Russian Court: Lesbian Couple Can’t Marry


Irina Fedotova (Fet) and Irina
Shipitko, a lesbian couple who went to court after being denied a marriage certificate, have had their case thrown out of court:

"Irina Fet and Irina Shipitko had asked the Tverskoi district court
to overrule a decision by a registry office which refused to endorse
their marriage in May. It quoted Russian laws which describes a
marriage as a 'union between a woman and a man.' … The judge refused their request,' spokeswoman Alexandra Berezina said without giving further details. Although
post-Soviet Russia no longer prosecutes homosexuals as criminals and
many high-profile Russians manifest their same-sex alliances, gays and
lesbians remain public outcasts…A bid by Fet and Shipitko to register their marriage, the latest in a
string of similar failed attempts, has been aimed at changing public
perception of homosexuality in Russia."


  1. says

    “many high-profile Russians manifest their same-sex alliances” — Where did the reporter get that idea? Many? a handful at best, and really only in the entertainment industry. Not one politician or academic in the entire country is out.

  2. Bryan says

    Excellent. A wise state has once again denied lemming homos the right to jump off the cliff of their own short-sighted vanity. Would that New England had half as much sense as Russia.

    It’s not in the interest of the larger culture to have LGBT people to repeat the stupid, destructive mistakes of the larger genetic morass. Spiritual suicide is not a personal choice – it’s vicious social sabotage. If we’re unwilling to be a positive force for social change on our own, we should be forced.

    Gay marriage is nothing more than gay envy, gay narcissism, and gay selfishness. It’s not all about us. We have a job to do, and it’s time we stopped whining about our right to mediocrity and went back to doing our work with joy and brilliance. We should no more be allowed to ignore our responsibilities because they’re difficult any more than straights are allowed to abandon their children because they’re annoying.

    Individual exceptions notwithstanding, heterosexuality is by its nature culturally inert. When the yeast abandons the bread, everyone eats paste, but it’s the yeast that’s responsible for the resultant starvation. Married gay people, particularly those who reproduce by some ridiculous, overpriced shenanigans, should be shunned for their self-involved laziness because they drag everyone else down with them.

    Gay marriage is a sealed glass closet where the imagination can suffocate in a spotlight while wallowing in the spurious moral imperative of the self-designated victim. As such, it’s nothing more than the latest drama queen spin on self loathing. As queers, it’s our duty to inhabit a bright future, and allowing our hearts, souls, and bodies to be colonized by a dark past is neither admirable nor justifiable. No one has the right to be stupid.

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