POLL: More in NJ Favor Marriage Equality Than Oppose It

A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows a majority of New Jersey voters approve of marriage equality:

Nj "Supporters of gay marriage may find New Jersey more hospitable than many other states, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released today. By a 46 percent to 42 percent margin, adults in New Jerseyans favor legalizing same-sex nuptials, with 12 percent unsure.

The survey also shows that if the state Legislature passes a bill legalizing gay marriage, 52 percent would accept the decision, while 40 percent would support a constitutional amendment banning the practice.

The poll of 903 New Jersey adults was fielded November 6-10 and has a margin of error of +/-3.3 percentage points. Half the respondents also had been interviewed before the Nov. 3 elections. The gay marriage questions were asked only after Election Day. 'New Jerseyans are more supportive of gay marriage than opposed to it, and more importantly, a majority would accept a legislative decision legalizing same-sex marriages,' said David Redlawsk, director of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll and professor of political science at Rutgers University. 'While this tests opinion outside the intensity of a campaign to ban gay marriage, as occurred in California, there is more of a ‘live and let live’ attitude in New Jersey than in many other states that have dealt with this issue.'”

Earlier this week, state senator Paul Sarlo said that the marriage equality bill pending there did not have the votes to make it through the Judiciary Committee and it wouldn't get a vote without them. Marrriage equality advocates there are working hard with the narrow window of time they have before Republican Chris Christie takes office in January.