1. Derrick from Philly says

    “…without the need to understand or regulate them,'”

    That’s an important statement from that Argentinian judge. I’ve been arguing for years that too many straight people still don’t know what “sexual orientation” means–they still believe we “make a choice”. This judge is saying, “so what if you don’t understand them, they must still be equal under the law.”

    Could that policy (or doctrine) happen in the US?

    Oh, CRISPY and PATRICK, yes, I was on my way south of the border, but we’ve got a damn noreaster on the east coast (rain and wind like crazy). I only got as far as South of the Border in South Carolina.

    Well, atleast I can get cheap bourbon down here…and damn palmettos everywhere like crazy.

  2. Eric says

    WOW….if we can have people to represent US like they do in Argentina..This guys are absolutely AMAZING!!! Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful places in the whole World!!

  3. Joaquín says

    Im so happy and proud for my country right now!

    In an unexpected move the city government (which is headed by a man who was said to consider homosexuality a disease and whose rigt wing party refused to discuss the same-sex law in Congress just a week ago) will not appeal the ruling and the first same-sex marriage in Argentina and South America is taking place the 1st of December in Buenos Aires!

    Tony, we do have a civil law system and it’s true that this ruling applies for this couple only, but it sets a precedent for future cases and puts pressure on the Congress to pass the same-sex law.

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