1. Rafael S. says

    Wow is right! It is hopeful that a bright 10 year old seems the hypocrisy in our creed and reality. Looking forward to when he is a lawyer.

  2. LD says

    The recitation of the pledge of allegiance is, in itself, an execrable practice, smacking of fascist government. At its most benign, it is quaint and silly, and should be eliminated.

  3. patrick nyc says

    “I eventually, very solemnly, with a little bit of malice in my voice, said, ‘Ma’am with all due respect, you can go jump off a bridge.'”


    ANDY you just made my day. His parents are doing a great job, listen closely and you can hear the right wingers heads explode.

    Imagine a ten year old who is more articulate than Bush or Palin.

  4. Christopher says

    What a tool Roberts is: the democratic process is working. It is not democratic to let the majority vote on the rights of a minority. Fuckwad

  5. says

    My bitter NYC heart just melted. Ellen – book this kid ASAP.

    Is there a Facebook or Myspace page for this kid? How can we get in touch with his family to show our support? His unwavering support of me earns him mine in return.

  6. nic says

    thanx for posting this, andy.

    oh please, xtians are the first to throw stones and then they wallow in their victimhood when people fight back.

    matthew 21:16, “out of the mouths of babes…”

  7. Q says

    Proof positive that the bigots that post here are not smarter than a 5th grader. Maybe we can get little Will to teach a seminar for JohninBoston, Gast,

  8. notshychirev says

    I knew the kid was cool when I saw the Threadless t-shirt, but wow…
    Bright, serious and willing to accept the consequences of a principled stand. Awesome.
    (and though disrespecting the teacher probably didn’t help his case, he at least did it with some style).

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Maya Angelou aint the only brilliant mind to come out of Arkansas…why, this young man is as smart as William Jefferson Clinton–maybe smarter.

  10. Blake says

    Someone with Arkansas/CNN contacts please find out if there’s a college fund set up for this kid. I’ll get a check in the mail this week…

  11. princely54 says

    That kid’s got more balls than the politicians in DC who say they support equal rights. That includes Obama.

  12. AJay says

    A small glimmer of hope shines like a star in the distant sky. This child is one to watch. He is wise beyond his years.

  13. chadSF says

    I am definitely floored with the level of insight that this kid has. Kudos to his family for raising such a socially aware kid. He’s only 10 but he’s got a bright future ahead of him. This is our future and it send shivers down the Christianist “spine” to see that the present generation is changing their views on a lot of social issues which has nothing to do with who they believe in.

  14. Juliana says

    He’s like a young Atticus Finch. Look how he is so serious, very rare. And Will, they called me a gaywad too. Why, this child’s just wonderful… what principles… I hope everybody just leaves him alone and lets him just do this thing, the way he does it. His principled stand is an inspiration to the rest of the country.

  15. asa1973 says

    It’s poetic justice that this kid and his great dad are in Arkansas. Please, we need more people like this from the Bible belt to speak out and take a stand.

  16. Travis says

    ‘Ma’am with all due respect, you can go jump off a bridge.'”

    American Apparel put that decree on a v-neck t stat!

  17. Jonathan says

    I’m 27. I remember being 10 years old and speaking like this young adult about serious topics. He has many more years of abuse ahead of him if his experience is going to be anything like mine.

    We need to point out that this young adult has more courage than some of our elected officials. He went on the news and spoke his mind very clearly about a topic that is dear to the hearts of many (while the anchors chuckled). He only used the constitution as his defense.

    Thank you Will Phillips.

  18. Bobby says

    OH MY GOD! If the millions of us homosexuals had the balls this little boys has, we’d be marching on D.C., we’d be refusing to pay taxes, we’d be refusing to contribute on more ounce of sweat to the grinding wheel that is America until we have our rights.

    We should be ashamed.

  19. John in Boston says


    At least he hasn’t been called fag, faggot, fucking fag, fucking faggot, filthy faggot, homo, fucking homo, filthy homo, cum-guzzler, filthy cum-guzzler, pickle puffer, fudge-packer, cock-sucker, maricon, nancy-boy, mother fucking queer, fairy, sissy, dyke, lezzie……………..

  20. John in Boston says

    Nah, he’s a nice kid. Thank you Will. Watch out for yourself first though. Don’t put yourself in danger. Us adult homos can or should be able to watch out for ourselves. I don’t think any gay person would want to see your hurt.

  21. Bayley says

    John in Boston clearly didn’t take advantage of the many prominent schools in his area.

    This kid needs to be booked on ELLEN. I’m sick of seeing bratty snots on there who sign well. THIS is an amazing kid.

  22. patrick nyc says


    At least he hasn’t been called fag, faggot, fucking fag, fucking faggot, filthy faggot, homo, fucking homo, filthy homo, cum-guzzler, filthy cum-guzzler, pickle puffer, fudge-packer, cock-sucker, maricon, nancy-boy, mother fucking queer, fairy, sissy, dyke, lezzie……………..

    I see nothing sarcastic or funny in your lame attempt at humor. This brave young kid is making waves, something that middle America may listen to from a child, while turning a deaf ear to us.

    I often think douche bags like you were dropped on their heads by clueless parents, clearly yours did that and much more. Get a fucking life dick head.

  23. daws says

    Awww, that just made my day :) It takes some fortitude for a kid to stand up for what he believes in. And he’s so articulate…love him! Screw those little bastards that are picking on him too.

    And his dad is totally hot :)

  24. Randy says

    Brave boy. But sad that we think so. Imagine a student demanding not to be forced to lie. That shouldn’t have to be a brave act.

    Who is disciplining the teachers, who are allowing the term “gay-wad” to be freely used on school property?

