1. Bob says

    Oh please! Why give these nut jobs air or print space? Ignore them and they will eventually go away. Stop feeding the fire of their idiotic rants and they will no longer have a platform.

  2. CKNJ says

    These fucking assholes are completely insane. No other possible reason… they are fucking crazy! Problem is, he is part of the Republican establishment… it goes to show the kind of shit that is buried between the ears of those loathsome fools!

  3. jimmyboyo says


    obama is not far left!

    hell, obama is not even left!

    Obama is a DLC corporatists at best cebtrist triangulator in the spirit of Bill Clinton and at worse 2 steps right of center

    I wish Obama was left

    I wish Obama was 1/2 the lefty socialist the far right buts screach about

  4. BDN says

    Bravo, Rachel. I only wish others had the same courage to call out these whackjobs. You can’t simply ignore them. We’ve learned that with things like creationism. The whole “who could possibly believe that nonsense” response by scientists has done nothing to put a dent in the alarming percentage of people who actually do believe it. If places like MSNBC (and one would hope, the New York Times and other media) don’t take on these smears head-on and actually, you know, do their job and call a lie a lie, people will be spoonfed this kind of tinfoil hat BS from Faux News and yes, WorldNet Daily. We’ve been here before (birthers, anyone?), and simply wishing it away doesn’t work. Characterizing it as an extreme politics of spite and hate – which it certainly is – perhaps will. My $.02 anyway.

  5. walter says

    It has always been the tactic of fascist right wingers to rile up the peasants to protect their manor …. nothing new …. except that we do not openly speak about peasants anymore because they live in suburbs now.

    But they are still peasants…. and peasants always respond to Religious Nationalism.

    This is a Christian Nationalism movement funded by the GOP.

    KNOW IT.

  6. jimmyboyo says

    there is a great diary over at D-Kos

    that deals with gay frustration with dems and possible backlash 2010 and 2012 voting cycles

    It links to Towleroad amongst many other gay blogs so D-Kos dems can check out and understand gay anger at dems.

    If you have a d-kos membership ….go on over and recomend it (NO, I am not the diarist….but am a recomender)

  7. RedCedar says

    “whatever it is that comes next”.

    Unfortunately, I CAN think of something that might come next in the minds of some. I worry about that happening.

    As to impeachment? In the late 1970’s I lived in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, and I remember seeing spray painted “IMPEACH CARTER” graffiti on bridge underpasses on Interstate 95 in 1978.

    Which is to say that the only difference now is the internet.

    This is the far right. This is what the far right does.