1. says

    I watched all of the speeches and there are countless memorable and powerful moments. But I think her, “Obama, I know you’re listening, are you listening!” line will definitely resonate most loudly of all.

  2. Andrew says

    The crowd was no bigger than 25,000. It doesn’t help when WE lie and try to make the March appear more successful. The crowd never filled the West Lawn. The West Lawn holds 50,000 – without stages and secure zones.

    Please tell the truth about the attendance.

  3. Brett says

    Let’s not overlook Lady Gaga’s willingness to stand up to the old school power establishment by criticizing Barney Frank’s dismissal of the impact of this event. Why do I see no coverage of Barney Frank’s stupid comments on Towelroad?

  4. says

    There were not 250,000 people today on the West Lawn of the US Capitol. I hate to say this but anyone with a modicum of brain cells would know that 250,000 is a blatantly inflated crowd estimate. The number of Metrorail trips taken today will easily prove this.

    I agree that lying to cover up the lack of attendance of this march is disingenuous.
    Glenn Beck is going to use this as an example of liberal hypocrisy. Great.

  5. Caleb says

    Ugh – Lady Gaga? Is she going to be the spokesperson for this weekend? No wonder no one takes us seriously. There were far better and more poignant and relevant speakers. Can we get the stars out of our eyes and be realistic here. Ridiculous

  6. Z says

    Here’s an idea: what if Lady Gaga did a benefit concert or donated a percentage of her royalties to No on 1 in Maine instead of doing interviews and performances at Washington events? The Catholic Church has given $186,000 to the Yes on 1 side. They’re smart. You don’t see them organizing pointless “traditional marriage” marches. They spend their money and use their clout in ways that produce tangible results. When will we learn?

  7. KB says

    Caleb-Z…I find it amazing that she (Lady Gaga)would take the time to stand up and speak like that for us…not only that but participate in the march itself. I would like to thank Lady Gaga for that..BTW,Check out the billboard top 100. It doest get much better that her….

  8. Bibby says

    “As far as the attendance of the March goes, the police gave us a number of between 200,000 and 250,000.”

    I was there. If there were 25,000 people, I’d be amazed.

    There wasn’t a chance in hell that there were a quarter of a million people there.

  9. says

    Too often in the music industry today do we simply see artists that are cookie cutter with the sole purpose of turning a huge profit with the next biggest hit.

    It is good to see Lady Gaga standing up for gay rights and taking a stand on this important issue. It is encouraging to see that artists like Gaga can find their voice in today’s society that doesn’t encourage dissenting voices to be heard. Kudos.

  10. ichabod says

    I applaud all who attended the march –whatever their number might be. And for those who are less than positive in their comments here, that’s your perfect right to state whatever you feel. I can only hope that you’re also channeling that indignation into something more beneficial than simply hitting the ”Post” key on your computer.

  11. Old Timer says

    200,000 to 250,000? What are you smoking? The event was broadcast on CSPAN. The crowd gathered on the West Lawn of the Capitol, and barely extended past the reflecting pool. And there were big gaps. Anyone who’s lived in Washington knows what that means: 10,000 to 20,000 people, tops.

  12. Old Timer says

    I’m sure that Lady Gaga’s endorsement of gay rights will win us a lot of votes on civil unions in WA State. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the “250,000” marchers had sent half the crowd to do some actual work on something?

    But that’s not what this crowd was about. They were in it for the illusion of it all. For the buzz of feeling like they were making a difference. Actually making a difference couldn’t have been further from their minds.

  13. Clifw says

    @Chris… I’d hardly say that it’s a brave position for a pop-dance artist to make. I’m not shitting on the march or Lady Gaga here, but I’d more impressed with ‘bravery’ if it were a pro Quarterback, for example.

  14. Jesus says

    She’s only paying lip service to the fan base that has made her rich. She doesn’t have a personal stake in this, so why are we applauding her bravery? Bravery to do what, pander more to her target audience and make them feel like they’ve really got an ally in the industry? I’d be more impressed if she actually did something!

  15. Chris says

    Here is a person, showing up, speaking smartly, has some celebrity, and all you can do is hate on her. Feh. Whatever people’s motives for showing up today…at least they showed up. Give them that much credit. Thanks Lady G.

