1. John in Boston says

    Non-story, non-issue. New England isn’t the Bible Belt. A large proportion of people are non-religeous, un-affiliated. And not only are they mainline, but the number of Episcopalians is actually very small. Evangelicals are also small in number in N.E., disproportionately African Americans associated with southern Baptist or pentecostal Latinos and Brazilians.

  2. John in Boston says

    Mike K:

    Are you aware Catholics always out-poll Protestants in favoring gay rights? More Catholics also describe themselves as liberal. More Catholics than Protestants favor abortion rights.

    As far as gays are concerned in America, the real enemy are evangelical and pentecostal Protestants and Baptist (Baptist are not technically Protestant.) I’m not saying they’re all bad people on an individual basis, I’m referring to the ideology and institutions.

  3. John in Boston says

    There is no obsession with the ‘evils’ of sex, sexuality, homosexuality, the ‘end’ times/end of the world, among Catholics and mainline Protestants. Among evangelical and pentecostal ‘Born-Again’ Christians, there is an over-riding, fatalistic obsession with these issues.

    I grew up Catholic and Lutheran; to me, evangelical and pentecostal born-again Christian ideology is completely alien.

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