1. Robert In WeHo says

    Now, he should move to Iran where his kind of lunatic seem to flourish. While he’s at it he can take Limbaugh and Beck with him…

  2. TANK says

    On to fox where he’l definitely be more at home. I can’t stand lou dobbs, but that assassination attempt was pathetic. Don’t martyr lou dobbs! He doesn’t need any help.

  3. says

    I actually liked Lou Dobbs. Many times I disagreed with him, but found him middle of the road, not with the Republican’s or Democrats. He could be over-the-top, but he took no crap from politicians, whereas a lot of these newsmen/women placate one side or the other depending on their political affiliation.

  4. Jesse says

    Goodbye and good riddance Dobbs. I used to like you and agreed to disagree with you about half the time. However, when you were lapping at the pu#$y of Ann Coulter, of ALL people, I knew you went over to the dark side and have now been consumed by it. So long Dobbs – don’t let the door hit you on the a** on your way out. The sooner the better you idiot.

  5. ricky says

    “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad” — goodbye Dobbs – you debased yourself, your profession, and your country with some of the most cowardly, hate-filled, lies this country has ever had to endure. Instead of your great good fortune making you another Cronkite – empowering you to give voice to reason, to dignity, to honesty, to the great promise that is America — your lack of breeding and simple decency made you choose the lazy hate-filled course that is usually reserved for the stupid and the bitter — you gave America another McCarthy – spouting lazy lies – indifferent to the destruction to innocent human lives they were surely to cause.

    May you have many long days ahead to ponder the nothing you made of your life.

  6. patrick nyc says

    What a lying sack of shit. He knows that he’s going to Fox, as do all who work in the media. CNN let him go because he was the lead in to a sinking ship. Maybe they’ll bring some life to a once relevant station.

    Dobbs showed his true colors when he mocked those who protested the immigration which hunt, for waving their flags for not being American. What a douche.

  7. Bill says

    I worry about this country. Yes, you can disagree with Dobbs however he reported on things other news outlets did not like China’s espionage and the costs of illegal immigration. Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News and News Corp., is married to a Chinese woman. If he goes to Fox they will not let him report on China the way he did at CNN.

  8. Will says

    Get beyond the politics. Immigration and political correctness are two big threats to gay rights. Religion… Catholicism, Evangelism, Mormonism, Islam are very ANTI-GAY. They are spreading… due to immigration from Latin America, breeding in Utah and the southern states. Islamic influence among the African American community, and refusal of the government to racially profile and investigate those of Middle Eastern descent leave us and America at risk. Lou Dobbs is harmless. Liberalism and Conservatism hurts us both. RETURN to the CENTER. Be independent.

  9. John in Boston says

    Well Dobbs is abandoning a rapidly sinking ship, i.e. CNN. CNN’s ratings ACROSS THE BOARD are horrific. Sit-com re-runs and public access channels get better ratings than CNN.

    There are things I agree and disagree with Dobbs on. He is absolutely correct regarding ILLEGAL immigration; it is a DISASTER economically (depresses wages, which of course big business loves), huge public service spending, especially in border states (California essentially has collapsed because of uncontrolled,massive illegal immigration and a population flight of middle class American citizens out of the state) and socially (when 40 plus % of VIOLENT criminal prisoners in California are ‘Illegal’ THAT’S A BIG FUCKING PROBLEM.)

    I AM NOT ANTI-‘LATINO’……I don’t indiscriminately dislike, hate ANYONE because of their ethnicity, race, gender, ET AL I was raised in a predominately ‘Latino’ neighborhood(s)

    Dobbs IS MARRIED to a Mexican-American woman and they have 4 kids together; his children are part ‘Latino’……I SERIOUSLY DOUBT HE’S ‘ANTI-LATINO’.

    It is a disaster to allow anything but very limited immigration when an economy has collapsed as it has in America and elsewhere, and those illegally in the country should be removed pronto. They are legitimally one of the causes of high unemployment for Americans, REGARDLESS IF THOSE AMERICANS ARE WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN OR ‘LATINO’. American citizens are competing for scarce jobs with millions of illegals. ANYBODY WITH HALF A FUCKING BRAIN, REGARDLESS OF THEIR ETHNIC/RACIAL BACKGROUND, CAN SEE THIS IS WRONG AND A SOCIAL DISASTER. Certainly, Latin American nations wouldn’t and don’t tolerate it. Mexico, ironically, and many Mexicans, treat Latin Americans and others who must travel through Mexico to reach the U.S., like shit.

