1. GregV says

    I don’t know whether this is true that Levi has insecurities over this issue. But it would surely be healthy for U.S. society to get over this obsession with hiding penises (example: The conservatives’ maniacal reaction when a millisecond of what might have been a man’s penis peeked out of his shorts on Survivor). Coupled with this, there is also the pervasive idea that any penis that is ever seen must be naturally beyond normal human proportions, and even then, “fluffed” to create an exaggerated illusion. It’s possibly worse than the idea some women have that they won’t be pretty unless their breasts are surgically altered to be out of proportion to their bodies.
    I’m already expeced a few size queens and body image police to criticize Levi from head to toe. If it’s not his penis, it will be that his quads aren’t popping or his pecs could be bigger.
    I just hope Levi can brush it off and know he obviously wouldn’t have gotten the offer if he didn’t look fine.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    So no one checks these things before they write the check?

    Unless we have a paradigm shift between now and December the poor boy better be bringing a big bat to the game.

    Since we don’t live in the utopian lala land that GregV describes, the poor boy will most assuredly be driven back under his rock if he shows anything less than the internet standard of a pleasingly plump pecker and perfectly pendulous balls.

  3. says


    Thank you.

    I keep rolling my eyes at all the Levi Johnston coverage, but seriously, it’s ridiculous that a man who is not hung cannot pose nude and cannot be seen as attractive without being the victim of ridicule.

    Of course, I remember when those Dove ads with the “normal” women came out and I read some men in national newspapers write about how no one wants to see “cows” like that. The standards of beauty and attractiveness in popular culture are fascist and disgusting.

    On an entertainment blog I visit, there was a mention of the Johnston pictorial and someone said, “why would we want to look at him? he’s short!” As a short man myself, all I could do was shake my head.

    Beef and Fur, utopian lala land? That’s incredibly sad you dismiss any desire to move past incredibly narrow and limiting definitions of beauty and attractiveness in such a way. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, man. Vive la difference, k?

  4. Ray says

    A realiable source from Playgirl said today on Facebook that the Page Six article was complete BS. There hasn’t been any discussion on size. That said they were scouting locations today, like…ice rinks.

  5. TyInTenn says

    He’s buffin’ up a bit there a bit? Personally, I am an ass man – nice, tight, round, and lickable. The best sex I’ve ever had (seven years) was with an average “Joe” but he knew what was goin’ on – the absolute worst (and ten years of it at that) – l-o-n-g, but it basically lacked talent; it’s owner ended up being a bigger dick then his dick. I’m waiting to see if his ass is his real prize!

  6. Beef and Fur says

    Dear Alex….why so sensitive? It’s a fact. We don’t live in the land that GregV described. Have you even checked with society out there? A land where people aren’t judged by their weight, age or cock size? Have you been to a bar lately or even looked at a gay website?

    Yeah, that world doesn’t exist, and as such, Levi will be judged accordingly. I didn’t make the rules. I’m just stating a fact.

    Also, since you obviously don’t read and comprehend the written word very well and since you obviously transfer your own insecurities of being short to other people you don’t even know, I will refrain from personally attacking your incredibly thoughtful and lucid post. MMMMk, man?

    Oooppps! My bad. I just did.

  7. John in Boston says

    Porn star penis? You mean the kind that hang down like the State of Florida? The kind of penis that the ‘star’ has to grasp in his fist or else it’ll just flop like a raggedy ann doll.

    Levi should consider himself lucky he doesn’t have a ‘porn’ penis.

  8. So Left I'm Right says

    I don’t care at all how big (or not) his dick is…I just think he should have the balls (no pun intended) to show it all. I’m not going to say Playgirl is great art, but nudity is natural and beautiful, and Levi should pose with this in mind…and the fact that his gay following will be very happy to see him bare all…regardless of how much he is swinging.

  9. says

    Beef and Fur,

    I read and comprehend just fine.

    I do feel that just because society is a certain way doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. There are a lot of unjust things in the world and I believe in speaking out against them when they come up. In the past I have been called out on ignorant comments I have made (sometimes in the light of “well that’s just the way it is”) and I am glad I have. I think a little sensitivity is not hard to cultivate and certainly helps make the world a better place.

    I reread my post and I apologize for my tone towards you, which was more exasperated at the surrender to “that’s the way it is” than a willingness to envision a world where people can move past their judgments. Probably less to do with being exasperated with you than the concept in and of itself.

    And I didn’t feel anyone was personally attacking me, so I have no idea where you got that.

    Peace? Don’t want to be at odds with someone named “Beef and Fur” which are two of my favorite things. :)

  10. huge shaved cock says

    I despise this kid. I hope he suffers throughout his life. At least for awhile. He has caused so much pain to the Palin family and in particular to Bristol. He is slime and the lowest sludge imaginable. I truly hate him.

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