1. Derrick from Philly says

    “More stereotyping of gay/bi men as being feminine.”


    Over the last few centuries feminine men and masculine women probably invented “gay”–the rest were still just homosexuals, and before that….just nothing.

  2. Kristoffer says

    Love it! The dude at 1:34 on the left (and again at 3:05 and 3:38) is my new boyfriend! Or maybe the one at 1:22 and 5:05 — Either one, call me :)

    Seriously, can’t help but be in a good mood after seeing this and hearing some of my favorite tunes.

  3. David says

    I agree with John.
    Some gay men really do a great job of embarrassing themselves and the rest of the gay community. They blame straight people for negative gay stereotypes, but those stereotypes come from nobody but themselves.
    It’s no surprise that most gay men are in the closet or have issues about their sexuality. Who could identify with (or would want to be associated with) those lame feminine cross-dressing lispy limp-wristed stereotypical queens?
    And to think that a lot of gay media would continue reinforcing those stereotypes like this…..
    I hate to pint out the obvious, but we are what’s wrong with our own community.

  4. CKNJ says

    The Aussies REALLY know how to have a good time… LOVE it!!! I can’t believe how many people were part of it, and I love the complete surprise on the faces of those not part of the group!

    But really, jeez, John and David, lighten the fuck up… you sound so damn joyless!!!

    Did you guys bother to look past the drag queen leading the dancers to see that EVERY other guy there was REALLY no different to the average guy on the street? It takes ALL kinds: camp, butch and every shade in between, to make a community. Trust me, if the gay community ONLY looked like you two, it would be a VERY dull world!

  5. Kevin says

    John and David – hate being gay much? Honey, these are your people, like it or not. We are free to be whatever we want. You don’t like that, go straight. The whole point of us winning our freedom is to USE it, baby.

    Besides, even the Grinch himself would have enjoyed this video. Do you hate puppies and kittens too? Babies? I’m guessing you were the jock in the shower room terrified that the other boys would find you out.

    You need therapy, though I doubt even if you live to 100 you’d get enough therapy even at 2 times a week. The whole point is that what straight people think of us SHOULD NOT MATTER TO US. The fact that you’re bothered by this just says you’re more interested in being accepted than being yourself. Or letting us be ourselves.

  6. David says

    Gay guys who are so hell-bent on “being themselves” to the point of pushing negative gay stereotypes down other people’s throats are usually those who basically have nothing to lose – looks-wise or otherwise (or simply don’t have the slightest clue how to respect themselves). I am so right on this and you know it.

    It’s nothing to do with wanting to be accepted; it’s just so unbearably embarrassing to look at these messed-up freaks and call them “my people” and compare them to all the pile of hot, decent straight-identified guys around us. Let’s be totally honest here; which pile would you want to be associated with, if you had to choose?

    Kevin, if you honestly didn’t care what straight people thought of you, you ought to tell that to those who are demanding equality with all the gay-marriage commotion. Talk about double-standards.

  7. says

    I’m a Sydney photographer and I know Joyce Maynge. She’s a popular, funny Sydney identity, who’s also a regular fundraiser for charities in the city. No-one dancing on that beach had a problem following Joyce – straight, gay, male, female, whatever.

    Another Sydney drag queen, Mitzi Macintosh, was recently profiled by the city’s main newspaper after raising over $1 million for AIDS and HIV charities.

    I’d ask John and David how much they are doing to support their local communities, and if it’s as much as those whose images they’re complaining about.

    I’d also ask if they know anything of the history of lesbian and gay rights, and the Stonewall Riots. It wasn’t “decent, straight-identified guys” who started the civil rights movement. It was the people described by David as “messed-up freaks”. Shame on you.

    Civil rights do not require people to look, live or behave like everyone else.

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