1. bucky says

    Honestly, the conservative talking point is “no terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11″. It sounds like she just garbled up her words. An incredibly stupid mistake but I doubt there were any false intentions behind the remark.

  2. Zach says

    “Honestly, the conservative talking point is “no terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11″. It sounds like she just garbled up her words. An incredibly stupid mistake but I doubt there were any false intentions behind the remark.”

    Except that it is still false. There were terrorist attacks following 9/11, on American soil.

  3. cueylove says

    Bucky, honestly, did you listen to what she said??? she was very clear and she was not confused and did not garble up her words. whatever the conservative talking point is, that is not what she said. if she meant to slay something different, well, we can not read minds, we can only go on what she did say. she is an idiot.

  4. Joey says

    @ Bucky

    Even so, what about the DC Shooter (just off the top of my head)?

    The entire Bush Era WAS a terrorist attack!

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “What the fuck is our Collaborator In Chief doing…”

    Well, ROSCOE, he’s still trying to be bipartisan; and as much as I love him it’s starting to get on my f…kin’ nerves. He needs to stop trying to be bipartisan and just be satisfied at being biracial.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Be it Perino, Palin, Beck, Hannity or any other GOP hack. They lie through their teeth so often, they really do believe the shit that spills out. If Obama does not realize that there is no working with these douche bags, he is an asshole.

  7. Matt says

    It doesn’t surprise me that she said that. And sadly, it doesn’t surprise me that Obama rewards her by putting her on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. I’ve come to expect that from him. I can’t vote for Obama in 2012.

  8. Bart says

    Bucky, even if she simply made a mistake there are TWO – count them – two men sitting there and NEITHER ONE of them corrected her. They simply acted like she was correct in what she was saying (in actuality, neither of the men was actually listening to her. They were formuating what they were going to say in thier heads and waiting to talk. Reminds me of the old Annie Lebowitz comment, “The opposite of talking is not listening, it’s waiting to talk.”)

    I think she knew exactly what she was saying. I knew what she meant…and she is WRONG. The biggest terrorist attack even in the history of this country happened on Bush’s watch. That’s fact. But you can’t “blame” George Bush for that. You can blame the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, etc., etc. But the Republicans act like Obama was standing sentry outside the gates of Fort Hood and let this nutjob sneak onto the base. It’s crap. It’s stupid. And it only plays to their core base (who really watches Fox News anyway…someone standing in line in the cold to see Sarah “Being Dumb Makes Me More American Than You” Palin.

    And you can call this whatever you want.

  9. kansastock says

    @Derrick: Thanks for my morning laugh.

    I can’t believe there were two others at the table and no one gaffahed when she said that? Apparently they don’t listen to each other… not a bad plan, actually.

  10. Lyle says

    Perino is the same idiot who didn’t know anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis. How can anyone serve in the White House as she did and not have any knowledge of contemporary American history, especially an event that almost caused a nuclear war?

    It makes no sense to nominate a hack like this to an important position.

    Hactackular proof that connections and not decency and brains take people to the top.

  11. rafi says


    I’m sorry, but even if she did say it “correctly” and said there were none under Bush since 9/11 — why the hell does he get a free pass for 9/11? Especially when there were intelligence documents warning of exactly that kind of possibility in the months leading up to it? I’ve never understood why no one asks that question.

  12. BC says

    Guys come on, you know what she was trying to say. Let’s not jump on any mistake that Conservatives make just because you hate them.

    It is sad to me that when I found this blog a few years ago, it was billed to be a site that had news stories of interest to gay men. Now it has become such politically biased site dedicated to attacking anyone who does not agree with the Liberal Agenda. Always looking for ways people are trying to “Keep us down.” I see nothing here about Joe Biden’s daily mistakes (dare I say lies). I see no one attacking the FL congressman who called a lobbiest a whore.

    Remember this, it is not just the Republicans that lie. Politicians lie. They do it because we believe them.

    Andy, I challenge you to do one full day a week that is only dedicated to positive, uplifting stories reinforcing the strength and power of the gay community. Hell, at this point I’d take one day a month. I know it is naive to think that everything is wonderful all the time, but do you all think that we need a little more positivity in this world? Imagine if one day a week this blog only inspired posts that were bringing us together instead of expecting us to attack others.

  13. Henry Holland says

    Sorry, my Outrage Meter exploded around 2003, I can’t even get worked up by her blatant lie.

    So, all you Obamabots with your stupid fucking “Changey-Hopey” bullshit, how’s it worked out for you so far?

  14. patrick nyc says

    BC if you find the site a downer, instead of Andy changing his site why don’t you not read it for one day a week. Go to Faux news, where they are so uplifting. By the way, lobbyists are whores.

  15. john says

    In addition to the obvious, 9/11, people always forget about the anthrax attacks – on Bush’s watch – which were never solved.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “So, all you Obamabots with your stupid fucking “Changey-Hopey” bullshit…”

    Oh, HENRY, I don’t mind being an Obamabot…especially, now that I’m in such good company: at the State Department, you know.

  17. says

    “Guys come on, you know what she was trying to say.”

    We do. She was trying to say what she said: that there was no terrorist attack during the Bush administration. There was no garbling. She said it plainly, and it is a plainly and ludicrously false statement.

  18. Felix says

    @ BC:

    OK, I’ll give you that, she intended to say something else, but that is not the point. How can she say “I hope they are not looking at this politically” right after she made a “Bush’s administration” comparison.

    The problem is not that she is dumb with words, the problem is that she had a manipulative intention.

    And I find plenty of “positive, uplifting stories” on this blog, its just they usually dont come from republicans.

  19. Rodney Wollam says

    This really pisses me off. President Obama is appointing a history revisionist to an important and influential position in his administration? What’s next? A Holocaust denier?

  20. RJ says

    @BC @BUCKY… oh, come on! This woman held the ultimate public speaking job of White House press secretary for crying out loud! Talking is her profession and she’s an expert in spin doctoring. She knew precisely what she was saying. There was no slip of the tongue or accidental misspeak going on.

  21. Shanko says

    So, all you Obamabots with your stupid fucking “Changey-Hopey” bullshit, how’s it worked out for you so far?

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Nov 25, 2009 12:26:42 PM

    Hey Henry go suck a rabid cock you dumb motherfucker you!