was a really pathetic attempt by you (MICHELLE) to paint the Mormons as the victim.

    But what is really obvious from the documentary is that the Mormons hateful false god religion is being exposed for what it is = The Mormons lust for power and to control the populace. But that is typical of many religions whose scriptures are deceitful lies forced on the innocent and gullible.

    Posted by: 1♥ | Oct 21, 2009 10:09:31 AM

  23. I'm puzzled. Why are you focusing on the Mormons? For two thousand years homosexual behavior has been considered sinful by Christians and Jews. This was universal until a couple of decades ago. Now, you expect two or three thousand years of belief and scriptures to be overthrown because you want a 'right' that has never existed in civilized history. Furthermore, you equate disapproval of a certain behavior with hate. I can only assume you hate everyone you disagree with. There's certainly enough evidence of that hatred on this thread.

    Posted by: Big Leo | Oct 21, 2009 11:25:02 AM

  24. Hmmmm, always amazies me how quickly this polarizes people and how quickly both sides claim aggrieved status. And a documentary about the history of religion (Christian, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Pagan, Mormonism) vis-a-vis homosexuality would be interesting.

    In any case Religious Institutions (certainly not just the Mormon Church) need to realize they're fighting a loseing battle, and that fighting to deny anyone there rights only reflects badly on them, and can only hurt them in the long term. As far as I know they are not being forced to SANCTIFY same-sex marriage, the issue is extending the LEGAL RIGHTS of a monogamous hetrosexual couple to monogamous homosexual couples something society should have gotten around to long before now. If a Religious Institution does seek to deny people there legal rights then they have violated the seperation between Church and State and must be strongly oppossed by all levels of society, just as if the Government attempted to force the Religious Institutions to SANCTIFY same-sex marriages then the Government would need to be strongly oppossed until it backed down.

    Posted by: CrazyCanuck | Oct 21, 2009 11:53:37 AM

  25. Civil Union for all. And stop making Mormons the enemy! They do so much good in this world. Please know that not all Mormons are anti-gay. Those people in the video are typical old-line Mormons and their cause is dying. But you guys need to bring forth a new tradition and stop trying to co-opt the old one. It's a grave insult and you don't need to push that.

    Posted by: Lisa Colorado | Oct 21, 2009 11:53:50 AM

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