News: Mary Cheney, Lutherans, DOMA, Mariah Carey, Detroit


Federal judge rules that gay couple denied benefits should receive compensation: "U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt deemed the
denial of healthcare and other benefits to the spouse of federal public
defender Brad Levenson to be a violation of the Constitution's
guarantee of due process and discrimination on the basis of sexual
orientation, which is prohibited by California state law."



Mary Cheney and Heather Poe welcome new baby: "Sarah
Lynne Cheney was born Wednesday morning at Sibley Hospital in
Washington, weighing 6 pounds and 14 ounces. She is the seventh
grandchild of the former vice president and his wife, Lynne."


Mariah Carey demands 20 fluffy white kittens, 100 doves, 80 security guards and more so she can turn on the Christmas lights at a London mall.


South African runner Caster Semenya keeps title after gender dispute.


Robert Pattinson can play things other than vampires.


Incoming gay Detroit City Council member Charles Pugh talks of AIDS crisis in city: “There needs to be more money targets at the crisis areas."


David Vitter won't comment on the Louisiana justice who refused to marry an interracial couple because he isn't familiar with Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case which lifted the ban on interracial marriages.


Demi Moore has lost a chunk of her thigh!


WATCH: Band uses naked men as furniture in new video.


Levi Johnston never intended to go full-frontal in Playgirl.



Neil Patrick Harris has a signature pose.


Probably one of the skankiest beards in Hollywood.


Anti-gay evangelicals met with protest at Syracuse University: "Pesto, a junior from Westchester County, said he saw the Deferios’
signs earlier in the day. It made him uncomfortable, he said, so he
made his own sign. 'Corduroy skirts are a sin,' it said, referring to
what Michelle Deferio was wearing. 'I was just making a gay joke,' he said. But friends saw him and joined in, standing with him and making signs of their own. Other students came and, by 6:30, there were about 70 people at the scene, holding signs, cheering and challenging the Deferios."


If you were called "Mary" for 55 years would you really want your name changed to "Terry"?



Adam Lambert is starting to resemble a member of the Queen's Guard.


Gay vs Gay? Queer/trans anarchist group Bash Back protests Join the Impact demonstration in Minneapolis.


A guide to D.C. marriage equality discrimination.


Mall Santas and doctors neckties are to be avoided if you want to escape the flu.


Gay couples blast DOMA in new court filing: "DOMA marks a stark, and unique, departure from the respect and
recognition the federal government has long afforded to State marital
status determinations."


Via Boy Culture, Susan Boyle sings Madonna's "You'll See".


UK pit bull owner hunted after allowing his dog to attack blind woman's seeing-eye dog.


Get hubbied.


Lutherans upset over gay clergy split to form new denomination: "Leaders of Lutheran CORE said Wednesday that a working group would
immediately begin drafting a constitution and taking other steps to
form the denomination, with hopes to have it off the ground by next
August. 'There are many people within the ELCA who are very
unhappy with what has happened,' said the Rev. Paull Spring, chairman
of Lutheran CORE and a retired ELCA bishop from State College, Pa."


  1. Paul R says

    Are Mary Cheney and her partner attending some sort of Hillary Clinton look-a-like costume parade?

    Fighting with evangelicals at college sounds a lot more fun today than it was 20 years ago.

  2. crispy says

    “Sarah Lynne Cheney was born Wednesday morning at Sibley Hospital in Washington, in a manner that shocked doctors, by gnawing its way through its mother’s womb. Covered in blood and placenta, the horned infant began feasting on hospital staff, while terrified nurses and patients ran screaming for hospital exits.”

  3. says

    crispy: great to hear by an obvious eye witness!

    the entire cheney family is vile, contemptuous and not worth the spit needed to swallow their lies. each one of them makes me want to puke, eat it, and then puke again on top of them.

  4. BillyBoy says

    Gay couples blast DOMA in new court filing: “DOMA marks a stark, and unique, departure from the respect and recognition the federal government has long afforded to State marital status determinations.”

    This is the work of GLAD, one of those gradualist, state-by-state, out-of-date organizations some people complain about. The brief makes a great read. For details that you won’t get from an AP story, use

  5. JR says

    Two things:

    Is it me or does Mary Cheney bear a striking resemblance to Dana Carvey?

    Whomever is responsible for Adam Lambert’s hair should be shot! It’s one thing to be a gay pop star, but its WAY something else to walk around in a Liza Minnelli’s hair (unless you ARE Liza) WTF?

  6. Marco says

    Poor Sarah Lynne. One of your mommies is an asshole.

    Has’ Memoirs’ flopping driven Mariah over the edge – again?

    Fuck David Vitter and the diaper he rode in on.

  7. AlexInBoston says

    What you mean is that Dick Cheney now has two Bastard Grandchildren since they have no Married Straight parents and VA does not recognize any form or GAY relationship!! How sad for Dick to have to bear the burden of having two bastard children, reminds me GHWB when he introduced his “Brown Babies” the ones from his sons’ marriage to “That Mexican Woman”!!!!

  8. Robert In WeHo says

    As a person who depends on a guide dog, I hope they catch the son of a bitch who set his Pit Bull onto that woman’s Guide Dog. When they catch him, they should force him to live blind for a month so he can see just exactly why what he did was unforgivable…

  9. Paul R says

    @Mark: Please don’t make fun of Elvira. Oh wait, is that joke becoming stale?

    I think it’s worth noting that Lambert and Cheney are wearing very similar outfits here. Too bad she’s not wearing his makeup.

  10. Mark says

    @ Paul R
    As spokes-dykes for Humorless Lesbians of America Poe and Cheney are forbidden from smiling, laughing, wearing normal clothes, makeup or having a pulse. They are however contractually bound to look and behave like eastern European farm women, Soviet appartchiks or the models in this 80s Wendy’s commercial:

  11. Paul R says

    I’d doubt I’d be laughing much either if I were Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter! Sure, she gets money and plum jobs, but still.

    I’m surprised she gave the baby her mother’s name (Lynne), even as a middle name. Lynne really gives Dick a run for the money in the Who Is More Evil game, and Mary is much closer to her father than her mother.

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