Four Days to the National Equality March


The AP's Lisa Leff writes of the National Equality March: "A Democrat in the White House. Demands for sweeping civil rights protections. Religious opponents working to undo a string of state-based victories. That was the backdrop in 1979 when gay rights activists staged their first national march in Washington. Thirty years later, with the landscape looking much the same, thousands of advocates are preparing to rally again in the nation's capital this weekend.And they are demanding many of the same things: a bill to outlaw job discrimination based on gender, a law that would treat attacks on gays as federal hate crimes, and a presidential order allowing gays to serve openly in the military."

A series of images by Laura Kanter set to "Courage of Our Convictions" by Julie Clark, which she'll be singing at the rally on the Capitol West Lawn on Sunday, plus messages from actress Michelle Clunie, NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and Lady Gaga, AFTER THE JUMP...

National Equality March [site]