1. PUNCH says

    Regardless how Andy posted this at least Lady GaGa said something that is most important.

    And that is:
    “It’s not just hip-hop, it’s everywhere. It’s wrong”

    Thanks Lady for letting it be known it’s all over the music industry.

  2. dion says

    Punch, why are you getting on Andy’s case? The homophobia in hip-hop is more pronounced there than anywhere else, except perhaps in reggae. And pointing that out is NOT the same thing as giving a free pass to homophobes in other genres.

  3. sugarrhill says

    Eh, Alicia keys and Jay-Z was the best performance of the night. Lady Gaga was good too, but came in second. Love her though. Don’t understand the vitrolic hate for her on this site from commenters.

  4. Wes says

    Finally someone who will speak out when they have the platform.

    I despise those who sit alongside openly homophobic artists, collaborating, acting oblivious, saying nothing. Trying to have it both ways.

    A Justin Timberlake for example will go from gay friendly to a 50 Cent collaboration without a peep. In fact if anything is ever downplayed, its the gay support.

    Gaga is a true ally, she’s there when it matters and she doesn’t hide when it might hurt her. She has courage and a true sense of morality, recognizing it is the integrity of your character and not your sex drive that matters, and thankfully she also has more talent than most pop stars around today.

    Buy her new CD, So Happy I Could Die is my new jam.

  5. says

    I think Lady gaga makes it hard for people to like her image which goes hand in hand with her music. If a male is to like lady gaga then he is assumed to be gay. because of all the gay issues she supports and because of her image. i guess that is the same for liking britters and xtina and gwen and fergieferg. oh well. i am happy gaga is talking about hate and love.

  6. Wes says

    Andone, I think the great thing is that she doesn’t care. She’s not concerned about appearing “too gay”, in fact she isn’t afraid to emphasize the gayness. She embraces it. If someone doesn’t want to buy her record for fear of being perceived as gay, then oh well. They can go buy something ‘macho’ and impress all their friends with how heterosexual their music tastes are if they’re so insecure.

    The message she sends is that gayness is not something to be merely ‘tolerated’ or ‘accepted’, its something that can be positive. Why should anyone be ashamed to be presumed gay? If you ask Lady Gaga, gay is fabulous, not an insult or put-down. My music is gay? Why thank you, I think so too.

    The subliminal homophobia prevalent in our culture is not challenged enough if you ask me.

  7. Matt says

    um barring two words on a track… kanye has gone on the record multiple times chastising rap for being too homophobic and has caught flak for it. Please be more informed.

    Also, I love her. I don’t care how “gay” her music is. She makes the music that she makes and I love it, and if anyone thinks it’s gay to do so then I say “yeah, well I am gay, and if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself.” That’s the liberation I feel by being out of the closet, and she really embodies it. You go gaga.

  8. jbaird0219 says

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