1. ty says

    Hi I’m a bitter queen who is extra critical, and will rip into the competition. I want to bring down people more famous than myself, and talk about them disparagingly. I insist on bringing the entire gay movement to a standstill while I critique the ones who are in the spotlight.
    Looks like I found my home here!

  2. Dignan says

    The only thing more embarassing than Lance grasping at his last 15 minutes of fame (for being gay, nonetheless) is the ridiculous (and offensive) reiteration of his “butchness.”

  3. Mark in Austin TX says

    Why all the Lance hate all the time. I think he’s very cute, was clearly in a successful band regardless of whether one liked the music or not, and is an out gay man who has spoken geniunely about his own experience. The fact that he continues to be in the public eye as an out gay man living a decent, scandal-free life, and the fact that Kathy Griffin happens to love him are reasons enough for me. I don’t understand the impulse of gay men to rip apart our own kind.

  4. DR says

    what else needs to be said aside from “great pic”? he’s in shape, he’s good looking, he’s openly gay and a good role model who doesn’t need to crash and burn like some celebretards do. why the hate?

    Sad that some of you would get your rocks off over Levi “The Attention Whore” Johnson and do this to one of us.

  5. Brandon T says

    Lance looks good in this picture. We are always lusting after hetero men. It is nice to lust after somebody you can actually get. Some of us can be some hateful bitter queens!

  6. David in Houston says

    The guy that Lance supposedly gave the black eye to, could easily beat the crap out of him. I mean seriously, check out that guy’s abs. The dude could get a job as a Greek statue. Nice fantasy though, however improbable.

  7. walter says

    Lance just has bad energy that appeals to the sad sack gays.

    Sure it would be cool that a member of NSYNC was out muscular and gay IF he was not such a tool.

    The butch act IS annoying … and his hissing fits and pretensiousness in Ptown on his visit with Reichen will never be lived down.

    That and how he only dates muscle guys – who are are obviously only with him for the fame — all around just lame.

    Final point – it is not cool to be have to be outed to be out.

    Feel the same about NPH, but at least he has a real relationship and decent personality.

  8. Bryan says

    Oh TY… I think I’m in love. With you. You’re so handsome, so forthright, and even nastier than I am.

    Say you’ll be mine, or I’ll rip out your throat with my venomous fangs. Metaphorically speaking of course, since, like Mr. Bass, I wouldn’t know a black eye from a black mass.

  9. Rocco says

    so true — Lance was in his car the night of the Prop 8 protests. He looked surprised that the gays were mad about something. More surprisingly…somebody with a camera recognized him siutting at a traffic light.

    Sad sacks gays– heh heh
    so true
    he is a butter face with a sweet home and
    bank account and he can pull the hot “butch” men he loves so much. Then they get tramp stamp tats and do calendars (reichen). Classy bitch

  10. FunMe says

    OK so I hear he was in a boy band.

    But fast forward to 2009. What exactly is he doing now?
    (And NOOOOOOO, reality shows don’t count. Nor does Dancing with the Has Beens).

  11. says

    Why is it that whenever there’s a story featuring an out Gay guy, the first ones to put the boot in are other Gay men? Lance Bass, John Barrowman, Jesse Archer… Homophobia is still homophobia if it comes from homosexuals. We should be sticking together and supporting each other, not spitting venom like something that leaps onto Sigourney Weaver’s face. Leave the catty diatribes and cheap snipes to the ignorant bigots we should be unified in fighting against. Positive,successful role models for Gay youth are always to be encouraged- Better Bass and Barrowman than Jeffrey Dahmer and Larry Craig…

  12. Terrance says


    Not bad. In my opinion, he looks wayyyy hotter here; sort of a “Crime-show Cop Butch”, and less the “Boy-band Twink-y”…

    Though, just a thought: ‘if you’re gonna go with the “butch” look,it’s probably best *not* to wax the chest’ — the ‘slick-as-a-dolphin’ trunk paired with a scruffy, dirty face kinda looks confused…

    Tough crowd: apparently, not all are ‘fans’ of the guy (which I can understand), but — sheesh…!

    Seems like most of the negativity has to do with him not being ‘out’ back when he was a teen in a boy-band, and less about his looks.

    I’m inclined to give the guy a break – he’s not perfect, but hey, not evil, either….

  13. Robbie says

    You know I don’t understand why some people feel the need to trash others; it is especially bad with gay men trashing one another. Hate is hate regardless of where it comes from and so is Homophobia. Some of the previous comments are good examples of Hate & Homophobia.
    He lives his life as he sees fit, he has very little scandal attached to him, he does his best to support charities and the gay community. He is trying to live a decent life. He is doing what many others try to do. Why such a Hate-on for him?
    Back in his boy band days he was cute in his own way, although he was my least favorite in the group. Today he has grown up to be a rather handsome man living a good life. He is a decent roll model for others and I find no reason why so many are so negative towards him.
    As to whatever happened in Ptown should be put to rest, there are always several sides to a story and what is often proclaimed in the news media must be taken with a grain or two of salt. Let the past stay in the past.

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