  16. Bren says

    “I’d be more impressed if she actually did something!”

    She is doing what she can. Young people watch the news too, and younger people are inspired by their icons. An appearance at an important rally (where are all the other celebs?) has no great benefit to her career. Her fans will buy her albums and concert tickets regardless of what event she attends.

    It’s cool that she spoke. Other people will think this too. It’s an important part of America’s big coming out that pop icons support the movement, even if it is only a public appearance.

  17. Caleb says

    KB – She ought to thank the gays…she wouldn’t be famous or rich without them. As other people here have said, she should donate money. Money talks and the gays in Maine are fighting for the equality these people supposedly marched for today. If those tens of thousands had flown to Maine instead of DC to canvass, go door to door or donated their airfare to a real cause, actual substantive moves towards equality would happen.

    And I checked Billboard…using your logic, we really should have Miley Cyrus out there on our side. But god, that may be the only thing more humiliating for our movement than Lady Gaga as a spokesperson rather than someone who matters to someone who isn’t gay or 12 years old.

  18. joe says

    What you all have to realize is that those making the bitter negative comments on this blog are sad unhappy people that would never think of attending a a gay rights march and probably haven’t donated a cent to gay causes in their lives. They only like to wallow in their insecurity through anonymous internet comments.

  19. Caleb says

    And let me be very clear, this isn’t about lady gaga…I’m very happy she is giving back in a way she feels is appropriate and certainly put on a good show in DC and got people hyped up. I’m more angry that she is ALL I have seen from this weekend. And likely all anyone else not there has seen. It’s like all the gay blogs are facebook posters and twittering cares about is they got to see Lady Gaga. Where is the seriousness? This isn’t a party. That’s what Pride is for. If even gay people from the outside see this and scratch their heads about what the hell was going on down there, imagine what any straight people are seeing and thinking?

  20. el polacko says

    i’m supposed to be THRILLED that lady caca had supportive things to say about homos?!?
    is this what the gay rights movement have devolved to ?? sadly, this march was a waste of time and money. such a small turn-out and on a holiday weekend no less! ten times as many people show up for pride in san fran. congress was out of town for the long weekend and the media has barely mentioned the what was the point again? to have our egos massaged by a lame pop star?

  21. Casey says

    Lady gaga stood up against Barney Frank’s dismissive and condensending comment. (putting pressure on the grass). I think she is awsome, she didn’t say typical thing, she didn’t sound dumb, she didn’t party during the march, get it right.

  22. Rick says

    The comments here prove that, beyond a reasonable doubt, gay people can’t coalesce behind anything as a community without backstabbing, second guessing, and bitching to each other. Gay people seem to be, first and foremost, intent on destroying each other. Except, of course, the hot looking people.

    No wonder we don’t have equal rights. With these nasty attitudes, we deserve what we get.

  23. CKNJ says

    We don’t need enemies when we all hate on each other here like we have seen, it’s appalling!

    Instead of hating on those that marched, rather thank them for doing SOMETHING. And the same goes for anyone who actually gets out and DOES something… write to your representatives, petition people, become active… we ALL need to be doing something, in our own different ways… and we will see results.

  24. Jesus says

    Presence is important, no denying that. I don’t think the fact that this march fell on Coming Out Day was a coincidence. I just can’t accept this idea that this girl can speak with any real credibility about a movement she really has had no part in. When I hear the name Lady Gaga, the first word that pops into my mind is “appropriation”.

  25. Casey says

    so you are the guy who decides who should be included in the glbt rainbow ? She did say she is a bisexual and have many gay friends, sounds like this woman is part of the movement and can do anything she damn well please.

  26. AnotherNYCguy says

    C’mon, guys. I’m not a big fan of Lady Gaga, but this was a cool thing for her to do. She wants to support her gay fans. She didn’t have to do this, she certainly doesn’t need the publicity.

  27. KB says

    *Caleb-She DID thank the gays…and are you saying that the march today was not a “real cause”?? shame on you.

