Obama to Name Gay Man Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa

HuebnerPresident Obama will name David Huebner, currently serving as general counsel for GLAAD, as U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, the Washington Blade reports:

"A formal announcement was expected Wednesday evening.Huebner, who currently works at Sheppard Mullin Richter &
Hampton, specializes in handling international arbitration and
mediation cases. Formerly a resident of California, Huebner is now
based in Shanghai. Long active in non-profit and community organizations, Huebner
has chaired the California Law Revision Commission and served as
president of the Los Angeles Quality & Productivity Commission.
He's also guest lectured on international topics at several schools
domestically and abroad."


  1. NYSmike says

    Always before something major…remember the “proclamation” before Gay Pride.

    Now before the “big gay reading from the teleprompter.”

    Hate this patronizing!

    Samoa??? Really?

  2. Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com says

    YAWN! Obambots rising to drool “Nothing like this has ever been done before!” in 10-9-8-7-6…

    Except, of course, it HAS…by Bill Clinton years ago—Ambassador James Hormel. Clinton also appointed the first out gay US Consul General—Bob Farmer.

    Can someone PLEASE buy Barry his own LGBT coloring book so he won’t have to keep copying Bill?

    Or he could surpass Bill and…wait for it…keep his campaign promises!

  3. Rafael says

    I’m happy for Mr. Huebner. But President Obama is applying the same “trickle-down” principle he has criticized so openly in the past. We must stay focus on the real fight for our rights.

  4. says

    This is nice for Huebner, but does *nothing* for the GLBT community.

    And, yes, this is patronizing. And, yes, this is the second unimportant ‘highlight’ before a big, gay speech/event by the president. Whoop-di-doo.

    Repeal DOMA or DADT or pass an inclusive ENDA and get back to me. A year in and NADA! Not just for the gays, but every single, solitary important democratic demographic — be it the health care activists, gay activists, union activists or anyone in between. Zippo on either of the wars, Guatanimo, or other civil rights disasters that went on under Bush and continue today.

    This is an EPIC FAILURE!

  5. Hank says

    New Zealand. Wow! We’ve arrived. Might as well call off the march, really..

    Just saw a piece in one of the supermarket tabloids (Enquirer?) about Michelle O’s campaign to deep six the book by the guy who claimed he had sex with O., (and who also claimed that the murdered choir director of their Chicago church was O’s gay lover,) and to butch up POTUS’ image with sports, pretty girls around him , and if possible a new pregnancy… I find this interesting, because it does feel to me like O’s unwillingness to stick out his neck for us involves some kind of personal discomfort and skittishness, and that he is insecure and self-conscious about projecting a manly-enough persona. Not saying he’s a sister, I have no idea, but I do think he’s insecure about his masculinity and how he is perceived, and unfortunately that’s part of what’s going on.

  6. Mr Chris says

    Yes to Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com and the Hillaryites,

    Swing forth sweet Hillary coming forth and to carry your children home.

    They’d rather have you tell Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com and company that you don’t believe in Gay Marriage either. Because he loves you and accepts you to say it than that colored guy Barry.

    C’mon in 2012 and carry them home as you will still won’t abolish D.A.D.T and D.O.M.A something Ms Meathead Matlovich Messiah Bill gave us!


  7. Chitown Kev says

    @Mr. Chris

    “Swing forth sweet Hillary coming forth and to carry your children home.”

    While I am soooooo not pleased with Obama (and I don’t think Hillary would have been much better) that line is just funny.

    But these defenses of Obama and his Bill-shitting (as in Clinton) do get tired.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Some people in this country don’t beliieve openly gay people are fit to serve in a president’s administration in any capacity. A lot people still believe that about gays, blacks, Latinos, women, the physically challenged, etc. Obviously, this President doesn’t.

  9. EricLA says

    @ Marco, if it’s the David Huebner who serves as General Counsel of GLAAD, then I’m pretty sure Towleroad’s pic is correct. The FB pic, also used on Huffington Post yesterday, would be wrong — Huebner is not that young.

  10. Jerry says

    Just a reminder:
    Hormel was a recess appointment; there’s no way he would have gotten through confirmation with the Republican senate otherwise. And even Hormel himself would tell you that.

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