1. CKNJ says

    Matt does the South African accent really well… Morgan still throw in an American ‘a’ instead of the flat South African version, which sounds odd… but the acting and story look great! Should be a fascinating movie!

  2. says

    God what a bore. Eastwood is going to keep shitting out the Oscar bait until he dies, isn’t he? Do you think Damon winds up paralyzed from the neck down, with Freeman pulling the plug?

  3. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Impressive…but is that healthy after gaining the additional bulk for “The Informant”? He almost permanently-damaged himself years ago for a small part as a drug-addicted serviceman, and was still recovering when the filmed “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Forcing your weight up-n-down is hard on the heart and liver.

  4. John says

    Unfortunately, most “sport movies” have way too much sport and not enough movie. It becomes about the team winning in the face of adversity. Which isn’t that interesting because everyone knows the outcome.

    This type of movie is perhaps one of the more difficult genres of film to do just right.

    Hopefully, Eastwood will borrow a trick from the West Wing and show us only a passing glimspe of the actual game. If the audience walks out thinking they’ve seen a clip show from the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final, then it isn’t going to have much emotional resonance.

  5. Pekemo says

    I feel bad saying this especially as I am not the one to usually say it. But the first thing I thought when I saw that picture, “ROIDS!!!!”
    That was just an instant reaction though and who knows if its true. But wow, is changing your body like that so often and so quickly good for you?

  6. sugarrhill says

    Why do commenters immediately jump to seroids conspiracy theories when they have no clue what the time lapse is/was between films? Also releases dates aren’t always immediately after filming ends. Some films sit on the shelf for months or years. Plus, you two can achieve the same look in record time if you were (a) a millionaire, (b) had a trainer, (c) had a personal chef that provided you with the necessary diet to achieve said look, and (d) the necessay time in the day to train.

  7. MicahSkin says


    Ok, no more sugar for me today.

    Heard rumors of this movie being made, glad to see it comin around. but we need a movie about the NZ All Blacks. Just call it “Richie McCaw standing around naked for 2 hours.” I’d go to it.

  8. mike says

    please give me dan carter over ritchie anyday…i suppose this film will fail to mention that the all blacks were food poisoned in south africa so played pretty crap against south africa in the grand final…but then again i would say that being an all black supporter and kiwi…

  9. John says

    I hope the film will not gloss over the political angle either. But I suspect it will because Hollywood loves those cheesy, feel good moments.

    This was not some humanitarian mission though. Mandela might’ve been keen on promoting forgiveness for practical reasons. But he’s no idealistic fool. He’s about as shrewd a politician as they come. He basically used the Springboks – a team that once embodied the apartheid concept of white supremacy in raw, physical terms – for his own purposes.

  10. TylerAnthony says

    Matt Damon has always had a built body, so for him to look that thick is no reason to cry Steroids.

    He’s not cut in those pictures, from a prev movie he had to gain weight and now added some more muscle to the muscle underneath the bulk. It’s not hard to do

  11. Steve says

    A really fine movie. And Damon – and the other beefy rugby players – are easy on the eyes!

    BTW – I don’t think that’s a roids body. Damon is pretty beefy in the movie, but he doesn’t have that lean-mean-Mario-Lopez-scary look.

  12. Richard Choffe says

    I imagine a shirtless mattadore/Scott poolside by moonlight, twirling a red silk shirt around his motorcycle-helmet-bull doing a mock ballet to Liberace playing Malaguena.

  13. Richard Choffe says

    Im so sick to death of reading clueless critiques of Liberace’s music; For God’s sake get it right! No, he was’nt perfect, yet considering his range, was closer to perfect musically than practically anybody! With well established classical composer’s, he was exact and intact, reverently so. With light classics, jazz or pop, you name it, he did it all, and did it all better than anybody! Whether fusing different genre, or switching across to different genre; And yes, he loved to do variations on a theme, and espeially did extemporize pieces of music if only to flush out the musically lame critic’s! But to all those who unconditionally love music; Liberace is the rosetta stone of music!!!

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