1. ChiGuy says

    While I applaud his candidacy, it should be noted that he voted for a Repbulican candidate in the 2000 Presidential primary, and has not voted in one single municipal election in Chicago since his 1997 voter registration. Maybe if elected, he might choose to exercise his right to vote on the Illinois Senate floor..

  2. aldebaran26 says

    While I applaud him, the last name of Madigan hardly speaks of being “grassroots.” The Madigans ARE the Chicago machine. Michael Madigan is the speaker of the IL General Assembly and Lisa Madigan is the Attorney General.

  3. Bill says

    As far as I can tell, Jim Madigan is not related to Michael or Lisa Madigan. Lisa Madigan and her husband, Pat Byrnes, have two daughters (no son). Michael Madigan has four children; Lisa (above), Tiffany, Nicole, and Andrew. CORNELIUS22 – where did you get that he was related?

  4. says

    Bill I didn’t say he was related, I think you might be mistaken. I worked gathering signatures for Jim and one of the first questions we were asked by people was, “Is he one of those Madigans?”. He isn’t. There is no relations between him and the Madigans mentioned above.

  5. Rick says

    I have been friends with Jim for several years, and have contributed to his campaign since the beginning. He is in no way related to Lisa or Michael Madigan. This is truly a grassroots campaign that depends on every donation. Jim is a great candidate who is dedicated to making a real and significant change in the landscape of Illinois politics. GO JIM!!!

  6. SHolmes says

    “Chiguy”, either you are David Ormsby or you are writing on his behalf. This is the same thing he wrote in a similar blog post. Unfortunately he’s a hired political gun for the rest of the machine candidates. What you say in your comment is quite misleading and unimportant. Just because someone hasn’t voted in a municipal election bares no relevance to their involvement in state politics. Jim has continually worked for the LGBT community as well as other minority groups – check out his record. His opponent is nothing but a political hack who the “machine” was able to get into office after she gave $200,000 to Rod Blagojevich. So typical of the way things work. Pay to play all over again.

  7. Donovan says

    Wow! So someone from the Heather Steans campaign, Jim’s opposition on the ballot, is hauling out the same old tired attack bs. Jim is from Ohio and is not related to Lisa Madigan or her Speaker of the House Father. Jim is also the best kind of Democrat, and independent Democrat who is not beholden to the machine or party hierarchy that has done such a terrible job in Illinois the past eight years. Oh, also, if Jim ever had $200,000 he would not have donated to Rob Blagojevich. Let’s see… who is on the ballot that did that???

  8. says

    Heather Steans is a political hack and isn’t too smart about it either. She has been in office for two years and hasn’t once done anything for gay rights even though the district has a ton of gay people in it. She just introduced a gay marriage bill only because she has done nothing and is afraid of her opponent Jim who actually wrote the civil unions bill.

    check out more info about her at