1. johnny says

    When are people going to finally realize that Scientology is simply the wackiest “religion” going, even odder than Mormonism’s “Jesus came to America before the indians and built huge cities”, special holy underwear and the marriage of elderly men to 12-year-old girls. So many are fooled.

  2. RJP3 says

    Obviously the truth is so stupid he had to walk out …. and no we do not have to respect the belief of obvious DANGEROUS money grubbing cults that preach people to DISCONNECT with family and loved ones.

    This tool was born into wealth and privilage and a cult. But had no talent. So now he milks the wealthy and privilaged for his income.

  3. CGD says

    Scientology isn’t a religion, they would like us to believe they are, it would help them be more accepted.

  4. john says

    I was laughing as I read that story because it sounds so insane to me, but Christian tales and/or beliefs provoke the same reaction from me. I think if you are going to believe absurd stories that support or define your own religion, you should be more tolerant of other peoples’ “crazy” religious beliefs.

  5. Nicole says

    Familiarity makes certain stories seem less crazy, but really, they’re all pretty out there. The story behind Scientology is ridiculous, but it’s equally entertaining to see people who believe in “Zombie Jesus”, or any of the other traditional religion stories, laugh at it.

    Instead of tearing each other down and fighting wars over their particular versions of crazy, they should band together because the rest of us, those who base their beliefs in crazy things like “logic” and “science”, are growing in number every day. One day we will rule the earth (too optimistic?).

  6. bading says

    “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.”

    Steven Weinberg – Nobel prize-wnning American physicist

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    I think I’d like to hear Bishop Gene Robinson’s take on “Zombie Jesus”–just to get a different perspective. Religion aint all about hate. Non-believers can be just as destructive as believers.

    Were Hitler and Stalin believers?

  8. johnosahon says

    to the frank, i am tired of the bashing of Scientology more than other religions.

    their believes are not much different from any other religion, they believe aliens created the earth, replace aliens with “some beam” you get christian and mu slims.

    now, i guess haggis is not atheists since 99% of other religion gay bash.

    what religion believe in creating the world in 7 days, ascending into heaven, waking up from the dead, 3 people in one god…….. yet this one is some how more crazy than the rest?

  9. john says

    Scientology is the most ridiculous and evil “religion” (cult) of the nutty bunch, though there are some close runners-up.

  10. Sam says


    Who here is professing to believe in Christian mythology that is criticizing scientology. You tell us to be more tolerant as if we are coming from a Christian perspective. I don’t have any issues with Scientology…if people want to give their hard earned fortunes to some nutjob, that is their business.

    I would however point out that there is one significant different in that the existence of Jesus, at least as a man, is not in dispute. Which at the very least lends some credibility to the Christian faith above Scientology. I think people are generally misguided about Jesus and who or what he was, but I can at least rationalize the idea someone could base a belief system in something proven to have existed than this mumbo jumbo. I think where they go with the knowledge Jesus existed is unfortunate, but at least it is some foundation.

    That said, I’m with Nicole. Logic and science make a lot more sense to me, so that is what I’ll go with.

  11. johnosahon says


    i am not talking to you IF you abuse other religions as much as this one, BUT what i find is that MOST critics of this religion are other religions which is funny since theirs is not any different.

    if you want a base for Scientology then try the UFO that people seem to believe occur.

  12. bading says

    @ Derrick from Philly

    Richard Dawkins, in his excellent atheist manifesto, “The God Delusion” debunks the Hitler/Stalin – believer/non-believer debate. Both were raised in Xtian households with Stalin even considering priesthood in the Russian Othodox Church. Certainly, Hitler’s hatred of the Jews was a direct result of the belief that they were responsible for the death of Christ and even explicitly stating in “Mein Kampf” with regards to the Final Solution, that he was “…merely acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.” But remember that their minions, who carried out the atrocities, would most probably have been believers.

    @ Sam

    Atheism is the only logical and scientific position to take if in fact those are what makes most sense to you.

  13. LQ says

    I think I’ll start a religion. It’s a good way to make money. What’s that maxim? Oh, yes… “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  14. JimmyD says

    This reminds me of when ‘War of the Worlds’ opened. Tom Cruise was asked if he believed in aliens. He said, “No.” I thought that odd with his religion based in ancient alien history, big spaceship and all.