    Dobbs is also right about the trillions spent on bailing out Wall Street. HOW MANY READING THIS THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO BAILOUT AIG, GOLDMAN, ET AL? I certainly fucking don’t and I’m not a ‘Wingnut’ or ‘Moonbat’.

  10. Pedro M-G says

    I do not agree with Will. Latin America is a very catholic region, but the separation between State and religion is much more clear in our countries than in the US. There has been lot of progress in what concerns to civil rights. Buenos Aires city had the first partnership for gay people in Latin America, much before than the US. Countries like Ecuador and Uruguay recognise gay partnerships and benefits (yes, the whole country, not only a state of the union). There is a lot still to do, but the gay and civil rights issue is discussed more and more in public, but specially since our Mother Land, Spain, approved the whole same-sex marriage as a legal procedure, redefining the old concept of marriage. Most immigrants who come to the US belong to poor and uneducated parts of our countries, and their opinion is not the one of the majority, like that one of your conservative states. The battle is hard, but we are winning, and some countries like Peru or Argentina will have soon domestic partnerships, and the Catholic Church do not have any saying in how the government laws are made. There are some sad cases, like Venezuela and Cuba, where gay rights are still non-existent, but we all hope this will change.

  11. BK says

    I clicked play, simultaneously proceeded to the comments with the thought that he is FAUX bound. Nearly through the comments he was still blabbering… Maybe if he got to the point sooner, he’d be a better newsman

  12. Jacob says

    Lou was the only voice of reason on CNN. I can’t stand Fox and outside of Morning Joe can’t stand MSNBC. I appreciated Lou’s balanced approach to issues; especially his full analysis of HealthCare programs across the world. He offered no opinion just the basic facts surrounding the programs in each country.

    He was one of the only news men out there calling illegal immigrants what they are. Criminals. I joined and participate in NumbersUSA because of Lou. Killing any possibility for Amnesty will be his best achievement.

  13. John in Boston says


    There is strict separation of church and state in the United States. There is no official state religion. That doesn’t mean there can be no mention of God, ET AL., (a vocal minority think otherwise) it just means no single religion can be officially recognized and placed above others. BY A WIDE MARGIN, most Americans (like most Latin Americans) are Christian. I’m agnostic. I personally don’t care, for example, if ‘Christmas’ not the ‘Holidays’ is celebrated because I recognize most people are Christian and it’s an integral part of western culture. I do object when it’s used to discriminate against others, like homosexuals.

  14. DLRnATL says

    Given how Dobbs positioned himself as an “independent” over the past 3 or 4 years, I think he is going to don the tea bagger mantle and run for office. I know there was a website around a year and a half ago seeking Dobbs to run for president. His rhetoric seems to be right in line with the new political tea bagging party.

  15. John in Boston says


    It has NOTHING to do with gay civil rights. Gay and bi men and woman are taxed to death and nickle and dimed just like str8s. WHY wouldn’t they get as equally pissed off?

  16. John in Boston says

    Dobbs speaks out against:

    1) Bail-outs
    2) ILLEGAL immigration that causes major economic and social disruptions for the average citizen
    3) Un-fair trade practices, especially vis-a-vis China, and how it has hurt the U.S. and average American citizen.

    He’s racist and bigoted towards wealthy Wall Street insiders, Illegal aliens, and communist Chinese. How dare he, the bad, bad old racist cracker. Why doesn’t just stfu and bend over further?

  17. ricky says

    Yes John – Thank you – you never have to really go far in America when you want to preach hate — you can always count on cowardly, lazy, ignorant Americans like you to fall to their knees – THEIR GOD DAMN KNEES – when someone tells them there is yet again – some group to hate – for you and others it is now Wall Street Insiders – who is that exactly – WHO ARE THESE SO-CALLED WALL STREET INSIDERS — do you even know – do you even care — is it anyone in a suit – or just Americans who went to college????? Oh and of course illegals – only in America could people – people – mothers, fathers, children – be called Illegal – PEOPLE ARE NOT ILLEGAL YOU IDIOT – oh and of course – the Chinese – always the Chinese – yes – he is a racist and a bigot – not to mention ignorant and cowardly – which no doubt is why you love him so very very much. And as for him bending over – like you – in order to bend over – he would have to actually be standing in the first place – which he is not anymore than you are – crawl after your hero – follow those two sagging bags he calls a rump — he is nothing – and yet I suspect – more than you.

