One Life to Live‘s Scott Evans Does Instinct


One Life to Live's Scott Evans, who plays hunky gay cop Oliver Fish on One Life to Live, appears on the cover of the Dec/Jan issue of Instinct magazine.

Scott To continue today's supportive parents meme… From the cover story:

"Brother of movie star Chris Evans (Fantastic Four’s flaming hetero),
the 26-year-old Scott experienced what can sadly be considered a
rarity: coming out to an instantly supportive family. The actor
describes his real-life mother—who also portrays Fish’s mother on the
show—as a 'liberal, awesome, crazy' woman, a woman who responded to her
son’s coming out with, '‘Oh, yeah. I knew when I gave birth to you.’'
Unfortunately, the Fish family was poised to react in a starkly
different way to the experience, as thoughtfully penned by OLTL
head writer Ron Carlivati and team. The Evanses, mother and son, would
themselves depict the all-too-common story of intolerance and
disapproval unleashed in the aftermath of a son’s coming-out moment.
Filmed on set this past summer, Officer Fish’s mom immediately cut ties
with him after learning of his sexuality—a stretch even for the talent
of Lisa Evans. 'It was heartbreaking for her. Once the scene ended, she
came to me crying and would hug me, saying, ‘I love you,’' remembers

(images via just jared)


  1. Joseph says

    I love this man. Beautiful inside and out, and immensely talented.

    With all the bad news, it’s incredibly satisfying to have such strong, proud and out men like Scott, Adam Lambert, Neil Patrick Harris, Cheyenne Jackson, etc., breaking down barriers in the entertainment field.

  2. peterparker says

    peterparker: Scott, babe, I’ve loved you for so long. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?

    Scott: Get up off that knee and kiss me, you hunk! Of *course* I’ll marry you!!

    peterparker: You just made me happier than a faggot in a submarine.

    Scott: You just made me happier than TWO faggots in TWO submarines! Now kiss me, dammit!

    peterparker: Before I kiss you…you *are* going to get me a platinum band, right?

    Scott: Platinum?! Baby, it’s gonna be triple platinum! Nothing but the best for my man. Now kiss me already, sexy!

    peterparker: Whoa, big guy! I brought some champagne. First we have to celebrate. Then we kiss.

    Scott: No, babe. You’ve got that all wrong. We can’t celebrate until we kiss. And then after that we fuck. And then later we toast!

    peterparker: Oh, is that the way it goes? Well I’ve never done this before so I’m just going to have to take your word for it, sexy man.

    Scott: You’ve been looking at my chest this whole time. I know you want to run your fingers through my chest hair, so give me your hand. You can play with my chest while I kiss you.

    peterparker: That’s why I am marrying you: you can read my mind!

    Scott: That’s not all I can do, sexy. Now kiss me!!

    peterparker reaches toward Scott’s deliciously hairy chest as Scott leans in to kiss peterparker and suddenly…the sound of the alarm clock buzzing reveals that ‘Scott’s’ hairy chest is really the dog’s stomach and the kiss is just the dog licking peterparker’s face so that peterparker will drag his sorry ass out of bed to take the dog into the backyard for his morning pee. And so begins another day in the life of peterparker.

  3. steve says

    this guy has more sex appeal in his left ear than Adam Lambert has in his whole deafening shtick

    great to see a guy like this living openly & willing to talk about the bigger picture

  4. Michael @ says

    Hooray for Ma Evans and her Boys. And, please, everyone, read Andy’s even more heartening item below regarding the proud hockey coach father of a gay man for which I propose that his comment

    “I stand beside him with an axe!”

    be used as a PFLAG t-shirt and, more importantly, one of the slogans for the next marriage equality campaign. I’m sure Ma Evans would agree!

    Yes, yes, yes. I genuinely applaud and praise every parent of gays who have appeared in print and TV ads. It’s not their fault that the campaign “strategists” from CA to Maine have still not gotten that expressions of love and, goodness gracious, UNFAIRNESS alone in gay and gay ally family commercials mean nothing to the moveable middle terrorized by the ruthless JudeoXristo fascists’ commercials into believing that helping our kids will somehow hurt THEIRS. Yes, OF COURSE, they should know better…but if they did already such things wouldn’t end up on the ballot. Which would YOU choose if you were convinced [however dishonestly] that YOUR family was in danger?

    The hyperbole of “I stand beside him with an axe” [or something like it] replaces the totally ineffectual Kumbaya crap with the message:

    “ATTENTION! MY family is just as good, just a American, just a deserving of equal protection and opportunity as yours and I will stand up to/fight anyone who says differently.”

    Polarizing????? Honey, THAT ship sailed a long time ago…or did you miss Anita in Miami in 1977 through Prop H8TE last year?

    ENOUGH with the goddamn, “Oh, please Mr. Bill, don’t hurt me” ad campaigns.

    As the song line goes: “It’s not the earth the meek inherit but the dirt.”

    BRAVO, Ma Evans and Coach/Father Burke!!!

  5. says

    i was lucky in the same way as Scott. when i came out in 1975, my parents were totally supportive. my dad was a retired military man, with 25 years in the service, fought in WW2 and Korea. all they told me was to make sure i brought home any guy i was dating so they could make sure he was ‘good enough’ for me. they also took in some kids i knew from new haven, that had been thrown out by their parents for being gay, giving them a place to live for free for more than a year until they could get their lives together. my parents even gave them the security deposit for their first apt when they both had jobs. i knew i was a lucky one. sadly, i think parents like that are just as rare today.

  6. Trent says

    I am so happy to see Instinct still showing real gay men on their covers. I just don’t know how much longer they’ll be around. All gay mags are suffering, but this one is still true to our community through and through.

  7. jaragon says

    They obviously have good looking male genes in the Evans family- and I agree with other poster Scott does look like a real man- not these shrieking boy tarts.

  8. Scott & Taylor Now! says

    Scott is beautiful the way men are meant to be naturally beautiful. I want to watch him have sex with Taylor Lautner.