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News: Ardi, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robots, Maine, Lutherans, Bryan Batt


Nate Silver: Same-sex marriage ban is underdog in Maine.



Ardi: Scientists find skeleton that predates 3.2 million-year-old Lucy, providing closest picture yet of "missing link".


Kanye West throws another tantrum.


Gore Vidal lets it rip once again.


Lesbian Jane Castor confirmed as Tampa's first female police chief.


NJ marriage battle heating up: "Momentum is slowly growing among Democrats in the Legislature to pass a bill allowing same-sex marriages during the lame duck session following the November general election. But Republican lawmakers at a Statehouse news conference said they preferred an amendment on the 2010 November ballot that would propose changing the state's constitution to permit marriage only between a man and a woman."


More on Kylie's opening night.


British actor Stephen Fry shrinks.


"Ex-gay" David Elliott confronts gay Arlington County board member Jay Fisette at County Fair: "According to a piece he wrote in the Christian News Wire, Elliott approached Fisette to rehash the details of the 2007 incident. 'I wanted to let you know that I was hit when I was working at this booth in a previous year,' he wrote. Fisette allegedly replied, 'What happened to you wasn’t good, but neither is your message.'"


Cheyenne Jackson to join 30 Rock?



Jogging Jake Gyllenhaal stops traffic in Pittsburgh.


St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church votes to leave denomination over acceptance of gays.


Mixner: Where will Obama be during the National Equality March?


Scientists turn clock back on aging muscles: "Our study shows that the ability of old human muscle to be maintained and repaired by muscle stem cells can be restored to youthful vigor given the right mix of biochemical signals. his provides promising new targets for forestalling the debilitating muscle atrophy that accompanies aging, and perhaps other tissue degenerative disorders as well."


Twilight Eclipse's shirtless wolf pack stays warm in Ugg boots.



Fish-mimicking robots help researchers plan the future of automobiles.


Boy George to return to London's West End with new live concert: "Boy George in Concert Up Close and Personal runs at the Leicester Square Theatre for ten nights only from 20 to 30 December 2009."


West Hollywood to celebrate 25th birthday.


Mad Men's Bryan Batt to marry his partner: "The gay actor, 46, has been dating Tom Cianfichi, an actor-turned-event planner, for two decades and the couple is now ready to make its union official with a wedding in Vermont, where same sex unions are legal."


Choose your own TV boyfriend.


The Foundation for Reconciliation to hold memorial during LDS conference weekend for gay Mormons who have committed suicide: "The foundation, in a news release, said it wanted to call attention to the issue in light of the LDS Church's 2008 support for the gay marriage ban in California, the July detention of a gay couple who kissed on the church's Main Street Plaza and a September speech given by LDS general authority Bruce C. Hafen denying a biological link to homosexuality."

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  1. Aw, that's so cute!

    David Mixner not only believes Cleve's micro-mini National Ego March is on the White House's radar, he thinks it's affecting their scheduling.

    Posted by: 24play | Oct 1, 2009 3:02:08 PM

  2. Kanye just doesn't get it. He acts like a spoilt 2 year old. Someone needs to bitch slap him hard, though he'd probably enjoy it.

    Posted by: Brad | Oct 1, 2009 3:04:11 PM

  3. My first thought when I saw "Ardi" (the missing link) was Dr. Zeus, Dr. Zeus

    Posted by: RONTEX | Oct 1, 2009 3:58:59 PM

  4. Thanks - I just bought two tickets 2nd row to BOY GEORGE at Christmas, in London yay!!!!

    Posted by: Luke | Oct 1, 2009 4:24:21 PM

  5. The NJ GOP are just trying to "Bring out the base of conservatives" for our gubernatorial election next month.

    There is no mechanism in NJ for citizens to put amendments or referendum on the ballot (thank god, see California for evidence of the damage caused by the will of the people, and not just about gay marriage).

    Any constitutional amendment would have to get approved by the legislature first, which ain't gonna happen.

    Posted by: qjersey | Oct 1, 2009 4:35:44 PM

  6. I think when it's going on for two decades, it's called more than "dating" -- regardless of whether the two want to make it official or not.

    Posted by: GM | Oct 1, 2009 5:58:22 PM

  7. Where in the world will Barack Obama be on National Equality March day?

    Not Washington DC that's for sure.

    Probably in San Francisco for the golf tournament.

    The march is happening on the last day of the President's Cup. And every president since Gerald Ford has attended at least one of these things. It only happens once every two years too. If Obama doesn't go this year, he'll have to wait until the last year of his first term to do it. Besides, presidents can never seem to resist events that are held in their honor.

    Posted by: John | Oct 2, 2009 1:44:00 AM

  8. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Kanye West is suffering from major depression. Extreme irritation and the feeling that you are constantly being slighted ... big warning signs of what's to come. And with the death of his mother last year ... he should go see a professional before his condition gets much worse.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Oct 2, 2009 1:38:20 PM

  9. RE: The perfect TV boyfriend ... I got Noah Mayer. Don't know who that is, so it looks like I've got some work to do.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Oct 2, 2009 2:08:49 PM

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