    Oh, and John – since you seem especially stupid – what are the teabaggers right about – did they protest the doubling of the national debt under Bush – do you understand debt – what it means to actually pay a bill – or the billions we spend everyday on the interest on that debt — the new 5 trillion in debt – under Bush – all while accomplishing nothing – NOTHING — no, of course they didn’t — Bush was white – after 8 years of his treason – suddenly they found their voices and moo moo moo like fat stupid cows when a black man moved into the White House – naturally, to you this all makes so much sense.

    Dobbs is a coward, igornant, racist, nothing of a man – but still more than any of his followers.

  18. marilyn says

    I only started watching news programs last year with the national election. I started out with Fox News, and then ventured out over to CNN and CSNBC. CSNBC is much too liberal and mean-spirited for me. CNN seemed generally more center-based (except for Rick Sanchez). I really started watching CNN when I found Lou Dobbs’s show. Maybe that was because his views coincided with mine, which are more conservative. I feel really sad that Lou Dobbs felt he had to leave the show. I will really miss him. I hope he goes over to Fox News.

  19. John in Boston says

    I’m not defending everything surrounding ‘Tea-Baggers’. I know a few and they all strongly disliked Bush. I strongly disliked Bush. I disapproved of his policies. Bush is gone. He’s no longer in charge. He’s irrelevant.

    Obama is relevant. He continued Bushes stupid policies only on a more massive scale. What’s wrong with criticizing this? How is it ‘Stupid’ or racist for that matter? I actually don’t strongly dislike the guy. He seems decent enough (we the public don’t really know; what we see of him and prominent people in general is sanitized).

    I’m not a ‘Wingnut’ or ‘Neocon’, or whatever the far left true believer con nom du jour is.

  20. Pedro M-G says

    John in Boston,
    Of course there is a strict separation in theory, but not in real. Some comments on National American TV are: God made me say this,God showed me the way to do this, etc. From a biblical belt preacher to a beauty pageant contestant. In Latin America politicians do not invoke the name of God in their campaigns, nor the public personalities when they talk about politics or other issues. The Catholic Church is still very powerful, but no more laws are written in “Defence of the Faith”. In this sense, Latin America follows more the European example, in which religion is excluded from public life, in order to be kept private. Civil rights are then a democratic issue: whether the majority is pro or contra. Some countries do not have to use faith in order to postulate theories or disagree with them.

  21. ricky says

    Nice try John – but again – the question before you is – as Bush was doubling the national debt from 5 trillion to 10 trillion – as he was starting a cowardly war based on a lie told to the world whose estimated final cost is 2 trillion – or 77,000 dollars for every man woman and child in Iraq – well, those still living – as tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died in this war based on a lie told to the world – where were you or the tea baggers then? Huh?

    So the tea baggers you know do not like Bush – but they held no rallies or protests during his treasonous reign. Do you for one moment imagine that the most outrageous thing that has happened in the soon to be last 9 years had been under Obama – that it is his Administration that should receive protests? After less than a year in office you protest the black man – while the white, treasonous, cowardly, liar lives off the tax dollar in Texas?

    If you had protested even once under Bush – protested the senseless dead, the lies, the amazing epic inexplicable waste of the US tax dollar – you might have some standing some legitimacy – but you didn’t did you – oh no, you waited for the black man to take over and try to handle Bush’s mess and suddenly you find you voice. You and all the tea baggers you support are just cowardly racists – who suddenly found a voice when they realized they were still on their knees after 8 years – only now it was before a black man.

    You are right to be outraged – but your raggedy cowardly anger should be directed at the mirror – not at the White House.

  22. ricky says

    Oh and John – thanks for at least not defending your love of Dobbs – that, I suspect, would have been painful for us all.