Kansas City Chiefs Release Running Back Larry Johnson Over ‘Conduct Detrimental to the Team’

The Kansas City Chiefs have cut running back Larry Johnson on his first day back from a two-week suspension.

Lj The suspension was the result of an October 26 incident
in which Johnson told two members of the media in the Chiefs locker
room, "Get your faggot asses out of here." He directed similar
language at a fan on Twitter.

Johnson's agent Peter Schaffer later made the ridiculous claim to TMZ that neither he nor Johnson knew that "faggot" was offensive. Said Schaffer: "We
know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable — but f*g? I'm
learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive
and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know

The Kansas City Star reports Johnson's release was for "conduct detrimental to the team."

The Chiefs are planning a 3:30pm news conference to discuss the move.


  1. DR says

    that’s insane. I can’t wait for the right folks in the NFL to get their hands on this one.

    either way, this whole thing is just a ruse. he twittered around the same time about his displeasure with the coaching staff of the Chiefs, and this is just a nice, politically correct way to get rid of someone the team might not normally be able to let.

    and yet…i’m sure everyone will applaud this blatant manipulation by the franchise as a huge leap against homophobia in football.

  2. Nat says

    Oh please, don’t even think for a second that his use of the slur was the reason they released him. He was released because he sucks. If Tom Brady ever did did this, all he would get is a proverbial slap on the wrist.

    This man… I mean… this idiot’s release was just accelerated by his recent actions.

  3. Davey says

    I agree that it seems unlikely he was fired over the gay slur. If that was the case, why go through the trouble of fining him? and then reducing the fine by half? only to then fire him over it?

    There’s way more to this…

  4. Dan E says

    He’s a highly paid, under-performing athlete. The slur was used as a convenient excuse. If he was still playing like he was a few seasons ago, he wouldn’t even have been suspended.

  5. TANK says

    I thought that south park proved that larry johnson’s use of faggot was inoffensive to gay people? What’s up with that? Hmmmm…guess not. Anyway, the real story here is that KCC was looking for an excuse to terminate larry johnson’s contract, and this was convenient. If he were a more valuable player to them, not only would he not have gotten a two week suspension, he would still be playing for them.

  6. Mr. E says

    Weather or not he was actually terminated for the slur it comes off looking that way, which is good for us. It just might make another athlete think twice about saying ‘fag.’

  7. Smartypants says

    Regardless of what ulterior motives the Chiefs’ management might have, it is still a notable moment and sign of progress that a professional sports teams can legitimately use the excuse of an anti-gay slur to cut a player.

    If this helps reduce the number of homophobic comments from other players on other teams and in other sports — I’m just fine with that.

  8. Rhea says

    He sucks, and he’s been talking smack about the Chiefs organisation. This was definitely going to happen sooner rather than later, but it does seem that his homophobic slurs are the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  9. patrick nyc says

    RYAN you are right, he was close to breaking the Chiefs record, and it appears the call to get rid of him was from the local fans, not us liberal queers. His behavior it seems was offensive to all and the owners were concerned about potential $ loss, but gave the ‘score’ to anti-gay bashing.

    And Q I know that some here can be racist, but TRALFAZ was correct, you jumped the gun here, which only prods the bigot trolls. Save the scorn for when they do, then point it out to ANDY. He is great about deleting the post and sometimes banning the poster.

  10. Labia Minora-Majora says

    This jackass was not released for using the “F” word.

    He’s been a trouble maker for the team and continues to be (as with this incident)…that’s why he’s being let go.

    If this was his “first” run-in with the higher ups it wouldn’t have happened.

  11. Cyd says

    Nobody in sports believes he was released because of gay slurs. No team would do that to a productive player. He was released because they didn’t like him, he didn’t like them, and he was not productive. The latest incident just gave them a reason to do it.

  12. unruly says

    Reasons he was let go:

    #1 He had publicly insulted the Coach. This is the number one reason because I’m guessing the Coach refused to deal with him anymore.

    #2 This isn’t the first time he’s brought negative attention to the KC Chiefs organization (which is how they’ll get away with this without having to deal with the Players’ Union)

    #3 There was a very strong feeling in KC to keep him from taking the rushing record set for the Chiefs, which he’ll pass easily in the next game played. This prevents that and appeases the fans (the current holder is a much beloved ex-player.)

    The “conduct detrimental” reasoning (see #2) is the only reason why the team can do this without dealing with a lawsuit from him — the “gay slur” issue won’t ever come up.

  13. Q says

    Patrick, please don’t tell me how to leave comments. The reason I did that was to call them the bigots on their bullshit BEFORE they got started and stifle their asses, since scorning them after didn’t seem to work. I doubt very seriously that after all those racist comments from the last posts that all of a sudden they have a conscience. So if they show up, my comment is appropriate, and if they don’t, it’s peaceful. Win/win.

    And as for Andy deleting comments, I have seen tons of racist comments in the past weeks and he has not deleted them, even after promising that he would.

  14. Alex says

    This is interesting mainly because it looks like karmic retribution for the slur. Obviously he wasn’t released for the slur, at least not by itself. However, him being released not long after making such slurs is a nice form of poetic justice.

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