1. says

    I’m kind of a wonk about this kind of thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever since a first-family picture taken in the Green Room before – it’s one of the smaller reception rooms in the White House. I seem to recall that most such pictures have been taken in the Blue Room, in the private (usually yellow) sitting room just about it (both large oval rooms), or in the living room in the private quarters that has the big Palladian window at one end.

    Doesn’t signify anything at all, I suppose, but an interesting choice to go for somewhere comparatively intimate.

    And the photo? Perfectly fine if not much more, but perhaps Annie’s distracted by her money troubles…

  2. johnny says

    I’m being picky, because I was hoping for something stunning. There is something not quite right about this composition. Not a big fan of children’s heads being higher than adults or having them stand in a more powerful pose (arms around their parents rather than the other way around) than the adults. It looks contrived to me. Large white area created by their clothing on the left and then darker clothing on the right, and that corner line going down the center which divides the group…? Odd.

    That said, the faces are totally perfect and it may be why this frame was chosen.

  3. shawn says

    I just had the most wonderful feeling of happiness and optimism looking at that photo of the first couple. To think of how far “we’ve” come. and how far we have yet to go. (gay first couple? I’ll hold onto that dream)

  4. Matt says

    I agree with other posters here — gorgeous family, but my first impression was “something’s off.” BO’s pose seems somewhat closed and he seems distant or somehow “removed” from the rest of hte family. The girls, adorable and picture-perfect cute as they are, look like they are hanging on their parents.

    Still, a particularly attractive family in an otherwise “meh” photograph. and onyxesq, i’m intentionally being super-non-bitchy… constructive criticism is not bitchy, my friend.

  5. says

    Perhaps I’m some photo amateur, but what is there to complain about? This photo is adorable.

    I swear if someone bought every towleroad reader a free beamer, they’d just complain about the color. LOL.

  6. foochy says

    I think the intent of the composition is to highlight how much Sasha looks like Barack and Malia like Michelle. That was the first thing that struck me upon looking at this photo, since in most photos Sasha’s resemblance to her mother and Malia’s resemblance to her father tends to be very strong.

  7. Chris says

    From Mike
    michelle i think is the ugliest first lady so far

    Posted by: mike | Oct 24, 2009 12:24:19 AM

    So is your mother. Have you ever thought about shooting your Mom for having your dumb cocksucking ass and not aborting you?

    Stupid Motherfucker!

  8. JT says

    Now, Mike, she’s definitely not the ugliest. I can’t say she’s THE most beautiful since I don’t even know what most of the 40 or so first ladies since Washington looked like. On a side, but cutely Americana note, Bill O’Reilly just gave Michelle Obama the Patriot of the night award for promting the hula hoop as good exercise, especially for the midsection. She was out on the lawn doing it with a bunch of kids, and she’s pretty good!

  9. michael says

    Seeing this family in the White House fills me with an extraordinary sense of pride. The man and his family remain a symbol of hope for anyone who ever thought they couldn’t make it to the place everyone said they would never be — and that includes us gay people. So sad to think that the lies and fear being cultivated by our fellow Americans about this man would so undermine his plans for a brighter future in the wake of 8 years of Bush. We are with you Mr. Obama!!!

  10. JT says

    It’s not lies and fear, Michael. The man promised gay Americans certain things he hasn’t come across on. I like Obama-and-family, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept with glee Obama the politician.

  11. Chris says

    And JT you may be right. Then answer this question.

    Why are you guys still so damn bru-haha over The Clinton’s who brought real pain to this community?

  12. Tony the Tiger says

    A lot of the preceding comments mirror my own impression:

    The composition is totally off. In particular there is a painting coming out of one of the daughter’s heads and Obama’s hands are cut off from the bottom of the picture.

    The beauty and dignity of the Obama family would clearly shine through any photograph. There just wasn’t anything professional or special about this photograph.

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