  15. jimmyboy says

    all religions are crazy…..the 3 monotheist sky fairy cults have an air / illusion of respectability only due to the amount of time they have been around.

    IF they had popped up on the scene in the present day as vs back when ignorant people were non bathing goat herders in the desert then they would be laughed at as much as scientology

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    But BADING, one can use religion to do evil without being a believer. My point is that while some of the most evil acts in the history of humankind were done in the name of religion, but some of the greatest achievements in humanity were done in the name of religion. Don’t you like the job that Michaelangelo did on that ceiling? Better yet, for a gay blog, his statue of David?

    And all of ancient Greek theater? Whether in the West, Africa, the Far East, what would become the Americas–wasn’t theater created with some association with religion?

  17. princely54 says

    What’s up with the Scientologists using the Christian cross as part of their iconography? There doesn’t SEEM to be any cross over with that religion, but I don’t know a ton about the Scientology mythology.

    Seems to me that Hubbard saw that he’d better have some religious-type iconography as part of his ‘theology’ so that it would come across as religion….

  18. jimmyboy says


    actually there is a ton of dispute on whether a man jesus ever existed

    All references to such a man are post such a man by decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or fraudulent like Josephus a refernce to 80 some od yrs post fact of somebody supposedly worshiping jesus written into account 300+ years AFTERward by an overzealous member of the catholic hierarchy

    The earliest supposed gospel acount at best is 70-90 yrs AFTER supposed events.

    Remember they had no cameras, videos, tape recorders. we know the amount of fraud and mistakes that slip into accounts only 2 yrs old within the modern era with all of our technology to record events let alone back then 70-90 yrs after an event with no modern equipment to document anything.

    The refrences in the talmud are decades post supposed events and responses to a crazy cult amongst Jews (a ton of evidence that some Jews mixed mithraism, dionysus, and Talmuz into their Jewish beliefs creating a cult within Judaism) that Rabbis were shocked by and tried to denounce and wrote about jesus being a bastard ext…….BUT responses to a cult amongst Jews written DECADES after the supposed events…not eyewitness contemporary accounts

    No contemporary accounts to prove a man named jesus ever existed

    Please, do not try to say that so to Caeser and Alexander the great etc.

    WE have THEIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! actual writings. We even have Alexander the great’s own writing on stone markers “Here i Alexander came and (conquered and or delivered the people)……Here I Alexander have built a city of commerece and learning named Alexandria….” etc

    Hell Alexander built 100’s of Alexandrias (Egypt being the most famous) across the territory he conquered.

    HELLS BELLS, there is tons upon tons actual physical contemporary evidence in Israel for the existence of Alexander the great but not 1 thing for jesus till supposed writings 70-90 yrs post supposed events

    Jesus….not even 1 contemporary account by an eye witness.

  19. jimmyboy says



    Hitler very much was a believer. Many times citing His lord and savior moving him to war on the secular and the Jew. There are pics of hitler receiving communion (also never being excomunicated)and tons of pics of bishops and priests blessing the SS daily.

    stalin was high priest of the state. Substituting the state in the place of a deity is not atheism. It is a religious system that worships the state as god. Not true atheism

  20. Derrick from Philly says


    It never fails. Google somebody’s name before you fuck up the spelling (I tell myself).

    And that giant church over in Paris everyone loves to visit–that was done in the name of religion. Or maybe they moved it to Indiana…a holier place.

    Look, some people who aren’t fanatics just don’t believe that religions are all bad. Don’t throw the baby out into the Nile with basket–that’s all I’m sayin’…heathens.

  21. jimmyboy says


    an argument can be made that such advances were made in spite of religion and not thanks to

    michelangelo’s cistine chapel is controversial in that the cloudy billowing robe esque outline is that of a human brain. Michelangelo was subversily equating god to the machinations of human brains. He wanted the money….also wanted to save his hide from the fire and yet still put in a tons of anti religious stuff under the guise of religion.

