Good Eatin: Moby Dick Has a Mega-Meal


Underwater photographer Tony Wu shot some images of a sperm whale off the coast of Japan at mealtime — and the meal happened to be a giant squid:

"The captivating pictures show adult sperm whales feasting on a rare giant squid. Though the squid looks small beside the enormous whales, it is thought to be an incredible eight to ten metres long. One of the dead squid's tentacles - a leftover scrap - was measured at a jaw-dropping three-and-a-half metres long. And experts now think the pictures could be some of the rarest ever captured beneath the ocean's surface, showing as they do the sight of five adults teaching a hungry calf how to catch its prey. Underwater photographer Tony Wu witnessed the pod - five adults and a juvenile - devour the mammoth squid near the Ogasawara Islands in Japan earlier this month."

Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...



Posted October 30, 2009 at 1:12pm ETC by Andy Towle
in Nature, News