University of North Texas: No Gay Couples on Homecoming Court

A proposal to allow same-sex couples on the school's Homecoming Court has been shot down by the governing student body at the University of North Texas, the Dallas News reports:

Unt "Five of the
senators at the meeting voted Thursday to amend the Student Government
Association’s bylaws, 10 voted against and eight abstained. Jason Howeth, a junior who represents the College of Music, said he
voted against the proposal because of opposition from parents who
threatened to remove their children from the school and alumni who said
they would withdraw their financial support. He also said
that the current student regulations do not prohibit homosexuals from
running for a homecoming court position. Current student regulations state that the homecoming couple comprises a man and a woman."


  1. FizziekruntNT says

    UNT WAS once an extremely LIBERAL school of middle-class kids with excellent education programs, but apparently, stupidity spreads. Sad but true, even Denton cannot escape the homogenization.

    The College of Music at UNT has always been a huge income source, but one students’ opinion doesn’t represent the entire college. Guaranteed, most of the kids there don’t give a rat’s ass about the homecoming. That’s for the people that aren’t ever going to leave the region.

  2. FizziekruntNT says


    I was an Advertising Journalism major there. Oops! But that was just a typo!

    And Roseanne, are you speaking from your own personal experience IN Texas? I grew up in North Texas in the 80s, and while it wasn’t easy (Where WAS it easy in the 80s?), it certainly wasn’t the bucket of right-wing conservativism you imply.

  3. Joseph says

    Wow, I went to church with this Jason guy in Houston. Nice guy, but apparently lacking the integrity to overlook these practical concerns and see the bigger picture.

  4. Bryan says

    Anyone who’s reached the age of majority and is still living in Texas is complicit in christofascist bigotry. LGBT students at UT are the equivalent of Jews for Hitler, and deserve neither sympathy nor support. If you pay taxes in Texas, you’re part of the problem.

  5. S says

    You know, guys, there are gays living in Texas, doing what we can to “fight the good fight” and change the status quo. I attend UNT, and every student I know is pissed, but it’s politics, no different than our country’s gov’t still living by the DOMA and “don’t ask, don’t tell.” If you pay taxes in AMERICA, you’re part of the problem, I mean, give me a break, this entire country is a joke. I’m not saying I always love living in Texas, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s frustrating, and yeah, some days I just want to move to a state where I can get married, but I have responsibilities and a great family here, so I suck it up. Besides, if we all ran away who would change anything? And if we’re the problem, why aren’t all of you up North doing more to change shit? Because I’m not seeing much action from gays ANYWHERE. So no, we won’t be seceding, and no, we’re not all a bunch of rednecks, we just live our lives and do what we can to change people’s misguided opinions of us, sometimes one at a time. And let me tell you, up until now that’s been limited to evangelical Christians and rednecks…never thought I’d see the day where I had to defend myself against other gays.

  6. wild willie says

    Hey 5, I bet that you are suffering and hurt that you still have to live in Texas. I will also bet that your family does love you, and they are probably hurting also. Consider them.
    NTSU is a liberal school, but there are still a majority of people who don’t want their Homecoming King’s picture with a pair of balls on his chin. Isn’t the Homecoming King and Queen sort of Highschoolish anyhow?

  7. Parker says

    In response to Bryan, before you make such extreme bold statements you should at least have the slightest clue as to what you’re talking about as to come across as less of a jackass.

    UT is the liberal school in Texas. It is the absolute definition of diversity and inclusion in every definition of the word. At least once a day I see someone wearing the shirt that has the Longhorn mascot filled in with rainbow colors on campus. There are gender neutral bathrooms and on any school document that you have to state your sex the options are “Male, Female, Transgender M to F, Transgender F to M.”

    Not to mention it’s Austin, where the town motto is “Keep Austin Weird”

    Hook ’em!!

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