1. wisebear says

    Implants? Massive tumors? He thinks that looks good? That’s some seriously wrong moobery going on. And those lumps between his neck and shoulders are just gross.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    With a rack like that he could really go places….like the Miss Cali USA Pageant!

    Oh my God, I’m being inappropriate!

  3. Jonathan says

    his shoulders and traps either have implants or he injected them with something that is swelling on purpose. It’s disgusting.

  4. says

    no way, this guy is on steroids. Look at his shoulders and neck, he has also go a roid gut. I don’t understand why someone would take drugs and then do this to their body. Seems he just works out certain body parts and they get way over inflated.

  5. DR says

    ok, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a sucker fora nice set of pecs. But that was wrong. Out-of-proportion and fake-looking. Shoulders, delts and traps are way too developed for the rest of the body. Something don’t look right, especially with the lack of definition on his lats and upper back.

  6. JTlvr says

    Obvious implants. There’s no way he could have pecs or shoulders that muscular with his back and arms so underdeveloped.

    Sounds like he’s speaking Portuguese. Plastic surgery in Brazil is top-notch. Just saying..

  7. carrma says

    I think it is probably steroids as well–there was a program called The Man whose Arms Exploded. It is about a similar extreme case of steroid use resulting in disproportionate development.

  8. hugo says

    that’s what happens when you watch those John Basedow exercise tapes for too long. His brain hemispheres clearly have relocated into his pecs. And he seemed to have swalloed a wire hanger from my dry cleaners.

  9. Bart says

    I’m a body builder, and I have never seen anything like this. When he flexes his chest it absolutely looks like a female body builder with implants. And I hate to say it looks like he’s had some work done to his shoulders too. My partner wondered if he was a woman before. :)


  10. edmcan says

    Really, really sad. I’ve never seen implants in the traps, but could it be? I’d be interested in seeing his workout-yikes!

  11. Sargon Bighorn says

    This is a perfect argument for the legalization of anabolic steroids. Men will turn to legal means to get a similar look while at the same time doing great harm to our psyches as we have to look at them! Legalize Roids now. Stop the silicon cartel in its tracks.

  12. AlexInBoston says

    All i can say is this, wait til this man is in his 40’s 50’s and later in life when those two breast are hanging down below is waist – of course that assumes cancer doesn’t kill him first.. the breast delts and shoulders have definitely been injected with some form or liquid polymer or implants but either way its unnatural and he is asking for trouble in the way of cancer or worse!!

  13. says

    He’s saying (paraphrasing from Portuguese) “Ok, now here are some chest exercises. Up and down. Up and down.”


  14. Shae says

    He would be hot if it wasnt for his fake tits and fake shoulder implaints….they are nasty as hell! …..but hes got a cute face lol

  15. Mr. E says

    I seriously doubt those are implants. Definitely steroids. Look up ‘Greg Valentino.’ And the poor guy probably now only has about 20years left of his young life. Sad. And really not attractive.

  16. CCGuy says

    I doubt those are impants – it looks like he’s injected himself with silicone w/out doctor supervision… injecting gives rise those superiorly rounded muscles (check out the shoulders too) which aren’t natural and also are not in line with the shape of pec implants…

    what a tool

  17. james says

    I was going to post about Synthol also … this guy looks like an “oil junky”. The guy with the exploding biceps (mentioned earlier) was also injecting Synthol.

  18. Ryan says

    Honestly, I’ve been working as a personal trainer for over 25 years now here in Toronto (including work with professional & amateur athletes).

    Never, in my quarter century, have I seen such a rounded chest like that. If you look at the muscular breakdown of your upper and lower pectorals, it isn’t even POSSIBLE to have such a…err…”bubbly” chest. There’s absolutely NO upper pectoral development either, which makes no sense for someone with such a physique like that.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m willing to bet my life that ain’t even CLOSE to real.

  19. Denis says

    This is obviously synthol. I’m surprised more of you haven’t heard about it. They aren’t implants or steroids… He’s been injecting oil into his muscles. Just google synthol and you’ll see 1000 guys just like him.

  20. Lexxvs says

    IMPLANTS. So obvious it’s even embarrassing. And the brasileiro is oblivious of it. He’s a nuts too.

  21. says

    Guys, these are the pec implants that are starting to become popular now. I think the guy is hot, and the implants look silly, but he’s a hot tough dude… I’d love to do this guy.

  22. patrick nyc says

    From the neck up he’d be hot, if not for the fact there’s nothing between his ears.

    His major mistake was wearing his DOLLYWOOD t-shirt and listening to 9 to 5 when going for his implants. He should call Carrie Prejean to do a breast off tape.

  23. MapDark says

    Ok , you can TOTALLY tell they’re implants:

    1- The squareness of the trapezes and their size compared to the size of his shoulders is a big tell-all. That would have meant he practically never works out his shoulders but works his trapezes? unlikely..

    2-The pectorals.. WRONG! W-R-O-N-G

    They look HARD like plastic .. and EVEN if you GAINED THAT SIZE NATURALLY they would still somehow look ORGANIC.

    All in all it’s pretty disgusting!

