Major Gay Wedding Drama on One Life to Live


A couple years ago it would have been nuts to think that we'd see a man leave his male fiancé for another man at the altar on a major daytime soap, yet here it is.


(top image via dudetube - site nsfw)

One Life to Live's description of this clip:

"Though Dorian admits to Langston that she still loves David, she asks her to hold onto her phone, in case 'someone' calls, then goes off with Amelia. Nick urges Kyle to join him in the ceremony, and Fish says, 'I'll see you after you get married.' The ceremony begins, and as Andrew talks about marriage, Langston leaves a message for David to get over there soon – and stop Dorian! Nick expresses his love to Kyle, Cris and Layla comment on how devastated Fish looks and Amelia wonders who Dorian is looking for Suddenly, as Andrew instructs everyone to take out their rings, Kyle says, 'Wait, I can't do this.' Though Nick professes his love to Kyle, Kyle denies loving Nick then says he wants to one day marry the man he loves – Kyle goes to Fish and asks him if they can give it another shot! Nick runs off upset, as Kyle tells Fish how much he loves him – then Roxy approaches and tells Kyle to marry Fish! Though Fish wants to give his relationship with Kyle another shot, neither is ready for marriage. Back in Llanview, Roxy hushes the protester, Markko's mom's friend, by saying, 'Don't knock it till you try it,' and kisses her – as everyone applauds Kyle and Fish, as they kiss!"