1. unruly says

    Pretty awful shots. Couldn’t get DOF right and obviously photoshopped the effect in… to the extreme. Poorly executed concept on attractive models still makes this a poor art book.

    Also, nice job publisher; that movie that made all that money setting records, well, yeah, it’s “The Dark Knight” with a K.

  2. RJP3 says

    blech — just more body facist “art” — interested how most of the white famous actors have the exact type of facial features, body fat, muscle development and lack of body hair.

    Yawn — but we know Andy is a clone and likes his clones.

  3. Jason says

    This is kind of wild. I was just contemplating this while watching Gossip Girl. There are lots of very attractive people on that show but there is something extremely appealing about Chace Crawford’s face regardless of your taste. I was wondering what it is that makes us say that one is more attractive than the next. They all are pretty people but for some reason there is something that makes an impact in our heads. I know there has been research and it has something to do with symmetry etc. Anyhow, I am glad to see someone is contemplating useless stuff like me.

  4. Bo says

    Thanks for posting his work. As a collector of fine art photography I love seeing the work of photographers new to me. Sure, his concept is nothing new, but I still like how the work is excuted(especially the shallow depth of field). I just preordered the signed edition.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    Now now gentlemen. These faces are the Gay Balm of Gilead. Maine goes down in flames as in 30+ other states. Gay Americas again rendered as second class. Please just give us all a young fresh face to look at. Is that too much to ask?

    Remember, they are young. We were all young and pretty once.

  6. Juicy says

    Avedon would never photograph faces so blandly and with such soft light. He wanted to show the soul behind the face and the contradictions. Plus Avedon would use much more contrast and stark white backgrounds.

  7. robert says

    What a buch of catty bitches! So the concept isn’t new? It’s still great to gaze upon beautiful men! We need some consolation after being defeated in Maine by 2 1/2%. I say savor the view-these shots are going straight to iphoto!

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