Kentucky Gay Group Works to Shut Down Homophobic Bar Owner


The Louisville, Kentucky-based LGBT group Fairness Campaign is working to put a local bar out of business after its owner drove out customers using homophobic and racist slurs, WHAS reports:

"Members of the
Fairness Campaign, along with other LGBT groups, spent the day handing
out fliers, trying to convince people not to go to Woody's Tavern
because of an alleged incident two weeks ago. Chris
Hartman, Fairness Campaign says, "Woody's Tavern owner David Norton
chased all of his customers out of the bar.  As he did he yelled an
anti-gay slur at them calling them all 'trashy faggots' and then
referring to a group of African American patrons in his bar he said 'look at the color of their skin you know what's on the tip of my
tongue.' It's not the first time Woody's Tavern owner,
David Norton, has been accused of making these kind of comments.  in
August, he issued a public apology for comments made over a year ago."

Fairness Campaign announced its boycott last night.