1. David D. says

    Children are going to be forced to marry children of the same sex? No wonder these people are so upset!

  2. Joe says

    This whole “protect the children” argument baffles me. What about the gay children? Who’s protecting them? Had I grown up in an environment where I was taught that it’s ok for men to marry men and women to marry women–I would have grown up with such better sense of self-worth and self esteem. I have a great life now, but as a kid, I struggled. I know parents don’t like to think of their kids as being gay—but let’s face it, there are gay kids everywhere–and THEY are the ones who need protected.

  3. RICH says

    Homosexual marriage pushed on Maine children? WTF are they talking about? Bigger question, will the voters fall for it?

  4. James says

    How exactly will kids ‘suffer’ by understanding that there are different sorts of families?

    This is bigotry masquerading as outrage. I knew that Beastiality, Bondage, and Buddhism existed when I was a kid and I’m not into any of those things as an adult. Information doesn’t prescribe, it just informs and expands our world view. If you don’t want that for you kids then you’re a terrible parent.

  5. Hawk says

    @Rich… YEP the voters fall for it, it’s the same corp that did the propH8 in CA. And it worked there.

    Why in the hell is the No on #1 not pushing back on this??? Where is the ad that debunks this? This is like the 3rd ad in regard to the children. They don’t teach about regular marriage in schools, why in the hell are they going to start teaching gay marriage in schools, let alone str8 ones???

    Stop thinking people are “smart enough to see through the lies” NO ON #1 people… people have short attention spans…

    oh look shiny…

    Need to start stepping up, learn from the CA junk, and do things right…

    My donation needs to be put toward ad’s that debunk the other side, this is a political war, learn from the politicians ads. Use teachers from Massachusetts, or such to prove they don’t “Push gay marriage” onto their students. Like the ad with the priest’s from there saying they are not “forced” to perform gay marriages.

    It’s the SCARE THEM TO VOTE for your side, at all costs route… learn from the past and steam roll over them.

  6. Mike says

    Joe made an excellent point – what about the gay children??? What exactly is their argument, that somehow children will learn that gay people exist? That gay people are are just normal folks? What is wrong with that? Obviously, they want to discriminate and force gay people back in the closet. The whole argument is just stupid!

  7. Bill says

    Vote NO! Vote NOW! Bring your friends and family along too and have them vote NO. Then get other NO on Question 1 voters to the polls as well.

  8. Keith says

    I said it 7 months ago, they’re using the exact same playbook they used in California on Prop H8. It worked here, and it will work in Maine unless the No on 1 campaign gets out in to the streets (of the neighborhoods that are in favor of 1), goes door to door, and actually buses and brings people to the polling places to cast an actual vote. No dollar amount, no advertising, no star or noted politician’s statement, no newpaper endorsement, and no personal story is going to change anyone’s mind. It’s the hard work of going in to “enemy territory, talking directly to people through an open and heartfelt conversation, that may change some minds and get people to vote who otherwise might not.

  9. Matt says

    If it makes anyone feel better, I landed in Portland, ME about an hour ago to help out with the No on 1 campaign and I am already feeling good about our chances. On the drive from the airport to the train station, I passed 5 No on 1 signs for every 1 Yes on 1 sign… the commercials in rotation here seem to be favoring No on 1 as well. I’ll update more over the weekend on my facebook page (, but know that things seem to be heading in the right direction.

  10. Casey says

    What’s even more disgusting about this is that the guy behind the Yes on 1 campaign even admitted on the news that the claims about teaching marriage in schools were “a mistake.” And now they come right out and just hammer that point without any concern for facts. INFURIATING.

  11. says

    Time for us all to step up to the plate, yes, again! Let’s help our allies (straight and LGBT) on the ground in Maine.

    I just donated another $200 to “No on 1/Protect Maine Equality” – let’s all donate whatever we can to help them air fair minded adds going into the last two weeks leading up the November 3 vote.

    We can win this one at the ballot box. Yes we can!

    Link to donate is above.

    Chip Arndt

  12. says

    “It worked here, and it will work in Maine unless the No on 1 campaign gets out in to the streets (of the neighborhoods that are in favor of 1), goes door to door, and actually buses and brings people to the polling places to cast an actual vote.”

    Keith, they are doing all that. Anyone who wants to volunteer just needs to go to the webpage and click on Volunteer, and there are a variety of ways to get involved. Of course $ is needed, too.

  13. NR says

    @Chicagoan – thanks for posting the link to donate – I just donated again. I live in Seattle, and we have our own equality fight going here as well, but we have to help all the fights. I have to be able to look back in ten years and know that I did what I could to fight for this.