1. David says

    I think it was John Waters who said…”They used to refer to it as the love that dare not speak its name… it is the love that won’t shut up.” Repressed? Not so much.

  2. whatsup says

    Yet again Andy posting of anything sexual that has to do with a couple of white STRAIGHT males, never mind using a horrible slur to describe a friend…as long as there is flesh to be seen Andy will post it in an effort to BOOST traffic to his “website”…clearly a case of pandering to the notion…gay men want to see flesh…is this what gay men REALLY want to see Andy??

  3. Rocky says

    1) NONE of these losers are the slightest bit cute.

    2)It most likely is repressed homosexuality.The ones that feel they have to prove their machoism are the ones who are probably gayer than I am.They are doing it in a distasteful matter too.

  4. Rocky says

    @ Whatsup

    Thank you for adding that.I was thinking the same thing.Its obvious that they are just a bunch of drunken white frat boys looking for alittle attention.

  5. says


    Perhaps there are a lot of readers who like a little skin. What are we, a bunch of prudes? People come to towleroad for the wide variety of news and features, some of which include scantily clad twinks. What’s the problem with that?

  6. Brad says

    I’m not quite understanding the point. So, they interpreted a R & B song with their own caucasian style and suddenly it’s controversial? Looks rather benign to me. It really doesn’t deserve any venue boost other than youtube. We’re too quick to provide the press and overexposure to anything that looks remotely entertaining on youtube – and this falls flat. Yawn.

  7. chronicle says

    Not surprised by the gun and faggot comment. It would otherwise make them too vulnerable to dance shirtless, flirt and rub each others asses.

    @ Eric, BARF!

  8. RJP3 says

    They’re too fat to be gay!

    Posted by: A | Oct 23, 2009 9:58:34 AM

    1) Stupid lame childish gay body nazi comment.

    2)two of them are ripped

    3)tat muscle boy is so not straight and so is ready for Sean Cody.

  9. DR says

    So a bunch of good-looking guys do a silly interpretation of a hip-hop song and you’re calling them repressed homosexuals?

    I’m calling them goofy college kids having fun and making a video.

    Can we move on and channel anger/rage into something more worthwhile than this? Or are we trying to be the thought police?

  10. josepe says

    just guys having fun, andy you sound like you are gay for pay and you really don’t know the definition of homosexual, “gay”
    because my life is not about making videos or trying to cat feminine, my life is more real

  11. David says

    They are so not gay. Our “straight” friend is way gayer than these guys.

    Besides, this song is all about getting some girl bootie. Nothing really gay about this at all.

    Good work by these guys though.

  12. Booka says

    OMG!What I pick up out of it is the total ignorance of these frat boys regarding what constitutes ‘Straight’ or ‘Gay’ behaviour. They seemed to have blended it all together, and just INSIST that it is ‘Straight’. It is amusing to see them make such asses of themselves, but it does concern me that in their ignorance & postureing, someday they will find themselves in a place they didn’t intend, and could lash out (think: Gay bashing). Most proabley one of the Narcissist pack leaders. Then again simply by their number, one might ‘discover’ he’s gay one day…and like it!

  13. Tom says

    Hey WHATSUP, I notice that you are still here on this website watching videos that Andy posts in attempt to “pander”. I think the queen doth protest too much.

    As for the faggot comment at the start of the video, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

  14. sydneyrules says

    pretty harmless i feel. they are def cute and sure they could probably use more exposure to the real world and to gay people or different types of folk in general.

    so baaaad at dancing btw.

  15. Howard says

    No, this isn’t gay or repressed homosexuality. This is just some young guys who are media aware making a video spoof of a music video.

    Get your head out of the sand. In 2009, people actually know what might seem controversial and actually play to that.

    Do you people think that these guys haven’t seen other YouTube dance videos become popular? Why wouldn’t they exploit that?

    If anything, you’re allowing your preconceived notions of sexuality to define that someone must be gay if they behave a certain way even if all participants are acting.

    Yes, the use of the word “faggot” was reprehensible.

