1. Nick says

    Finally -a democrat who shows signs of being a progressive-dare I say-real liberal?-instead of the 90% of Democrats who are RNC light-including Mr. Obama.
    I commend this man-and I am sure the Republican and Christian Reich will set their sights on this gentleman’s seat.
    BRAVO-for growing a set -that is change we can believe in~

  2. MikeMick says

    I want to have this guy’s babies. Finally, a Democrat who knows how to throw a good overhand right in the health care debate. Check out dailykos to see how he bitch slapped Blitzer et al. It might make you believe in two-party politics again.

  3. John in Houston says

    Good! He needs to not back down. He is totally in the right on this issue.

    I was eating breakfast and the TV was on Fox News (at a hotel, so I couldn’t change it) this morning. The bleached blonde bimbo was talking about Grayson’s presentation and had the audacity, and corresponding lack of brains, to compare it to Joe Wilson’s outburst during Obama’s address. She asked why Dems weren’t calling for his apology like they were with Wilson. I wanted to reach through the TV and slap her silly. One of these lawmakers was using time that had been set aside for him to address Congress and one of them interrupted a nationally televised speech by the President. Yeah, I can see how those two situations are totally similar.

  4. Matt says

    You guys crack me up. So two faced. I remember when John Murtha and some other Democrats didn’t want to fund the Iraq war further and the Republicans said that the Democrats were wanting soldiers to die by not funding them. You guys were so up in arms and screaming for some type of resolution against them.

    I wish you left wingers and right wingers would come to the center where the normal people live.

  5. says

    I found him completely obnoxious on Rachel Maddow. I appreciate politicians who say what they mean — and he’s certainly not the only person who’s said something similar (as clearly indicated on Maddow’s programming). However, as Rachel also said, never compare something to the freaking holocaust unless it’s the freaking holocaust. Just don’t do it!

    Plus, I think he could have made a much more effective argument on the floor. There’s no need to be nice to the Republicans, but we do need effective messaging to convince the masses. “The Republican way of doing health care leads to more deaths and higher costs, the Democratic bill will save thousands of lives every year — while reducing costs for most Americans and guaranteeing coverage.” That sort of messaging defines the opposition and shows why we’re much better than them. That’s effective messaging.

  6. Matt says

    @Ryan…well said. I couldn’t agree more. Studies show that most Americans want health care (government, social, public, whatever you want to call it). They just don’t want a massive deficit in order to make it happen.

  7. Matt says

    @David Ehrenstein

    Please read Ryan’s comments about effective messaging. It may help your cause.

  8. says

    But some of those 44,789 might be illegal aliens! They SHOULD be dead. Surely it’s a small price to pay to keep them off our payroll.

  9. MikeMick says

    @MATT and RYAN

    No fair taking such good hallucinogens and not sharing! It must be really good shit if the trip took you to a world where the debate pits reform advocates against a thoughtful opposition, or where Grayson didn’t score any debate points on the House floor, or where the “center” has been pulled so far to the right that almost half of the nation masturbates to Milton Friedman’s YouTube video on “Self Interest and The Profit Motive.”

  10. seeldee says

    Careful there MIKEMICK, you’re talking about things that may go right over some people’s heads…

  11. anon says

    There are far too many teapot tempests in the news these days. This can’t be good for anyone’s health.

  12. John says

    Of course, it is not true.

    But so what?

    Kudos to Rep. Grayson for boldness at any rate.

    Looks like we finally found a seating Democrat who’s willing to get into the mud pit with the Republicans.

    God knows it isn’t going to be Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or Barack Obama. True, Bill Clinton has gone on the offensive of late. But he’s out of office, doesn’t have anything to lose, and nobody listens to him any way.

  13. Mike says

    Ryan – he didn’t compare anything to The Holocaust, he called it A holocaust, there is a difference. The word holocaust is not a word that is only used for the sake of what happened to the millions Jews during WWII.

  14. Dennis says

    Grayson is an American hero as far as I’m concerned. How disgusting has it been to watch Rethuglican attack after atack (and distortions and outright lies go virtually unchallenged) or met with some tepid, whiny “that’s not fair” milquetoast response from the spineless Dems. This guy knows how you talk to a lying thug…



  15. patrick nyc says

    The GOP is just pissed that Grayson took a page from their playbook and has now been steering the dialog from them.

  16. mike says

    Dear Matt: Normal? You consider yourself and the rest of your ilk “normal”? Here’s a suggestion: kiss my abnormally liberal ass.

  17. John says

    As one of Grayson’s constituents, I say “right on!”

    First off, nobody with half a brain would believe that his description of the Republican’s plan was meant to be taken literally. It’s called exaggeration. Very different from Joe Wilson’s “liar” outburst both in meaning and in setting. Similarly, how many Republican have repeated the blatently untrue “death panels” lie and stated it as a fact? As far as I’m concenred, no apology needed.

    Second, while Alan can be and is often obnoxious, he’s very smart and knows healtchare much better than most in Congress. He takes this stuff and his job very personally, which I appreciate.

    Third, as obnoxious as he is, it gets a lot of airtime and his underlying message (the Republicans have no plan for fixing the problems in healthcare) is getting out. That’s what the Republicans do ALL THE TIME. Sadly, that seems the only way to get today’s media to cover anything. I don’t particuarly blame Republicans for doing it and I don’t blame Grayson for doing it either! Maybe if the mainstream media did their job . . .

    Fourth (and finally!), I much prefer a politician who speaks his or her mind and is proud of his or her beliefs. I’ve always believed that voters respect elected officials more for being honest and secure in their beliefs to being milquetoast or apologetic. Republicans would love to kick him out of his seat in the next election, but I don’t see it happening.