  24. Matt says

    as a med student, a weightlifter, and someone that’s taught anatomy before (and done enough dissections of cadavers) here’s my 2 cents…

    Going by the way his pecs flex in the beginning, he probably has implants. If you look closely you can see his muscles flex where they attach medially at the sternum but the contraction isn’t uniform across the muscle, and like someone said his upper pecs are way underdeveloped.

    Some of that bizarre look could be helped along by someone with a lot of dedication and shitty form. If he is working his muscles with the same exercise in a very limited plane (like the same nautilus machine for 5 years never switching up) it can contribute to his unnatural look.

    Although if he hit me up I’d probably go for a roll in the hay with him.

  25. Julie says

    When he moves, you can totally tell they are implants. Also around the shoulders. Really disgusting ……..

  26. woggie says

    Anyone who thinks those are anything but implants is retarded. There is no cut in any of that muscle its just bulges up and doesn’t look flexed. His abs are sad btw and that is why he has to pull the skin down to try and make them fit his boobies.

    The dude is extremely under developed.

  27. Lincoln says

    You poor misguided fools. Do you really have such sad lives that you have nothing better to do than to be so nasty and judgmental about a guy who is happy about himself? I suggest you all take a break from your jobs as voyeurs, leave the computer and go and take a long hard look in the mirror. You’ll find something that others will find disgusting there too…

  28. ANDRE C says

    There is no way this is natural. I would suggest that stabbing this guy with a sharp object or applying sudden blunt force to his pecs and traps will release copious amounts of saline, or result in silicone leakage. However, I think he needs a psychiatrist more than a plastic surgeon, to be honest.

  29. says

    Implants. You cant work out a large round ball region on your chest. You can have a large lower chest, the sides could be huge, but this is so unnaturally disproportionate. Steroids cant do this, a bag full of goo can.

  30. Gen.X says

    It’s either implants or something called “Synthol”(easy to google) which is an injectable fat-like substance that has been used in competitive bodybuilding for well over a decade. Synthol is relatively cheap and was(might still be) easily obtained on the net.

    Major problem- heart attacks and strokes if a single drop reaches a blood vessel which is not unheard of since multiple injects are required.

  31. Donna Martin says

    Him-plants, no doubt in my mind. You can see the ridge of the him-plant and if it was muscle it would have the striation lines. So nasty.

  32. Foxy says

    His boobs are bigger than mine…. looks like he has arm implants and showlder implants….6 boobs… that’s what I call lazy!his fake muscles don’t match the rest of his body… and by the way… he needs a bra!… I mean 3 bras!

  33. Steve Kerbow says

    There is nothing else to say! Everyone else has already said it! I wonder what my BodyBuilder friends would have to say about this!

  34. djork says

    Well, he’s certainly pleased with himself. Traps and delts have been injected with synthol. Pecs are implants. Woo-hoo!!!

  35. gregory says

    ::eyeroll:: at all the clueless comments about steroids; if he was on steroids then all his muscles would be large in proportion. The lack of biceps and stomach muscles makes it looks like synthol, which is an oil that people can inject to enlarge specific areas. Done well you wouldn’t know it’s there, done poorly it looks like this.

  36. Lawrence Estes says

    Look. The guy is obviously delirious with his exagerated physique. He just loves showing it off. He probably wouldn’t change anything about it–he’s displaying it proudly. I say, Leave the guy alone. He’s happy.

  37. 0gauge says

    An unusual way to prove that happiness is transitory – such an unnecessary thing to do to himself – he was quite good looking without this, but he’s ruined it now

  38. Kristoffer says

    After viewing his you tube page and seeing more of his videos all I can say is… douche bag. To those that are saying leave the guy alone because he is happy… I would say doing this kinda crap to your body and having to show yourself off makes you anything buy happy.

  39. ReeGre1 says

    That looks pretty disgusting. If he spent even a little time in the gym he’d look a lot better. Bulging sacs of oil just looks sick.

  40. Val says

    Yeah! Hes speaking portuguese, hes from Brazil. How I know it? I´m brazilian.

    And hes being a national joke for about a week or so

    And hes saying how hot he is and that he will fuck your sister, mother, daughter, cousin if they blink at him. And that all men are stupid and morons because while they are concerned about something else, he can have any female he wants because hes fit, hes hot and he got the best body and the biggest trap in the city.

    Its disgusting and its funny as hell as he thinks hes is the superduper hot man.

    Super ´tard douche alert. lol

    I rather all natural men. Lol

  41. Val says

    Sorry. In this particulary video hes trying to teach HOW TO GET FIT AS HIM exercising in home.

    He has another video teaching how get females in rave parties and another saying all that marvelous things above.

    Alas, he also says that he is fit like this just exercisin in home and that he havent stepped in a gym for more than 3 yrs. Lol.

  42. Paul B says

    it’s silicone or some kind of oil. YouTube deleted some the related videos. There was a video shot in a clinic of some sort where they had to drain an abscess out of the guys bicep. Really gross. There was also a guy around the same age that had injected himself in the shoulders and arms to the size of an Olympia bodybuilder. Looks really stupid with twig forearms!
    JUST DO THE WORK! pumping iron is not hazardous to your health

  43. contragenic says

    This is from Synthol injections, and no, it is not safe or natural looking. If you think this is weird, google synthol images and see the other freaks.