New: NY Senator Tally on Marriage Equality and Vote Deal Insight


New York local station NY1 has posted a new tally of senators with regard to the marriage equality bill.

Patersonalbany "Of 62 senators, 21 are supportive. The remaining 41 are opposed, wouldn't say, or couldn't be reached Wednesday, a state holiday.

Proponents admit some of the 30 Republicans will be needed. A spokesman for the GOP conference says none are publicly supportive.

Opponents like New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms Executive Director Jason McGuire say they have reason to be concerned at the polls, referencing a socially moderate Republican pushed out by a conservative in a recent congressional contest upstate.

"No senator wants to be the next Dede Scozzafava and lose their seat because of the issue of marriage," McGuire said.

On the other side, there's political heft for supporters facing a tough vote. Generous campaign contributions from gay rights supporters helped return Democrats to senate power for the first time in more than four decades."

Here's the full breakdown.

Paul Schindler at Gay City News has an excellent inside piece up regarding the negotiations on Tuesday which led to an agreement that a vote would be made on marriage equality before the end of the year:

"The commitment brokered did not come easy. According to several sources with direct knowledge of the discussions, for much of the day the leadership held out for its status quo position — that a vote would come only when success was assured, whatever that means precisely. In addition to the accountability issue, that made it likely the bill’s consideration would spill over into 2010, an election year for governor and the Legislature, the wrong time for taking action on controversial issues.

Bitterness and some measure of distrust among the parties also proved a problem. Both Sampson and Klein did not mince words in letting Van Capelle know they were upset by remarks he made at ESPA’s October 22 fall dinner in Manhattan.

Voicing frustration at what he characterized as allies unwilling to walk the walk after the LGBT community’s strong financial support for electing a Senate Democratic majority last year, Van Capelle had warned that if no vote happened on marriage equality, 'We can find other friends who will do that job for us and do it faster. We know such friends exist.'"


  1. J. Bocca says

    Sorry, maybe I’m totally ignorant to all of this but why are we pushing for a vote if we KNOW they are going to vote in our favor? I mean what is the point they said we have to have 30 Republicans vote in favor. Yea right like that will EVER HAPPEN!

  2. Lee says

    Sorry guys, but it just ain’t gonna happen. Democrats are scared silly after last week’s elections. They’re not gonna alienate any more independent voters w/ this issue.

  3. Mike in Brooklyn says

    Win or lose, this is important! To win, we need 10 of the 35 uncommitted votes (a tie works as the Lt. Gov. casts a tie breaker). Target the 15 best prospects AND get Mayor Mike involved to help.

    But, and as important, in the likely event we lose the vote, we need to know which of the senators are chicken shits so we can work to get rid of them. NOM has stated that they will raise $500K to oppose marriage equality supporters. The backroom gay boys are being too quiet. If Maine can raise 2:1 dollars to support marriage equality, can’t New Yorkers. Can’t there be a pledge to raise at least $1 million against our enemies? Or, more realistically, Maine raised nearly $5 million; where is the $10-20 million for New York?

  4. walter says

    I know Senator Fuschillo is set to vote against it I contacted him He had his staff call and told me he supports partnership but not marriage Couldnt get a reason other than it is belief. Told them next I will work on sending him to the unemployment office They became defensive

  5. Leto says

    We need a vote. The Democrats who vote NO should be more scared of us than any Republican who votes YES. Without a vote, we cannot hold them accountable. Call your Senator now! Call! I defeat is better than no vote at all.

  6. says

    The fact marriage equality didn’t have the votes to pass in the Senate was known from the beginning yet Gov Paterson introduced it anyway, with the apparent support from Capelle and ESPA, effectively scuttling the chances for an inclusive non discrimination law for New York State. Since then, despite some lip service from the GLB community (talk is cheap, after all) the gender variant part of the GLB(t) community has been ignored. This issue should never have been pursued this year.

    GENDA (Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act) and DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) need to be passed first. We had the votes to do it but the marriage issue killed the chances of their being brought up for a vote. While marriage rights are very important, the nondiscrimination and bullying laws are vital towards bettering the lives – increasing the chances of survival, in fact – of the most vulnerable and visible members of the queer community. Let’s stop beating this dead horse, do the right thing and agitate for the passage of GENDA and DASA BEFORE marriage rights.

  7. Warren says

    The reason to push for a vote is that they will not take this bill up next year due to elections and conversely it is the same reason we need them to take this vote up in 09, so we know who to vote in and out of office.

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