MA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker Chooses Openly Gay Senator Richard Tisei as Running Mate


Some interesting developments in the Massachusetts race for governor.

The Victory Fund reports: Tisei "Charlie Baker, a moderate Republican running to become the governor of
Massachusetts, has chosen State Sen. Richard Tisei, who is openly gay,
as his running mate.  Baker issued the following on his Twitter account
this morning:  'Want you to be the first to know: I’ve chosen State
Senator Richard Tisei as my running mate. Excited about this team.' 
Tisei is the Senate Minority Leader, and played a key role in the
fight to retain marriage equality in Massachusetts."

Tisei publicly discosed to the Boston Globe last week that he is gay:

"Tisei was first elected to the House at age 22 and moved to the Senate
in 1991. His sexual orientation has been an open secret on Beacon Hill,
and he disclosed it publicly yesterday in an interview with the Globe,
anticipating the scrutiny that would accompany a statewide candidacy. 'It is not exactly a news flash,' he said . 'I don’t think people
really care these days.'"

The Boston Herald reports: "Baker and the Senate minority leader will take on convenience store magnate Christy Mihos in the Republican primary. The winner is set to face off against state Treasurer Timothy Cahill and incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick in a three-way contest in 2010."


  1. Jason says

    I used to live in Tisei’s district, and he was consistently the only Republican I voted for on my mostly straight-ticket Democratic ballot. This is actually surprising to me but Tisei was always a voice of moderation and reason in the Republican party, and always consistently stood up vocally for GLBT rights. It’s nice to see a formerly-closeted Republican who really did always vote his convictions.

  2. Tony X says

    Tisei is an asshole – pure and simple – for a number of reasons.

    1) He was CLOSETED right up until it was announced he was the GAY second on the ticket.

    2) He hid in the closet during the ENTIRE gay marriage debate NEVER STANDING UP AS A GAY MAN once.

    3) If you are not out you are PRETENDING TO BE STRAIGHT.

    I do not know or care if he supported civil marriage or not — he HID FOR VOTES during that process as his GOP GOV MITT ROMNEY brought in hate groups to demonize gays.

    4) Now he is OUT – only for his own personal gain and party gain === again for votes to help a party that on a national level demonizes gays for votes.

    He is a scum bag — just like all Gay Republicans….. make that any and all Republicans in 2010.

  3. Jason says

    Tony, Tisei’s district is in suburban Boston and is somewhat left-leaning socially; being gay wouldn’t have cost him all that many votes before. Tisei was also the one who tried to re-steer the Republican party in Mass. back towards moderation and away from social issues after the disastrous Romney tenure.

    Massachusetts isn’t like all of America and opposition parties can still matter. Tisei is and always has been more liberal than many Democrats in elected office in MA; his stances have been very consistent including during the marriage debate when he was one of the only Republicans in the state to consistently both vote and speak against voting on or banning gay marriage.

    Tisei isn’t like the other closeted Republicans who hurt us to get more votes/power. He’s pretty much always voted his conscience.

  4. AlexInBoston says

    I know both candidates and I know them to be excellent on Gay issues! Whether one is out or not in politics is moot unless they are voting againgst their own community’s self interest. Charlie Baker, as a staight man, has been consistently pro gay since working for Gov Weld in the 90’s, though i am a Dem and liberal, these two would def get my vote!

  5. Tony X says

    AlexInBoston — you are an underinformed fool then if you would vote for a GOP gov.

    Come election day the national media will be counting GOP GOV wins and try to use that as a propoganda indicator to gain a GOP win for the WHITE HOUSE in 2012.

    Sorry buddy it DOES matter on a national level — and it does matter if some a rich white elitist GOP leader in Massachusetts hid in the closet during the Marriage Debates.

    People like them and you are what makes the Gay Community in Boston such a sad rich white elitist control cesspool.

  6. mike says

    Tony X, how can one generalize so sweepingly and call another poster an “uninformed fool” at the same time? If the guy was raised a republican and identifies with most of the republican policy agenda, should that person become a dem just because he’s gay?

  7. says

    Coming out, after the fact… could be politically correct as far as I am concern. Sometimes it is important to put priorities first. Before you can govern, one must be elected first, and to do that… your platform must fit the majority, of the voters in their district or state they are in. Many of our best Judges, on the Supreme Court, changed once they were appointed. Keep in mind, some Eastern State Republicans would be considered Democrats, and vice versa with many Southern Democrats. Being gay, is just one of many ingredients when voting for a candidate… and when I am voting for someone… it’s not the main reason in giving them my vote or support. Two of the most liberal politicians of the 20th Century… FDR and Chief Justice Earl Warren, were the prime reason that American/Japanese citizens were rounded up, and put in camps after the outbreak of WWll.
    If I lived in Massachusetts… I would like,
    and might vote for the Republican ticket…
    depending on who the Democrats are, and what
    they said about all the issues… and not only the gay issues.

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