Are Twilight: New Moon‘s Muscled Wolf Boys a Pack of Gays?


That's the question reviewers are trying to answer, based on a line in the script about "lifestyle choice" and being "born this way":

The Times writes: "The rest of New Moon concerns Bella’s growing relationship with local
beefcake Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). The latter though, in another
telegraphed allegory, is struggling with his sexual orientation and
eventually rejects Bella for a foursome of local rowdies in cut-off denim
shorts and baby-oiled torsos. 'It’s not a lifestyle choice, Bella! I was
born this way!' he says, before fleeing into the woods with the beefy boys —
they are also werewolves, but in the movie’s hysterical emotional register,
this is of secondary importance."

Meanwhile, Lautner is being asked similar questions of his personal life.



  1. Chris in Long Beach says

    Well, any minute the religious nuts will claim boycotting the movie as it supports homosexuality and blah, blah, blah…I am surprised they haven’t said anything yet…

  2. SwampFred says

    Of course they are. I first noticed the meme watching “Underworld” esp. the “dog fight” scene when, completely unbidden, the thought popped into my head, “Somebody’s about to get fucked.”

  3. Jeff says

    Does it disturb anyone else that a 17-year-old is being questioned about his sexuality in a national magazine? If he doesn’t answer or leaves things vague (the p.c. approach we often demand of celebs–so there’s no implication anything’s wrong with being gay), even the question takes on a life of its own and implies a “yes” to many. It feels like the new “Are you now or have you ever been a communist” smear.

    Someone his age should be allowed to find his way without international public scrutiny. It’s bad enough to undergo the pressure of that level of fame at any age, and have websites listing a countdown to when they become “legal.”

    I’m all for asking celebs questions if they allow themselves to be photographed in public kissing or holding hands with someone, but nothing like this has happened with Lautner.

  4. crispy says

    Why would religious nuts boycott this? The heroine of the story ultimately rejects Jacob, and in the 4th book he becomes a creepy uncle type (and never gets a girl). It definitely plays into religion’s “gay is bad” meme.

    As I’ve mentioned before, when I read the books I got a distinct ex-gay vibe from Edward. He rejects his natural longings as a vampire in order to live a traditional life.

    The whole series is just a Mormon do-gooder parable.

  5. Rad says

    Taylor Lawton and the werewolf pack gay? Reeeeeeealy? That is a stretch exactly for whom? In his interviews, Taylor comes off marginally more masculine than Liberace.

    What disturbed me more was the comment in a prior post that the writer was heavily funded by the Mormons. That, of itself, if proven accurate, should have led to an all out boycott of this film by anyone with any civic sensibility.

  6. crispy says

    Rad, the earlier comment was that the author, who is Mormon, likely contributed 10% of her earnings to the Mormon Church, which is typical of Mormons. It is only speculation. And the author has never made an anti-gay comment in the press. So I’m not convinced that’s a strong enough reason to boycott Twilight.

    The real reason to boycott it is because it’s misogynistic garbage.

  7. clint says

    Like my ambiguously straight “No fair, you gotta choose one or the other” (mmmhmmmm) coworker said the other day, “Hairless werewolves? Not even a treasure trail…” Again, mmmmhmmmmm. But I get his point.

  8. anon says

    Young teenage girls are often attracted to more feminine men (androgynous as they say), which often means more outwardly gay young gays (as opposed to the beefcake macho types on the football team that stay closeted longer). So, what better way to warn young girls that they really need to chose well then make them all vampires! Or is this just another tale of forbidden love??

  9. Drew says

    Oh please, this is a movie script. I love how it gets dissected like it was written by Steinbeck. Just look at the pretty moving pictures and move along. But yeah, I’d love me some Lautner when he hits 18 years of age.

  10. Ben says

    I don’t think anyone is questioning Taylor Lautner’s own sexuality. They’re implying that his character, Jacob, and Jacob’s relationship to his “wolf pack” are a metaphorical representation of homosexuality.

  11. B-rod says

    Freddie – you think they’re “fat”? Jeez, if you wanna see fat, go to the mall.

    Stop the body-nazi comments, guys. You all would lift your legs so fast if any one of them came up and said hello to you in a bar.

  12. omi says

    Asking a 17 year old his sexuality is in poor taste–ease up on him for Christ’s sake.

    And another thing, for a pack of werewolves, couldn’t they get at least one actor with a moderately hairy chest? Geezus.

  13. jaragon says

    I saw the movie and apart from the Taylor and the beautiful wolf pack found the whole thing boring. They do look like gay men at any Pride parade. I did catch the gay subtext in the script- Jacob asked Bella “Why is he the wrong type of monster?” The film does drag in a ‘girlfriend for the oldest wolf man but its obvious that these guy would rather run around half naked in the woods doing their secret bonding ritual.

  14. Haven says

    Taylor gave it away with his word choice in the linked to interview. He says he would have to know “the person.” What a straight guy says is that he would have to know “the girl.” Only closeted guys use gender-neutral terms like “the person.” Game over.

  15. pdbyas says

    I’d love it if Jacob’s character were gay…it’d make him a lot more interesting. I however have noticed something that all of you seemed to have missed. He’s wearing Jorts. No self respecting gay man that hot would ever wear those.

  16. Mark says

    Up til now I had never seen Lauter talk but I just saw that Access Hollywood interview at the link above and I gotta say that dude is Gay.

    Talks with Gay accent and has Gay mannerisms. The publicity folks better be all over this with diction coaches, etc b/c dude is Gay.

    I am so fucking glad he’s Gay cuz most importantly dude is fucking hot. My new favorite person is Taylor Lautner.

  17. RDUB says

    Couldn’t agree more Mark! I was all set to write how I thought everybody here might just be projecting on this guy, but then I listened/ watched that interview! Taylor, dude, you are awesomely G-A-Y! So it’s “protein, protein, protein, all day long”, huh? Hit me up if you need help with that diet wolfy… 😉

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