1. Christopher says

    I see we have a replay of the losing game strategy employed in CA, wherein our commercials don’t even mention the word gay. That’s OK, the opposition’s commercial mentions gays 12 times, so I guess they’ve got us covered

  2. Christopher says

    I mean—what kind of pussy ass shit is that Maine equality commercial? I’m gay, looking at it on a gay website, knowing that it is a commercial for marriage equality, and I STILL couldn’t figure out what the fuck it was about.

    We are so (milk) toast

  3. princely54 says

    This is the lesson that Harvey Milk tried to teach us — don’t shy away from the word!! Show ‘normal’ people who are gay and say it. They don’t appear freakish or alien so people would have a hard time being afraid of us.

  4. Keith says

    Crap, do we have to reclaim gay? And from the likes of that urgent, disembodied voice?

    I don’t even want to know how many people will be convinced there is a faceless invasion of gay paperwork.

  5. Bill says

    I’m disappointed in the NO ad. They could do better. Unfortunately gay activists don’t want to push heterosexuals. Gay activists believe that if they don’t put any responsibility on heterosexuals and the consequences of their actions that heterosexuals will just magically be for marriage of gay couples. That is not going to happen. Haterosexuals want excuses to take away gay people’s rights.

    Voting stations in Augusta, Bangor, Cumberland, Falmouth, Gorham, Hallowell, Saco, Scarborough and Standish are open NOW. Go vote NO and bring all the NO voters you know with you. After you done that go find more NO voters and get them to the votings booths.

  6. Zeke says

    And as a gay father I find it incredibly insulting that NOT ONE single male-male headed family with children was shown without a woman in the scene. Only one male-male parent family was shown and only with grandma there to make sure nothing unseemly happened. That’s the message that is going out, intentionally or unintentionally. A VERY insulting stereotype. I noticed that there were a number of lesbian headed families with their children (alone) in the commercial. It was certainly no coincidence that the male parents were virtually invisible and the one male parent couple with a child shown was carefully framed.

    I’m sorry, but I’m not nearly as impressed by this ad as some seem to be.

  7. says

    I don’t mean to sound like a bitch but you guys are so stupid.

    Did you even see the ad that came just before this one that profiled a Christian family? There was a proud Catholic mother speaking about her son, his partner and her grandchild. It was very explicit.

    You guys just want to complain so you can be the first people to say, “well, we told you so.” Has your state faced a vote to affirm gay marriage? If it has, you have lost because same-sex marriage hasn’t passed in one state that has put the issue to vote. Nobody is an expert on “what works,” and the fact is that there is no magical tactic that would work everywhere and on everyone.

    Trust me, we know what we’re doing up here in Maine. You’ll see come next Wednesday.

  8. Silverlakejim says

    WE are going to lose this one, just as in California. We refuse to fight back against the smears. Fear works! Unless we fight back, on their turf kids, we lose.Unless we tell why we need marriage equality, we lose. None of our ads tell the voters of Maine why they NEED to vote for equality, other then it would be nice and fair.

    Unless we fight back, we will lose an all states.

  9. Lobsterboy says

    Thank you “washington”. The people behind No on One here in Maine are heroes doing an amazing job and no matter what happens they have my never ending respect. How many of the pissy commenters here have ever been on TV in your home state with your partner, your mom, your son showing cycle after cycle? Not good enough? Bull. That TV add is flawless, pissy anonymous queenie potshots notwithstanding.

  10. kevwynn says

    we don’t need to reclaim gay at all-we need to lose it. we are people,we don’t need labels -these ads are doing the job of showing that we are no different from them,our beliefs and values yes,but we are the same in every outward way we don’t need a subclass. I work here in portland maine in a very public job,all day long i saw a steady stream of NO ON ! buttons ,stickers and t shirts on so many people i would never have thought would be supporting me, it gave me hope for tuesday

  11. Keith says

    @ Kevwynn: My admittedly facetious point was not even critical of the No campaign, I had no problem with their neutral treatment of the families. The comment was addressed in shock at the use of the word “gay” in the Yes ad as an anonymous bogeyman.

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