  16. Beef and Fur says

    Well thankfully they put that disclaimer up that “WE ARE ALL STRAIGHT” because good grief they wouldn’t want to be confused with being (shock and horror) GAY…..not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉

    And of course, none of us who actually are GAY won’t take any offense to that whatsoever. Really, we’re totally used to being stereotyped and patronized and constantly reminded of it! What could be the harm? It’s not like they put on black face and did a little jig or something? Or acted like wanna be Guidos beating on women?

    Yeah, I totally get the humor. I understand they are laughing with me, not at me!

  17. Mark says

    They’re hot. But I’m not impressed. Hot guys are a dime a dozen.

    Let’s be honest. One of the things that makes them hot is they’re not all “Gay” acting but move and dance like men. That IS hot.

  18. says

    It’s shit like this that makes me hate straight white men. Not only do they have a disproportionate amount of money, power, and privilege in this world, whenever they show us the least sign of homoeroticism, we as gay men eat it up with a spoon and beg for more.

  19. jim says

    I just read all the comments and am surprised by the commenters who pointed out that the guys in this vid are white. We can see them. Yes, they’re white. Are you implying that there is something to be assumed or accepted because of their race? Is their behaviour somehow justified because of their race?

    It amazes me how many gay people are themselves racists and prejudiced. How can we expect equality when we dont provide it?
    Do us all a favor and forget your racial notions. The spectrum of humanity exists inside every race, culture, gender, sexuality, nationality, and generation.

  20. DR says

    As a white man, I find Alex offensive and ignorant. Get over the power trip. A goodlooking guy having fun is a goodlooking guy having fun. just because it’s not some silly little femme boy bebopping to Madonna doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.

  21. says

    I said my piece as someone who doesn’t even like “silly little femme boys bopping to Madonna” or Beyonce or whoever. And you all know how much I hate Beyonce and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and all the video spoofs that appear on YouTube.

  22. jessejames says

    Repressed heterosexuality maybe?

    When a bunch of college age men live together in close quarters they occasionally need some excuse to get all touchy-feely with each other.

  23. Jamie says

    Hahaha! I totally identify with this video. My straight roommates and friends made the same video with me back when we were in college. We used a different song of course, and we all danced around in our underwear instead of ugly basketball shorts, but the idea was the same…showing off for each other. There was no youtube back then to post our videos so we could show off for even more, well, guys. To us, it was more about expressing ourselves in a way we were too young to understand back then. As the years went by, one by one of us realized we actually were gay, and today, all but one us are now happily homosexual. We still occasionally make little videos, but fewer youtube viewers would care to see them anymore.

    So if the same stat holds true for this group of vapid exhibitionists, I vote that the cute one with the black t-shirt turns out to be the only straight one. The rest? Yeah, give `em time. Blondie is already gay, just maybe not out to the guys. The lead that gets called “faggot” and the tattooed guy are likely just watching guys in the gym showers at this point but when the right eyes meet with theirs, they’ll be the first to realize how they really feel about slapping the butts of men. Hands down those two first. That’s what I saw in this video. But it’s just an opinion – based solely on what happened to me and some of the guys I went to school with.

  24. Matt says

    Dear Whatsup,
    Here’s hoping your criticism is as equal opportunity for mainstream media, as much as it is for gay media. CNN, MSNBC, GQ, Maxim – just a handful of recognizable media brands that provide diverse coverage on topics ranging from global politics to animals that do entertaining acts.

    Andy clearly states that he held this story until developments reached a point where he saw it having relevance to his forum.

    My concern given the personal tone of your criticism towards Andy is that you’re a bit of a hater. A little jealous of what he’s created? Clearly you have a vision of what you think this forum should be, yet what have you contributed? My guess is that you’re a zero.

  25. Jamie says

    BTW, Alex… What’s with all the hate? You need to represent man. We’re better than that. You can’t expect others in the world not to hate on us if we don’t set the better example. Use words like “I really don’t care for,” “I don’t like,” “This is not my thing,” or even “I loathe…” But please don’t stoop to the level of bigots, white supremacists, religious supremacists, KKK, and Faux News in the spread of hate and hateful rhetoric. It’s just not good form.

