Palm Springs Club Cheers as John Mayer Seems to Enjoy Gay Kiss

Bisexual notes from the desert:

Mayer "Notorious womanizer John took a step over to the other side on Saturday when he stopped by Toucan’s Tiki Lounge, a popular gay club in Palm Springs.

And according to an eyewitness there was more than just drinking and dancing going on – John even made out with a guy!

John was having a great time at the club, going wild to The Black Eyed Peas 'I Gotta Feeling' – being the center of attention as he downed beer and toasted his fellow revelers, men and girls alike.
But the jaw dropper was when, according to an eyewitness, a fellow male patron approached John and planted a big kiss right on his lips – and John seemed to enjoy it! The eyewitness says that that was when the whole place erupted and cheered."


  1. Wayne says

    I always thought he was gay to begin with. I remember an old interview where he stated clearly that “your body is a wonderland” was written for his boyfriend. Then he started “dating” Anniston and everyone went a little crazy. This guy is clearly playing for our team but never got the attention of the press until he started slutting around with the ladies. I don’t care if he is or isn’t gay, he can still play the guitar, but pick a side already!

  2. thetruth says

    What is the fascination with “straight” men doing gay things…it is lame and completely distracting from the real gays doing something.

  3. princely54 says

    Why does he have to ‘pick a side’?! Its his business and up to him whether he’s with males or females or both. I cant stand rigidity from either side of the fence; its not OUR business.

  4. Mario says


    Why do you need to slap a gay label on him? He’s just a straight artist goofing off. Let him label himself.

  5. Attmay says

    First of all, he is not “straight,” he is heterosexual. Calling them “straight” implies that heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality isn’t. It is homophobic.

    Second, I guess Jennifer Aniston must have ruined women for him.

  6. Jon B says

    @Attmay: STFU… calling someone straight isn’t homophobic. That’s absurd. I hate the PC police, but this one goes farther than I’ve even thought it could. Sure, the word normal when discussing straight people would be homophobic, but straight? I don’t see how straight, in any meaning, elevates heteros above homos.

  7. Marcus says

    I don’t think he should have to pick a side, Wayne, but I thought a lot of people knew he messed around with guys.

    That’s been word on the street in L.A. for quite some time.

    This isn’t the first time he has been seen making out with guys in bars, BTW.

  8. david says

    I have hetero friends who go to gay bars with me and will even flirt with guys…but they never kiss other boys! Well except for me…

  9. John in Boston says

    John Mayer is a little hottie imo. As long as he STFU. He can sing, other-wise remain mute. He talks too much.

  10. FizziekruntNT says

    Anon, you silly ho, there’s no such thing as a one-beer queer. That’s just gay. There’s a six-beer queer, unless he’s a lightweight, in which case (no pun intended), he’s a 3-beer queer, and I’m not referring to John Mayer.

  11. Drew says

    So neat! I’m going to play ‘anonymous witness’ now:

    “John Mayer rode three gay men right into the bathroom and disappeared. He quickly emerged with an unidentified newborn baby and sparklers just minutes later-allegedly!”

    That media site should totally run this story now judging by their standards.

  12. Philip Wester says

    Why are people railing against the term “gay kiss”? Since when is there such as thing as a “bisexual kiss” unless it involves three people of both sexes?!

  13. Laurens says

    John simply is what he is. Leave him alone. I’m sure he enjoyed the kiss, but it surely wasn’t his first..and it won’t be his last. Just why do you think he was in that gay bar to begin with? He wanted the attention. Attention he got. What the reports never seem to mention is the identity of the guy who John was seen with later.