1. DirectProf says

    I wish someone would tell the idiots you don’t put “Dr.” and “Ph.D.” together in a name. Dr.=Ph.D. … so she’s Dr. Mary Ann Stark Dr. … idiots.

  2. says

    Dude, fix your adsense settings! You have ads FOR Stand For Marriage Maine running on this site right now! One popped up right underneath this post.

    It points to

  3. Ken in MS says

    I hope someone from Michigan, someone who works in public higher education, and someone who works in the nursing profession contacts the national authorities and lets them know that her position violates the non-discrimination policies that almost all of those organizations have. I have contacted her school, but not being from MI, I’m sure my complaint will be dismissed. I will also report to the other authorities. I think it will have much more impact if it comes from someone who is in those affiliations and can reflect on the personal issues she is advocating.

  4. says

    Is it me, or is Towleroad now starting to get a bunch Tea Party trolls. This is the second remark I’ve seen in a couple of days.

    Hey Mitch, take that right wing twitch and stick it in your bitch and you might just cure your conflicted itch. Come on over, you have nothing to fear by coming out. Baby steps dude, baby steps.

  5. Mitch Shea says

    Wow, either you have ZERO sense of what I am saying or you are a little heavy with the whole Puritanical ethic thing, you know, “anyone who disagrees with me must be cured, even if I have to eradicate everything they stand for”.

    Let me break it down for you, so that you can understand without birthing a watermelon. While I explain, you can unwad your panties, Cotton Mather. Ready?

    1. I like Kalamazoo. It’s a cool city. Good beer, good people. (“One of my favorite cities in America”)

    2. I want the anti-discrimination ordinance to pass (that is, I encourage people to vote “yes”).

    Any further questions? I can answer them after you get back from the woods where you are dunking witches, curing undesirables, and casting out all the elements of society that you misunderstand.

  6. GregV says

    Raybob: Why bother changing the ad settings? Click on it and see what lies they’re saying so you know what we’re dealing with. If they want to spend their fundraising dollars into the pockets of gay blogs, I say great. Most of Andy’s readers are smart enough to sort through bullshit. If Andy changes his setting, the same ad will just show up on other random weblogs which may cater to a more gullible or even specifically anti-gay demographic, putting money into THEIR pockets.

  7. uwyoalum says

    @DirectProf – I noticed that right off. I suspect they did this because they wanted to give her the title “Dr.” and make people think she is an MD (she’s wearing a white coat, she must be an MD), but at the same time they didn’t want to be accused of misrepresenting her as an MD when she is actually a PhD.

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