1. qjersey says

    Palin clearly is uniformed, guess she didn’t bother to get the ‘facts’ (cause y’know the liberal media makes them up). The majority of the people in Canada are happy with their health care (which is NOT socialized medicine). The Brits who have socialized medicine (everyone works for the government) are happy with their system too.

  2. BradK says

    The White House Secret Service contingent in charge of last week’s State dinner could take a few pointers from Sarah Palin’s security chief. Those goons were on the ball, even if Sarah wasn’t.

    Meanwhile, the cop in the doorway couldn’t have looked more disinterested.

  3. willegge says

    I think Mary Walsh looks like an idiot. I actually have been a fan. I am a Canadian living in the US. And The Canadian health care does suck. I have a family member that has to wait 2 years for surgery. Not only that but your taxed beyond belief. The problem is so many Canadians, now know nothing else, for them that’s the way it has always been especially this generation. Raised on the governments tit. The Price of so much in Canada is a oppressive compared to the US. I love my Canada, but that’s just the truth. And I think Sarah Palin is worthy of a lot more respect than what the stinking liberal elite media in the US and Canada want to give her. When Mary Walsh and this hour has twenty minutes is long forgotten Sarah Palin will be thought of with honor.

  4. Keith says

    @Willegge – It might be the case that we are being robbed blind for lack of any better choices. It’s true our system does suck and needs some heavy reworking to make it more efficient and effective for patients, staff and we, the taxpayers, that throw our money in. The sad thing is no one seems to be working on a way to do it and we’re losing lives and resources while we wait. There’s no use casting aspersions when both Palin and Walsh’s legacies are yet to be seen.

    I don’t agree with Palin that we need to privatize or deregulate fully. Something strikes me as wrong about launching private medical races for who can afford to be saved, grading the importance of a patient or who can pay their way to where they need to be, though I don’t doubt it happens in practice. The need should be reason enough for them to be treated and not come to an legalities over insurance policy clauses. I don’t believe any of this are in any version of Hippocatic Oath undertaken that I know of.

  5. Keith says

    On another more on-topic note, this one was a bit of a miss from the usual for me too. More because we didn’t get the cringing politician stuck beside Walsh on camera.

    Canadian security and politicians are more aware of what’s going on when Marg shows up, and being lamblasted by a news outlet that is indirectly responsible to you is an easier pill to swallow. It could have been worse if she brought the toy sword.

  6. says

    please shut up. you don’t live here. the fact that i can go to the doctor whenever i choose, and not drown in debt after a surgery is why canada’s medical system is far superior to that of america’s. maybe you have quite a lot of money, so you can afford medical care in the united states, or would be taxed higher in canada because you have disposable income. but for those people, like me, who do not have much money at all, canada’s public healthcare is a godsend. it does need work to make it better and more sustainable, but the united states system is just fucked.

  7. says

    and willegge your a canadian living in the usa? thats probably a good thing, because if you said “Sarah Palin will be thought of with honor” in canada, 95% of people would break into a laughing fit.
    then again, canada does produce a lot of comedians.

  8. says

    @ILIVEINCANADA – you tell’em champ!

    I’m a Montréaler who is proud to be Canadian. I understand what Sarah Palin is trying to say about two-tired heathcare. It’s a common debate here.

    I just think that she should direct her political intentions to Americans, and leave Canadians out of it. Please don’t export your republican agendas northwards. We’re not interested.

    PS: Kudos Mary Walsh! We love you!

  9. Grimmlok says

    1) The only reason you wait in Canada for surgery is if it is NON LIFE THREATENING and there are people who are booked ahead of you in more need.. ie: they will DIE if they don’t get it. My ass they waited for 2 years. That’s freaking absurd. The LONGEST wait is for hip surgery, and that’s topping out at 8 months, so your claim is utter bullshit.

    2) I can walk into any clinic, be seen by a GP, and walk out for FREE. Prescrips are covered by work benefits which tallies up to about 2-4 dollars for a dispensing fee.

