Movies: Foxhole Messengers

I don't remember if The Messenger specifically explains his injuries, but this new soldier drama gets considerable kick from his damaged eyes which the actor douses repeatedly with drops. He's too hardened from his tours of duty for actual tears so medicinally prescribed stand-ins will have to do. For now.

There have been so many war dramas over the years that it's rather shocking that filmmakers haven't really thought to explore the Army's Casualty Notification program prior to this. Kudos go out to writer Oren Moverman for exploring this hot button topic in his directorial debut. Casting Foster was a smart move, too. The actor has been playing mentally unbalanced and/or violent men for a few years now (Six Feet Under, 3:10 To Yuma, X-Men: Last Stand, 30 Days of Night among others…) but he gets a plum opportunity to modulate and spin those perceptions here. The Messenger usually transcends its acting vignette structure with good work from Foster, co-star Woody Harrelson and the typically riveting Samantha Morton as a newly widowed army wife. She doesn't take the news the way these soldiers expect.

Zach_dare Also opening: More CGI destruction porn from Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow) in 2012, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays DJ in the British comedy Pirate Radio, Uncertainty gives Joseph Gordon Levitt and Lynn Collins their own Sliding Doors as their lives split in two directions, Women in Trouble is a multicharacter comedy starring the always watchable Carla Gugino as a world famous porn star. Finally Emmy Rossum, Sandra Bernhard and Alan Cumming star in an indie high school drama Dare, the trailer of which hints at a gay kiss for Friday Night Light's goodhearted quarterback Zach Gilford.

Have any movie-going plans this weekend? Maybe you're catching up Precious (reviewed last week)?


  1. henry says

    “very much a Wes Anderson movie”=stay away far away in my book. The most shallow and indulgent director in the biz these days. He looked deep inside his soul, and told the world “hey everyone, look how cool and interesting I am! Lucky me!”

  2. crispy says

    2012 looks like the worst movie of the year. Yet I still don’t get why it’s not your lead. For starters, Roland Emmerich is gay… why does a gay man continue to make destructo porn? Surely there’s an interesting conversation there.

  3. C says

    I know I’ve seen that swimming pool kiss scene before. Was it on this site?? That movie is old, isn’t it?

  4. says

    crispy — but if we stop talking to him and supporting disaster porn, won’t it go away?

    c — possibly. sometimes it takes these indie movies a long time to come out in theaters

  5. says

    Awww leave Roland Emmerick alone. Okay his movies are nothing more than special effects but he makes alot of money and donates alot of money to gay causes.

    As for Ben Foster. I’ll take a Bananna Ben Foster Pleeeeease

  6. Chuck says

    Dare was originally a gay short film, and has been extended to a full length movie, clips of the short are available on several video sites. Ben Foster is one of those amazing, underrated talents that hopefully people will start taking notice of and remember. He’s been a favorite actor of mine for quite some time.

  7. Rad says

    After sitting through “Knowing”, I REFUSE to subject myself to any more apocalyptic garbage. WTF? Every cable channel that’s all you see is depressing, “What would the end of the World look like?” merde. ENOUGH!!

  8. says

    I am taking a group in costume to go see The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It won’t necessarily be the characters in the movie but we still dress up as animals with high end costumes. They are for conventions but when a movie like this comes around we wear them to it.

  9. Mark says

    “Fox” is clearly a metaphor for Clooney’s closeted sexuality. Clooney “is living a peaceful life as a [successful actor] but he can’t tame the wild [homo] within.”

    “Fox wants to go back to stealing chickens and when he moves to a new home with a window view of three massive farms (belonging to the villains Boggis, Bunce and Bean), he just can’t resist.”

    Clooney lives a life of sterile luxury, privilege and abstinence hermetically sealed from the “massive” homo circus of Los Angeles, access to which is controlled by the three evil villains: agent, manager, publicist.

    Can he “resist”?