Gay HIV-Positive Detroit-Area Man Ordered to Stand Trial for Biting Neighbor and Using Virus ‘As a Weapon’


Daniel Allen (below, right), a gay man from Clinton Township, Michigan, was ordered to stand trial yesterday for "using HIV as a weapon" during a fight with his neighbor Winfred Fernandis, Jr. (above). Allen reportedly bit Fernandis:

Allen "Allen, 44, told reporters last week that he is HIV positive and admitted to biting his neighbor, Winfred Fernandis Jr., after neighborhood kids tossed a football into his yard. Fernandis, 28, was hospitalized after the attack. Police say Allen bit him through the lip, on the ear, nose and neck. It was a matter of self defense, according to Allen, who says Fernandis and his family attacked him because he is gay. 'I am still maintaining my client is the victim of a hate crime,' Allen's attorney said, per the Detroit News. 'He will be exonerated. This is the very first battle in what I think is going to be a long war.'' He (Allen) knew he was HIV-positive, and he bit the guy,' Judge Linda Davis said in her ruling today. 'That on its own shows intent.' Davis also ordered Allen submit to a blood test to verify his HIV status."