    3) If I require major surgery, and require a hospital stay, I pay NOTHING save 40 bucks for an ambulance ride if I need one. I stay as long as I need to heal and AMAZINGLY, I don’t go bankrupt.

    The only people who do NOT like the Canadian health system are asshole conservatives who aren’t making a buck off it. The only time Canadian health care suffers is when asshole conservatives get in power and cut funding!

    Stick that in your fake expat pipe and smoke it.

  10. says

    lol @ anyone ever thinking back at Palin with honor. if you really believe that, you should be checking the rates of a good old american psychiatrist. start at 3x / week at least.

  11. Darrell says


    I spent two months in hospital after slipping into a coma, after a bout of pnumonia I shudder to think how much that would have cost in the good ole USA, My parents probably would have lost their house, I walked out of there alive and healthy with the best care from the staff of two hospitals, I believe we have problems yes but they pale compared to 46 million people who do not have health insurance in the States, America is the odd man out on this issue! The rest of the industrialized world has gov’t healthcare, but then again the US believes in guns and the death penalty, unlike the rest of us.
    just ask the families of the four officers executed today in Tacoma.

  12. Mike says

    I’m gay, and I don’t buy into this snobbery, this disgusting parade of vicious queens picking on people.

    Leftist snobs laugh because in their cruel little pompous bubble no one would dream of taking a moment to talk to the Marg Delahuntys of the world — a real person — someone like that. And if they do it’s only with a noticeable wink for the cocktail circuit back home; the answering of a question with a condescending smirk, patronizing attitude, and commentary laced with hip irony…

    One of the lasting legacies of the Tea Party protests is how that movement finally and forever exposed the utter contempt and loathing coastal elites harbor for everyday Americans. The cheap snickering over this video only reinforces that lesson, and Sarah Palin’s unfailing kindness towards Ms. Delahunty only reinforces my abiding respect and affection for her.

    Gross me out towleroad.

  13. Joe says

    Here in Toronto I was diagnosed with a serious illness one day and about a week later I had an operation that fixed everything! If it’s serious and life threatening a person gets timely and expert treatment and the government pays for it all!

    Love Mary Walsh!

  14. Rick says

    Another Canadian here. Last fall, my father started coughing up blood at our cottage. We took him to the rural hospital. Within hours, he was transported by air ambulance to a regional cardiac centre, where he had an emergency valve replacement and bypass. This was done within 24 hours. It’s absolute nonsense that Canadians wait 2 years for surgery or that we are ignorant rubes who don’t know any better.

  15. says

    According to Huffpost, 90% of Canadians are happy with their system, and 82% think it’s better than the US system.
    (a sometimes ex-pat American living in Canada, but unfortunately not yet eligible for healthcare)

  16. Grimmlok says

    Also, vicious queens? cocktail circuit? leftist snobs?

    How about “ordinary gays tired of stupid conservative assholes”

    Any more right wing belittlement terms you want to throw our way from the depths of your closet or trust fund?

  17. Jeremy says

    it’s odd to me how it always seems to be canadians living in the u.s. who like to talk about how much canadians hate their health care system – though they’ve been receiving american health care for the time they’ve been living there.

    i’m in toronto. this march i had appendicitis. i wad admitted, diagnosed, treated, and released in 48 hours. and i didn’t pay a cent. yes, i’ve been taxed to support the system and thus had a part in creating it. that’s why it’s universal.

    i have friends who’ve broken legs. i have friends who’ve fought leukaemia. i have a friend with epilepsy and a friend without arms. everyone is cared for, receives the treatment, medication, and care they need. and none of us has every paid for it. we all contribute, eventually we all benefit. that’s all there is to it.

  18. Darrell says

    It comes down to facts,

    Canadians have a longer life expectancy, and a lower infant mortality rate than Americans, Our healthcare system must be doing something right.

  19. willegge says

    Hey friend, I’m still Canadian, I just work here. Most of my family are still there and I get back as much as I can. As far as the “shut up”. Let me tell you this , it’s called freedom of speech, something my dad volunteered and fought for in WWII along with his two brothers so your sorry arse could not shut me up. Be thankful.

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