    As for donating money to Maine…I am from California and contributed a hell of alot of money to “no on 8″ and was let down by the voters. So, as far as I’m concerned I don’t really care about Maine right now, I think that our energy should be taken straight to the FEDERAL level. Thats what was happening today. State level marriage has no merit.

    As for what I meant about Gaga, she is pretty high on the POP ladder. Her sales have gone further then just us gays buying her songs. she has alot to lose….”She is just the fifth female in the chart’s archives to collect at least four top 10s from a debut domestic album, joining Alanis Morissette, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Fergie.”

  28. Caleb says

    This is what we should be promoting:

    That is the type of rhetoric that is worthy of this cause. Yet I’ve seen VERY VERY few bloggers, posters, facebookers or otherwise who seemed to even listen to this speech. They are too busy drooling over Gaga.

    We have someone like Julian Bond standing up for us and no one seems to give a damn. Yes, sadly that is what this movement has devolved into – starstruck idiocy.

    KB’s comments reflect the issue. Selfishness. CA didn’t get marriage so why care about Maine? All people like him care about is a good time, a party. It’s so disturbing.

  29. Sargon Bighorn says

    LEAVE LADY GAGA ALONE!! All you people want is MORE MORE MORE… boo hoo boo hoo. She has a dysfunctional Gay fan base, her mother had no children that lived, she’s trying to teach her puppy not to pee on the carpet and all you people want is MORE MORE MORE….

    Saint Crocker I pray to thee

  30. Sam says

    It always surprises me that a site as smart and relevant as Towleroad can have so many bitter, hateful, toxic commenters. I don’t even mean that as a defense of Lady Gaga. This is just one more brick in the wall of shrieking.

    I commend Andy for keeping his site up to keep delivering good content, because if it were my site, I wouldn’t have the guts to do anything but run for cover or delete the whole site to send the crazies to a site more fitting their ideals.

  31. JACKNASTY says

    Awesome. Thanks, Lady Gaga! You’re the real deal. As I said about you after last week’s zany SNL performance, somewhere Freddie Mercury is smiling.

    Now, where the hell were Madonna, Mariah, Whitney and about a hundred other music hags who’ve made millions off of their disproportionately-gay fan bases?

  32. Gregoire says

    A large group of marchers, more than expected, were under the age of 25. I can assure you that they were not there because of brilliant outreach by the organizers. They were there because people the like such as Lady Gaga told them to participate. To read the bitter Bettys here who have zero context and clearly don’t know any details shouldn’t surprise me, because the gay community’s biggest enemy is itself.

  33. Jersey says

    I went down and marched. There were many more people who marched than stayed for pics at the rally afterword (my group included). I would believe the 100K marching figure.

  34. says

    I put the March at 50k and the Rally at about half that – 25,000.

    And, It’s not bitter to be critical of this March even when expressed poorly as is often the case with internet comment posts. I was at the March, took it in and enjoyed it for what it was, but also felt it wasteful and kinda desperate in it’s conception and the way we’re lying about it’s numbers here to make it seem more than it was.

    Though she might someday, Lady Gaga has yet to prove herself a gay icon of any sort. I love that she went to Sacred Heart Academy and she has modeled herself a young female David Bowie (to my mind, her glam image more than her music). That she compared herself to Judy Garland rather than more contemporary Diva’s was nice that she has some sense of history, but off-putting in that she really is no Judy. Not yet, and if she should turn out to be, not for a while.

  35. Kathy says

    I was at the March, and frankly, Julian Bond was the one who spoke most eloquently. He did not even mention Obama by name, which was exactly the right call. He said, “we have a president who can and will sign” the bills we want, and it was not pleading in tone. It was a demand. Many other speakers, though not all, appealed to Obama, but they are wasting their breathe. He won’t do anything unless pressure is brought to bear in 2010 by voting out his cozy Congress. Bond was extraordinary and more of us should look to him as someone to emulate. I thought the March was a huge success, especially given the split in the community. It was successful in this way: it brought out many different faces demanding rights, not begging (except for one pinhead speaker at the end) and it showed that we have a very clear objective: the 14 amendment protections everyone else gets.

  36. donsnyc says

    @ Josh G, so the ABC30 is based in Fresno, so?