    God outlined in what appears to be a human brain! BRILLIANT!!!!! and many of the demons painted with faces of bishops, popes, and saints. LOL Michelangelo was no true believer but rather a subversive artist.

  22. bading says

    Ah but Derrick, The Sistine Chapel ceiling and sublime David could ONLY have been done by religion. They were the only ones that could afford it!

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, I give up. I’ll be waving down at you heathens as I ascend in that sweet chariot to the great hereafter…a golden chariot driven by an angel built like Reggie Bush. Farewell….

  24. Beef and Fur says

    Oh great. By forcing us to read the story of Xenu, or even be aware of it, we will now get pneumonia! Thanks, a lot Andy! And since the story of Xenu is only available to Scientologists who spend vast sums of money, we now owe the church a ton of money! Thanks again, Andy! I just paid my credit cards off for the 12/21/12 end of the world thing and now I have to go into debt to pay the Scientologists. Arghhhhh!

  25. says

    The only thing dumber than a Scientologist is a member of another religion like Christianity making fun of them.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  26. Blue Raven says

    You want to know the real difference between Scientology and the mainstream religions? When was the last time someone was murdered by a Roman Catholic for protesting its practices? A few centuries ago, I’d say. You can leave Christianity, Judaism, or Islam in this country without fearing for your life if you protest your ex-church’s practices too loudly. None of those beliefs insist their scriptures are under copyright.

    It’s not religion-bashing to come down on Scientology. It’s calling out a mind-control racket.

  27. PMWOKC says

    I think this video just shows how these types of people avoid all legitimate questions. I mean, if you are proud of your religion, you should have no problem addressing that question with a simple yes/no answer. That interviewee is a complete tool.

  28. CKNJ says

    It’s all a crock of sh*t but Scientology seems to be one of the most ‘out there’ and punishing cults… though LDS are pretty close behind! Actually when one thinks about it, most all of the cults have levels of punishment for not following all the man-made controlling rules that they are cowed by….

    Logic and Science wins the day for me!

  29. Dimitraki says

    Whether its ‘kooky Scientology’ or the cult of ‘Zombie Jesus’ or whatever cosmic contrivance, the thing that really bothers me is that we’re subsidizing all this crap because these organizations are tax-exempt, and thus have expensive holdings & properties for which they pay no taxes, but receive city & state services at our collective expense. Pretty sucky, eh?

  30. Rob in LA says

    Crazy…all organized religion is crazy…I can’t remember who said it…but its my favorite concept: Religious debate seems to all be about who has a better secret invisible friend.

  31. Matt says

    all I am saying is the church of scientology, compared to other Cristian sects, is the only group to

    -copyright their sacred texts to prevent their spread
    -organize the largest infiltration of US government in history (see Operation Snow White)

    yes, there are many Christian sects whose fundamental beliefs are just as bizarre as scientology. There are also a lot of Christians that are logical rational people and put their religious beliefs into context of the world they experience around them to come to a workable compromise. Please do not smear them along with scientologists, all of who can rot in hell for all I care (I’m a soon to be psychiatrist)

  32. Drew says

    You know how they say, “You don’t have to agree with my opinion, but you DO have to respect it…”

    Well, seriously. WTF? I have to respect something that is nonsense to begin with? That’s my definition of all religion.

  33. John in Boston says

    Nation of Islam believe a giant ‘Mothership’ is circling the Earth and white people are the result of an evil experiment by a mad scientist gone bad.

  34. sean in dallas says

    No one who is religious is truly rational and logical because religions require magical thinking…and magical thinking is neither rational nor logical.

    And anyone who’s had a “vision” was, psychiatrically speaking, hallucinating.

    What causes hallucinations? Drugs, withdrawal from drugs, brain injuries and tumors, seizures, and schizophrenia. That’s about it.

    So whether you’re Abraham, Saul/Paul, Moses, Joseph Smith, or L. Ron Hubbard, there’s something else a-goin’ on in there.

  35. Phil says

    Did anyone else notice Tom Cruise checking out the firemen at 1:16? Plus, his over-enthusiastic hand slaps scream “I’m straight!!!! REALLY!” Ha. He’s gay.