Towleroad Guide to the Tube #559

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Health care public option doesn't have a chance.

RACHEL MADDOW: On the health care public option, only available to uninsured people, in some places.

GAY BABY: Pastor tries to pray away the gay from an infant.

WILSON CRUZ: On being openly gay in Hollywood.

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Small children have been beaten and tortured to death because some religious fanatic lunatic motha’ fuc…thought the child was gay.

    He calls himself a preacher–that complete idiot isn’t fit to hold a child in his arms.

    You know, a lot of “born again” Christians used to be drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, etc. It shows, doesn’t it? Crazy, hypocritcal, motha’ fuc… The effects of their former lives are still present and apparent.

    I mean, bad alcoholics. I’m one of the good ones.

    Between Larry Johnson, the psychotic “church nut” woman in DC, and now this former heroin addict preacher–what is this? What’s up, Andy? We can’t find any white anti-gay nuts today? Did y’all check Texas…or better yet, central Pennsylvania? Andy, no more, please!

  2. Disgusted American says

    hmmm wasn’t it in the past few years in Fla. maybe..that a man BEAT his 3yr old toddler to death – cause the kid was playin with a doll,and he thought the baby was gay?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “hmmm wasn’t it in the past few years in Fla. maybe..that a man BEAT his 3yr old toddler to death – cause the kid was playin with a doll,and he thought the baby was gay?”

    Yes. I don’t know about the playing with dolls part, but, yes, his “church going” father wanted to toughin’ up because he didn’t want him to be gay. He’d routinely “slap box” him in the face and head. After one of these “slap boxing” sessions the little boy went to rest (and escape) lying on the sofa, and there he died of a brain hemorrhage…while the grown “church folk” were in the next room having Bible study.

    The little boy’s name was Ronnie Paris, and yes, he was three years old.

    Again, the main victims of those blacks who espouse anti-gay hatred are not white gays, they are black gay people, or black three year old babies thought to be gay.

  4. patrick nyc says


    I agree that many born again bigots had bad pasts, my brother is one.

    But to be fair, ANDY started today with a bigoted ‘Joe the douche bag plumber’ clip. He has also had many posts on hate crimes that are committed on whites and others, by whites.

    I don’t think that ANDY is prejudice at all, sadly the same can not be said of some trolls who post here.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    I agree, PATRICK. I really wasn’t “reading”, Andy. I was being dramatic (it’s therapeutic–saves my health insurance company a bundle). Sometimes if you see a poster act out his comments, you know when they’re performing and when they’re being serious. It’s been an emotional day. I think I’ll go home and read my Bible–only the parts I like (it’s therapeutic–saves my health insurance company a bundle).

  6. patrick nyc says


    Put your feet up and give yourself a well deserved break. You are often on mark, and seldom give ANDY a hard time. I just get tired when folks do. You, I’m aware, do much for the community, and few know the time it takes to do a blog, let alone be fair in doing so.

    Many bitch and moan about ANDY only posting eye candy, or too many pretty boys, or not enough color (my fav), but he does keep many informed of what is going on, in both fluff, as well as serious matters, like the recent March in DC.

  7. Jeffrey says

    Derrick, do we censor news of Black bigots because we need to protect their reputations somehow? Because you cringe whenever the acts of an individual(s) might reflect badly on the Black community? There are plenty of articles about idiotic and violent acts by people of all colors on here. Nobody gets a pass. When something happens, it needs to be reported.

  8. Jim says

    I am to the point where I will have absolutely no hesitation to call out african-americans on their hypocritical views of discriminating against gays, yet they decry discrimination against blacks. The bible was used to condone slavery. Case closed. They need to be reminded of where they have come.

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