1. Derrick from Philly says

    I always got the feeling he was a Democrat (or he will be when he decides to register). You don’t have to be sophisticated in our party–just a little sexy or hung.

  2. Mike says

    I think the moral thing for him to do is to spill everything he knows. True, Palin isn’t a viable presidential candidate, but she still does tremendous harm. I say call her out on her hypocrisy and everything else– there are some that won’t believe anything he says, but if he can change one mind it is worth it.

  3. clint says

    Shhhhh. Get naked. Shhhh.

    “Where’s my retarded baby?” LOL

    He’s right about Bristol doing all the mothering, it was obvious from watching them that she wasn’t just thrust into that role because of the nomination, but that she had plenty of practice. Touche, Levi.

    However, I can just hear the Marquise de Merteuil telling Valmont, “Remember, I’m better at this than you are.” Maybe Levi needs to sit his kuntry ass down for an evening of Dangerous Liaisons. He needs lessons in The Game, and its consequences.

  4. Butch says

    Levi and Sarah are among a large group of attention mongers who really, really just need to go away.

  5. MiloTock says

    Honestly now, why is the press (this blog included) giving any more coverage to Levi and his feud with Sarah? He is of no relevance whatsoever to any issues of overall national importance, and certainly not to any issues of particular gay importance. And other than being nominally cute (so say some), he is of very limited entertainment value as he has no particular talents whatsoever (although I guess the Playgirl spread may prove me wrong).

  6. RJP3 says

    The only people who could not appreciate this young man’s efforts to keep down a very dangerous and stupid woman from power – would be people who do not realize how dangerous she is (stupid themself) or people who supported her (also dangerous fools).

    Bravo Levi – you are handsome, funny, and a great man for standing up to this dangerous corrupt woman.

    Now watch your back Levi – she has sold out to the Far Right Wing CIA crowd now. You are a target now young man.

  7. says

    I for one am tired of seeing these two in the media spotlight. Levi would be well served to remember that when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  8. john says

    Keep talking, Levi – you’re my new hero. Keep telling the world what Sarah is really like. Her minions won’t believe it, but everyone else will.

  9. Jack M says

    Hope he’s hung and continues to expose Palin for the monster she really is. That would be awesome all the way around!

  10. Shane says

    Saw this this mornning – the interviewer was kind of attacking him. I was wondering if she’d be that rough on Her Highness Mrs. Palin?

  11. TANK says

    Why can’t this hillbilly soap opera (as the still turns), go back to being extras on another wrong turn movie? Well, after that hillbilly housewife gets nominated by the pot drumming teapartiers for 2012–then, when the GOP is a nothing but particulate. It’s too bad they don’t treat these people like who they actually are…having palin storm the set and pull levi’s hair, and wrestle around with him on the ground while they’re both screaming profanities at each other ala jerry springer.

  12. KJ says

    Just because someone is able to point out the lack of integrity of someone I do not like does not mean that person has any greater integrity. Yes, he’s purty, but his fifteen minutes are up.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Just because someone is able to point out the lack of integrity of someone I do not like does not mean that person has any greater integrity. Yes, he’s purty, but his fifteen minutes are up.”

    Who the hell is talking about integrity? All we’re saying is that the boy is a sexy piece of dumb “trade”, and his baby’s mama’s mama is a lump of right-wing shit. That’s all.

  14. Really? says

    An ad for Caribou Barbie’s book appeared at the top of this page when I loaded it. You guys should really be more discriminating with the services to which you lease your ad space.

  15. Go Levi says

    This 19 (or his he 20 now?) year old rube has lightyears more integrity than Ms. Palin (or the damned fool who made Ms. Palin nationally famous). He has a good sense of humor, and gusto for living. And he’s not a homophobe (unlike Sarah Palin), at least thanks to Kathy Griffin. He rocks.

  16. John says

    I’m no Biblical expert, but I’m fairly certain this family moving into the White House in 2012 would qualify as one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    Which, given how much the Republicans believe in this doomsday nonsense, would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. They’re literally dedicated to bringing the rapture they “predicted.”

  17. Randy says

    To know which one to trust, Levi vs Sarah, you just have to listen to how they talk. Levi comes across as honest. It’s in his voice, and his body language. Sarah comes across as scripted and fake. When she goes off script, she goes into a panic. That’s not the way a truthful person behaves.

  18. daws says

    He’s cute. Anyone who knocks Palin down gets bonus points in my book. I live in Alabama where Palin is like the female Jesus or something. She has a lot of fans and that scares the shit out of me if she ever makes another run for office. I’m tired of ignorant people having power.

  19. Steve Kerbow says

    Levi is a smokin’ young man! Now if he could articulate a little better, he’d be hotter! Can’t wait for the Playgirl issue to come out! How about an issue with Todd Palin?

  20. J. Ryan says

    why do people keep on listening to this guy? he just wants to extend his tiny 15 minutes of fame. his only talent is apparently having enough sperm count to knock a girl up. please give me a break.

  21. ChrisM says

    Good for Levi. Make what you can while you can – nothing wrong with taking advantage of the opportunity. And it’s as legal as parading your ass around in a bathing suit for a beauty pageant. Heaven knows that Palin used you to advance her “family values” agenda. He should be thankful that she lost the election because had she won he’d have had to have gone through with the shotgun wedding.

  22. khufu10 says

    Go Levi!

    Tell the world about the hypocrisy of Palin with her family values BS. The world needs to hear about her lies, because she is a wacko and unfortunatly some people still think she is a republican icon. Palin is the one getting too much media attention, she’s a complete nobody and I could care less what she has to say about anything. Her own husband can’t stand her so why should we?

    Take it off Levi, Take it all off! because these offers won’t keep rolling in. Levi got incredibily lucky because McCain made the biggest mistake of his life and made his girlfriend’s mother famous, so now you should ride it for all it’s worth and while your at it, destroy that hypocritical, immoral, disgusting, power-hungry, lazy, ugly, moron called “Sarah plain and tall!”

  23. Cairlinn says

    Huge secrets?… any fortunate chance could they be that Sarah had an affair with Levi and then secretly borrowed money from her friends to set him up in business? NO….things like that only happen in soap operas or places run by religious fanatics.