1. Roger Ramjet says


    He can’t even come up with something original.

    The producers of the award winning movie, ‘Broadcast News’, should sue his lying skanky ass.

    You know, people who believe this guy desearve all the misery in life they’re gonna get.

  2. patrick nyc says

    While it’s no secret to anyone with half a brain that Beck is a lying sack of shit, he’s feeding the right wing with such hatred and it’s all a joke to this douche bag.

    Just as disgusting, the idiots who are all yucking it up with him. How much to sell your soul I wonder.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    The ironic thing is Beck is a mormon

    The fundies who watch him all swear and be damned that mormonism is a false gospel with a different jesus and mormonism isn’t even a xtian denomination yet they they follow him like lemmings.


  4. Jerry says

    In all fairness, this is footage of a photo shoot, not a newscast. While I’m certainly not a Beck apologist, he’s just following directions from the photographer. It’s no different than if she dressed him in an Uncle Sam outfit and people said, “Aha! So those aren’t his normal clothes!” It really doesn’t prove anything.

    Who’s to say that his tears on his show aren’t genuine? Maybe when he’s talking about things that upset him, he doesn’t need the Vick’s. I imagine that would be his defense anyway.

    When someone gets footage of him applying Vick’s before he goes on the air, then he’ll truly be “EXPOSED!”

  5. says

    So….do you people hate him just because he is on Fox, or merely because someone else has told you to? If you actually watch his program, what can you point out as ‘lies?’ He stated the Facts about ACORN, about Van Jones, about the ‘czars’ and their radical beliefs. Yes, he is passionate…yes, he can cry…yes, he feels strongly about those in power who would do us harm–on both sides.
    I was at the 9-12 Rally in Phoenix…it was peaceful, it was hopeful, it was enlightening, and uplifting to see so many people with the same passion about the salvation of this country as Glenn Beck.
    My sign? I had 4, actually…’Independent Voter–Independent Thinker’…’If You Lean Too Far ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ You Fall’…’Acorns Are Just Little Nuts’…’NO: Czars, Commies, Radicals in a Democratic Republic.’


  6. Glenn Eddie says

    Yes, it was for a photo shoot, not an on-air performance. So, why was this posted except the for a little sensationalism?

    Yes, he is a douche bag. But let’s not be one too.

    What I like best is how me mentions four times each show how he is a recovering alcoholic.

    FYI: Read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Glenn…it’s a “recovered” alcoholic even though the entire world gets that wrong. And second, you don’t announce it to the entire world, that’s why it’s call “anonymous.” You ass.

  7. wetcnt says

    @Bruce Wayne

    Here are some sources on the ‘truth’ of Glenn Beck’s statements. Unfortunately, his record is not so good. Most of his statements are not fact checked (by his own admission, see the last link for reference)and are misleading, if not outright lies.

  8. William says

    Not only for a photo shoot, but for a photo shoot by a woman who became famous for shots of crying toddlers. Glenn Beck is a complete charlatan, of course, but a better example is the actual article that accompanies that photo shoot. He basically admits as much.

  9. rayy says

    He’s probably into diapers too–oh that’s right, they call it “temple garments” hahahaha

    Don’t know why he doesn’t realize it just makes him look crazy.

  10. says

    Well, starting with the View-gina clip…Glenn Did say ‘of course I do’ to the question of fact-checking. Twice. And, as all of these links only prove…there are many degrees of ‘facts’ out there. Just as there are infinite interpretations of all these ‘facts’ and opinions, thanks to the cyber-masses and their casual littering of the information super-highways.
    I’m not saying that Glenn is never wrong….but he is not the source of all things evil. That would be Sean Hannity.