  25. Disgusted American says

    john in boston – I get what your sayin…consiering all the hateful words that could be used….and there are many! His mom has a facebook page – laura phillips in arkansas

  26. says

    I’m really rooting for this kid. It takes a really brave young man to risk sanction from his classmates and to endure torment for standing up in what he believes in. In fairness, when children of families from the right do the same thing, they use it as an opportunity to chastize liberals. Not so with this kid. He’s just simply saying, look, the way we treat certain populations in our society runs counter to what we’re pledging to our country.

    Good for you, kid. I hope this bravery takes you very far in life.

  27. clarklane says

    How sad that the poor kid has been taught that America is a single issue. No one seems to see past their own penis on this one.

  28. Pugzz says

    Will, hold on to your hat. It’s going to be a bumpy ride while sticking up for what you believe in. You are a kind and intelligent boy and you have my utmost respect. Thank you.

  29. says

    will is a shining example of tolerance. It’s so sad that many of us are willing to walk around as cowards. I’m so proud of Will for taking a stand against injustice!

  30. PollyK says

    Wow… that’s amazing! His parents are obviously doing something right! I also agree that Ellen needs to get this kid on her show. Maybe he could start a wave of awareness in other kids. Because this is not only an equal rights issue, but at his age – a bullying issue for gay kids in schools. Maybe this awareness would help with that as well. We need the next generation to take a stand.. that’s where it all begins.
    GO WILL!!!!

  31. TANK says

    This is fantastic! And it’s not just us queers thanking this thoughtful young man, but his less nerdy classmates who’d doubtless shoulder the swirly burden if not for him. Hip hip, hurrah!

  32. says

    This kid may be smarter than anyone suspected. At the very end of the video, it appears that he makes a sign with his right hand to indicate that he was being forced to say what he said. I watched the end again, and it’s hard to tell. He at first is scratching his fingers, but then he turns an open hole to the camera, seemingly deliberately, which may be why he didn’t answer the last question. Of course, this doesn’t mean he didn’t stand up in class of his own accord or anything like that; but it makes me wonder if he was coached on what to say to the TV cameras and decided to let everyone know just that. I guess if I had gone through all his troubles and then was coached, I’d be a little miffed too. Thoughts?

  33. nic says


    you said,

    “How sad that the poor kid has been taught that America is a single issue. No one seems to see past their own penis on this one.” [Posted by: clarklane | Nov 16, 2009 10:57:09 PM.]

    liberty and justice for all is not a “single” issue.

  34. Michael says

    At 10 years old this boy has a greater sense of ethics than the entire Republican party. This should make every opponent of gay marriage feel small and ashamed. And kudos for his father for the look of pride he is giving his brave son.

  35. Andalusian Dog says

    This kid is wonderful. I basically can’t stand to be around children between the ages of 2 and 18, but I think I’d really like to sit down with Will and have a conversation. It would probably be more interesting and stimulating than most of the conversations I have with adults every day.

    Here’s a link to an article in a local paper that delves a bit further into the back-story and his parents. I don’t think he was coached, I just think he parents have fomented a really great environment for this kid to flourish.

    Andy, please remove Michael “KKKramer” Richards’ comment above, which passes far beyond the offensive into vomit territory. Why do people like that visit this site, anyway? They’re sick.

  36. Timray says

    why do i seriously doubt this kid has any gay friends? i think he has been well coached by parents, the father has atavistic traits that hearken back to the split of chordata from jelly fish and i think his parents probably have a lot of silent genetic information that is finding expression in this child. i think there are more serious things to consider such as his use of eyeglasses which usually point out a lot of masturbation….try reading this CNN….it is a bit more challenging….and thank you to those who have given their lives to keep this country free…here read this he will grow up to be a rapist anyhow

  37. Laura Phillips says

    Hi all! This is Will’s Mom Laura. Thank you all for the kind and supportive comments. If you would like to reach Will directly you can at (my email) or
    Will Phillips
    c/o NWA Center for Equality
    PO Box 9014
    Fayetteville, AR 72702
    Also, go to YOUTUBE and do a search for him, he gave a speech to the center for equality last month. I have a feeling that ya’ll would like it.
    Again, from my family to yours, thank you!
    Laura (and Jay says thanks for the *woof*)

  38. Carlie says

    I’m not sure what is more heart-warming: the focused and intellectual son or the admiring and affectionate father.

    And civil liberties should never to put to the vote.

  39. nic says

    thank you Laura and Jay Phillips. i wish all parents were like you.

    hate causes problems. love solves them.

  40. John in Boston says

    Wow… I the only one who finds the expletive gay-wad amusing? This is where the sarcasm in my previous post originates.

    I’m personally uncomfortable with kids involved in very divisive social/political issues, and I certainly suspect adults are coaching and using him. I personally would feel terrible if this kid suffered for this. He should be allowed to live his young life anonymously. He can involve himself when he turns 18, is an adult, and is out of high school.

  41. Jimmy/Boston says

    I was listening to Laura Ingraham talk about this today on her radio show and it was hilarious.

  42. John in Boston says

    I was home sick and heard about 15 minutes of her radio show awhile back. Laura Ingraham is boring and a uber mega bitch. IMAO.

  43. says conducted a study among 328 viewers of a new clip discussing a student who refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in support of gay marriage. The majority of viewers (66%) reported that the student should not be forced to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. While the majority of respondents supported the student after watching the video, prior to viewing the video, the majority of viewers (65%) indicated that students “should be” forced to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. More in depth results can be seen at:

  44. roel says

    i truely, with all my heart admire this kid’s conviction to what he believe is right, and it totally make sense.

  45. Garry Burns says

    This young man’s message is right.
    We must have full legislative equality for all humanity.
    People have a right to commit to their partner of choice.
    “All bigots should be pushed of a bridge”,in my opinion.
    Well said Will.