    Does that mean we can’t listen to CNN about world news because they are based in Atlanta?

    These news outfits have freelance journalists around the world that they can tap into for reporting. FYI.

  37. donsnyc says

    This really saddens me that in every gay blog that I have visited, there is so much hatred, vitriol and bitterness coming from OUR side against OURSELVES.

    No wonder why we are still fighting for our rights, because we keep on smearing each other.

  38. matt chicago says

    Lady Gaga the new spokesperson for our movement…wtf? This is one of the reasons why we don’t get taken seriously, we have no leadership….and if we look to celebs, then it hurts more.

  39. says

    I’m a fan of Gaga, but she says she’s going to fight homophobia in the music industry even though she was going to tour with Kanye (it got cancelled)? He perpetuates the homophobia constantly (NO Homo is featured prominently in the lyrics of one of his songs).

  40. RJ says

    From what I’ve seen this event was a joke. ill-planned and a sheer disappointment. Lady Ga Ga? Really? 200,000? really? The gay “population” is in a sad sad state.

  41. Jessej says

    I’m sorry – I just watched Lady Gaga’s speech and am convinced no one at that crowd was listening to any other speeches made if they think that was worthy of the attention its getting. I mean I’m very happy she is on our side and willing to take time out of her busy schedule to stop by, but yelling nonsensical things like Bless God and Bless the Gays is not what should be getting attention on a blog like Towleroad or any of the others. What does that even mean? Bless God?

    There’s nothing wrong with a March for Equality if it’s followed by real action. We’ll know that with time. But in less than a month, there will be a vote in Maine that could potentially strip thousands of our brethren of the right to marry. The Catholic Church and other religious organizations aren’t taking time at this crucial moment to throw a party in DC – they are sending checks to Maine to erase equality. I’d believe that a National March for Equality works and inspires people to get involved and take action if we see them do that in Maine in the next few weeks. If not, then as I guessed, it was just a party. As much as we want to change this on a federal level, there are real, significant advances that can be made on the local level. Cynthia Nixon spoke about it (another speech I haven’t seen on many gay blogs). Were you listening?

  42. chris says

    the negativity in these comments is astounding and depressing. i was there marching and i am proud of that. i think it was a very important day for the movement and i’m sad that others don’t feel that way.

    it is sad that people in our own community need to cut each other down.

  43. KB says

    Caleb -I DO support Julian Bond, his speach was amazing..but, I also support ANYONE else that got on that stage. They all get my respect.

    As for being selfish and wanting to party all the time…I’m 43, I haven’t been to a gay bar or “partied” for years. My partner and I (13 years) are very fortunate to live in an area where being gay isn’t an issue… and far enough away from any of this gay drama. And by reading most of these comments, it reassures me that we aren’t missing much.

    I’m not bitter that California did’t get marriage, I’m sad. But like I said earlier, state marriage really has no merit until it is recognized at a Federal level.

  44. Jesus says

    I’ll give her credit for being able to draw a great deal of attention from her fanbase to these issues, but it makes me wonder why young queer individuals aren’t more independently informed. What happened to queer youth advocacy and empowerment through knowledge? If we were smart, someone would pull Ms. Germanotta aside and give her a good lesson in queer history and sociology.

  45. Matt says

    before I want to read anyone bitch about how ineffective speeches are or ow the march was worthless or how people should donate to worthy causes blah blah etc I’d like a full list of donations, time and money, and to what organizations. Nut up or shut up. As far as I’m concerned these are classic cases of haters, and if someone is hating on you then you are doing something right so keep on doing it.

    Also Maine can suck it, I’m spending my time in my own state trying to get equal protection for queer people in arenas of healthcare, housing, and employment. Oh but wait, some asshole on the internets says the Maine issue is the main issue so of course I need to listen to them. Pls send money to Indiana, we have it worse off here than they do in Maine.

  46. Matt says

    also to add to my previous post- if that march wasn’t absolutely crawling with organizers for advocacy organizations (including ones for Maine) to collect signatures, donations, raise awareness, etc then it isn’t Lady Gaga’s fault that people missed their golden opportunity.

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