1. hadassah weinreb says

    Unless there are people bringing their Stonewall to this event, what’s the purpose?

    BTW, is Andy going to the HRC dinner/speech? He hasn’t said he’s not so I guess he is.

  2. says

    Yes to the “Stonewall Approach” –

    We will either express our INCREDIBLY JUSTIFIED ANGER or just add this march to a laundry list of ineffective actions made to a government that not only demonizes us and our children, but allows religious tyranny at the ballot box.

  3. william says

    I don’t know one person attending this. I don’t know anyone who can take off from work and/or pay to travel to DC for this rather impromptu (much like the effort to put repeal of Prop8 on the ballot in 2010, without uniting efforts first) event that only seems to be talked about amongst “insider” gay and lesbian “leaders.” I truly do hope that there are tons of gays and lesbians in the DC area who are going. However, I fear the turnout will look small and be embarrassing. God (or whatever) help us if the wingnuts, teabaggers and birthers — the ones with time on their hands — outnumber the marchers.

  4. says

    I hope this goes well. If it doesn’t hit at least the 100k mark, it’s going to get mercilessly mocked by the right. The last thing we need is Fox News reporting on what a failure the march was and how little passion there is for LGBT issues.

    That, unfortunately, could be enough cover for congress to delay DADT, Hate Crimes, and ENDA. I can hear Max Baucus’s inner monologue now, “If they can’t even gather a crowd in DC, is there really that much support in Montana?”

    Much like many have said about the Federal DOMA challenge, I hope you guys know what you’re doing. I’d love to be there, but I live in Los Angeles, I’ve got tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt to pay back, and I’m still job searching. So, I’ll be sitting this one out.

  5. says

    Equality tweetables, pass them on…

    An EQUALITY tweetable (each one is short enough to be copied and pasted, fitting within the guidelines of Twitter):

    Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. – John F. Kennedy

    Some men see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’ I dream things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’ – Robert F. Kennedy

    In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. – Martin Luther King Jr.

    The cruelties and the obstacles of this swiftly changing planet will not yield to obsolete dogmas and outworn slogans. – Robert F. Kennedy

    We know that if one man’s rights are denied, the rights of all are endangered. – Robert F. Kennedy

  6. Bayley says

    I am so proud of this event.

    SO incredibly proud and thrilled to see it come to fruition. And I’m only 24! I can only imagine the inherent pride felt in the hearts of our senior LGBT members who are seeing a life sized mission come to life before their eyes.

    This is a big finger to all those who request we go back in the closet, and an even BIGGER finger to those within our own community who feel this protest is best left on the back burner.

    To any gay not proud of this….you really SHOULD go back in the closet. Get comfy in there. This community is better off without you.

  7. JLS says

    WILLIAM- I live in NYC and I think pretty much everyone I know is headed to DC for this event. There are free buses organized for those that cannot afford transportation from NYC. It’s on a weekend, so most shouldnt need to take off work.

  8. Alex says

    I think we’ll have 500,000 marching. This is a good response from the community and it will create the change we’ve all been waiting for.

    Congratulations to everyone involved. Good job.

  9. Atlantakevin17 says

    This is a grassroots effort with little money behind it so I think they’ve done a great job trying to get people off their A$$es. I have friends that are more worried about whoring in Palm Springs this weekend or complaining that the would have attended if Kylie would have been there. The complacency is ridiculous.

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