  26. Jamie says

    Hey Alex, Sorry, I kind of take that back. I just read your blog, I pre-judged, and I get a lot of why you’re angry. Sorry about your family especially. You’re a great writer btw. Like Ghandi said, I still believe each of us needs to find a way to be the change we want to see in the world – or something like that. You’re old enough to wend your own path in the world and not rely on your family to bring you your happiness. I strongly dislike that they didn’t when you were a boy. They aren’t going to though. EVER. You’re in control now. If it takes that, get away from them and find what makes you happy. I LOVE Tears For Fears too! Happy Birthday either way.

  27. KT says

    did any one else notice that they are clearly at one of the boys’ parent’s house? there’s no way those boys have the money for that big of a house and the decor is very “mom and dad”. Makes it a bit funnier to me to imagine mom in the other room sighing throughout this whle thing.

  28. clay Kerrigan says

    I cant believe I just read some comments hating on my man Andy. A horse chugging glue would make more sense than someone hating on Andy.

    First of all, the guys in the video do have some sweet bods. Second of all, yes they all seem to boy of the “frat boy” strand of gene pool.
    Third, they clearly enjoy attention because they:
    a. workout
    b. enjoy showing off their bodies
    c. they are desperately trying to seek viral fame by making a half-assed and poorly edited youtube video (but well choreographed i guess).
    All of these things, plus their obvious love of hard liquor and pot (note the massive bottle collection and the bong) these boys are lots of gay men’s dreams come true! I cite the popularity of websites such as fratmen and sean cody and other site devoted to straight men doing silly things.
    You guys love it, please stop the act.

    You also seem to be criticizing Andy’s comments about the video. There is indeed the word Faggot thrown out at the begining and a several homophobic jokes thrown into the video. And those are what make all of this repulsive. They were doing this for attention, not for entertainment or even because they had a good idea. Scumbags.

  29. shannon says

    NONE of these guys are “cute”…..
    NONE of these are “hot”….
    NONE of these guys can “dance”
    NONE of these giys are “tough”
    THIS is why all these suburban guys think ALL gay “want” them is beacause the momemnt they take shirts off you guy are falling the fuck about how hot they are when they are GEEKS to the uptmost! LEARN SOME SELF LOVE DUDES..SOME NO DANCING HICKS ARE NOT HOT..

  30. Contrarian says

    @Howard said what I thought, so I won’t repeat his point. It is pathetic that some of you get all sweaty and aroused at the mere thought of some likely homophobic suburban guidos (check out their faces) dancing shirtless.

    Moreover, your need to neatly label all men in nice little sexual subsets is so 1990’s, don’t you think? Sexual attraction is a spectrum and none of us have the slightest clue as to the desires of these young men. But I fully understand the socio-political need to advance a tightly circumscribed version of male sexuality, i.e. Gay, straight and Bi. Unfortunately,the truth is it’s artificial or at least oversimplified.

  31. Craig R. says

    What strikes me most is how degarding they are about girls. I don’t think they are repressed gays- just repressed boys. It’s scary to think that young men still think that making a female an object makes the female sexy and the guy more of a man. Quick someone find these boys a cave.

  32. "Jedi" is the new "Gay" says

    I think that the video is satirical, as evidenced by the one dude who calls his friend “faggot,” then ends up dancing like a “faggot” .

    Or am I giving these repressed faggots too much credit?

  33. HOCKEYJOCK says

    All the negative comments are interesting…it’s a bunch of fit guys taking their shirts off and dancing around for our viewing pleasure, what’s not to like? It makes a tiny, tiny dent in terms of balancing out the amount of female nudity we as men are FORCED to see on a daily basis against our will.

    That said, I don’t like the f bomb either. So if I was there, I’d say ‘HEY, don’t use that DAMN word!!! Thanks”. And then let them carry on. I expect whichever gays live in their area to pass my message onto them.

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