1. Mox says

    If there’s a fight, people have to have to do what they can to survive. Biting is fair game.

    Of course, the real question is why was the man’s HIV status researched by Fox? Also, does the Michigan criminal justice system inquire of all participants in a fight to disclose their HIV status?

  2. Gary says

    How practical is a “weapon” that can take twelve years to be effective? Next time, use a machete. Better yet, don’t get into a fight over a stupid football.

  3. Dave says

    1. WTF was the man thinking repeatedly biting the other man? That is not generally an instinctive action, even in a fight.

    2. WTF was the TV station thinking that HIV was likely to be transmitted through a bite? It’s straight up fear mongering, right on the eve of Kalamzaoo, Michigan’s anti-discrimination ordinance vote.

  4. TANK says

    Obviously, kflo…it was more than just “a fight over a football”. Thanks for playin’.

    So what matt’s proving is that in lieu of reasoned argumentation, he prefers to express himself with loud grunts and clicks. Are you the guy who said “statistics and polling don’t mean nothin’…they’s just numbuhs…aaddaaaaaah”?

    Michigan has one of the most draconian anti-same sex marriage/union/partnership laws in the country.

    ” In fact, the Michigan Supreme Court found that the amendment barred public employers from providing health care benefits to partners of gay and lesbian employees.”

    Fact, douchenozzle…try it sometime.

  5. TANK says

    Racist? Howsat? Look, you crazy SOB, I’ve seen big mamma’s house 1 and 2, and I’m probly going to see 3 (oh yes, it’s in the works!). So I can’t be racist. It has nothing to do with me liking big mamma’s house, as it’s horrible unwatchable exploding diarrhea in your face. I deserve some goddamn respect for enduring movies…risking my sanity… So apologize for the accusation, and we’ll call it a day, you fuckin’ antisemite!

  6. John in Boston says

    Mr Allen looks awfully pretty in that pic. If he had bit me, his face would be swollen twice it’s size and he’d be sipping his meals through a straw.

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