1. Sam says

    Humanzee – no she’s broke and probably taking whatever work she can find. It is one of the unfortunate things that happens when your lesbian partner dies and you are left to pay taxes on her estate because you aren’t legally married.

    Annie is amazing. I think the problem with these photos is that Lady Gaga is in them.

  2. John D.B. says

    Think what makes the photos less than some find interesting are that they are beautiful but STATIC, even with fire. Believe it was probably due to serious art direction, as these are meant for magazine publication. Being detached from emotion and physical awareness has always been the twist for some fashion spreads. Even irony gets its overhand smash way too much. Gaga works well in these shots. The toy people around her decorate and incite mood and show some appeal, limited, though. Annie delivers the goods, despite naysayers. She is a pro.

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