1. says

    Andy, are you aware of the Google ads for Sarah Palin/Newsmax free book offer with magazine subscription right above this post? You can go into your adsense account and block certain advertisements including anything promoting Sarah Palin.

    Just saying.

  2. Joey says

    Palin ’12!

    Although I didn’t see the whole interview, the word on the (blogospheric) street seems to be that it was good and showed her energy and blah, blah, blah, but wasn’t GREAT.

    My hope, then, is that she remains viable enough to snag the Republican nomination before proceeding to go down in flames in the general.

    Mostly, though, I maintain that 2012 speculation remains silly at this point. I mean, things might be so good in 2012 that we won’t necessarily need Palin for an easy Obama victory. But if we do, I’m sure she’ll be there for us. {;-) (<-She’s wearing an ACORN, methinks.)

  3. Horace says

    Sarahcuda took the high road with Ricky Hollywood aka Levi. Right now, the only people, I think, who are on his side *hand up* are gay men and hormonal teenage girls.

  4. johnny says

    Saw the whole thing. Just more defensive posturing and lame excuses to get out of answering anything directly. Same stuff as always, nothing new here, people, move along, move along.

  5. henry says

    I heard her election in 2012 triggers all the apocalyptic mayan prophecies. Enjoy earth while you can.

  6. ricky says

    Uh – is that a wig? Is she wearing a wig – has it come to this – do lazy lies make your hair fall-out? All she ever had was her looks – and now she has nothing. As for 2012 – she needs to give Kay Bailey Hutchinson a call in Texas and find out what the party-faithful think about a woman past child-bearing age. Yes, Hutchinson was younger than McCain – but too old for the ticket. Unlike 2008 – Sarah is a grandmother now – and Damn girl is starting to look it.

    As for Levi – tell us Sarah – when you went to Republican-controlled male-dominated DC as Mayor of a little town of 5,500 and walked away with 28 million federal dollars – were your actions any less whorish than Levi’s? You did not go to the state capitol for your little town – you went to DC – why was that Sarah – why did you go to DC – did you take your crown and sash – oh wait – a loser does not get a crown – never mind. Do you imagine that the epic legendary sexual dysfunction of Republican men makes your actions somehow less whorish?

    Her end will be a long painful slow curtain – were she not such a stupid, ignorant, bitter, piece of white-trash – it would be sad to watch.

  7. Tessie Tura says

    Roommate? Which roommate? Didn’t this intellectual heavyweight attend like six colleges before graduating with a journalism degree?

  8. rjp3 says

    Horace – really — a grown woman who wants to be PRESIDENT ripping into a someone barely out of his teens — condescendingly demeaning him as “Ricky Hollywood” – all because the guy held up a t-shirt with those words on Hollywood Blvd … so she lies and smears him on national television. Why? Because she can — her followers want to hate and dislike … and pray for that sinner. Fuck her…. she was a direct and open bitch with her condescending braying about “PORN” – she only went there for votes.

  9. patrick nyc says

    Since Palin frowns on porn, I wonder what she thinks about her new buddy Carrie Prejean’s sex tapes and nude pics?

  10. SF_Scottie says

    I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but from the sounds of it I have seen it in its entirety (or at least the general theme)…. I would love to see her take responsibility for ONE (1) thing that went wrong. Just one. She continually proves that she hasn’t got what it takes to lead this country (or the state of Alaska for that matter). She’s nothing more than a talking head for the ultra conservative wing of the Republican party – which seems to have all the power in that party now. Good news for those of us on the left, I suppose.

  11. Rad says

    The world would be a far better place with a lot less of her kind in it; unfortunately, she is the future. Her brand of forceful, invent-on-the-fly obnoxious truthiness will keep her in the spotlight for years to come.

  12. drocks says

    What’s with the Palin book ads? That is the height of hypocrisy.

    Your blog is now SO full of interactive ads and bells and whistles it takes forever to load. I understand the need to make a living, but perhaps if you cleaned house a little and at least ran ads that are not contrary to your blog’s philosophy…

  13. BC says

    1. If she weren’t such a political threat, why are people still bashing her (no one cares what Dennis Kucinich does b/c he will never be a viable national candidate).
    2. She called Levi Ricky Hollywood b/c that is what he is calling himself. Didn’t all of you guys tear into Bristol Palin who was only 17 at the start of all this?
    3. Watch the whole interview – she DID take responsibility for things that happened but also was honest about the McCain handlers not keeping her informed about what was going on. AND, why would ANYONE who is selling a book give away all the answers in an interview. They want people to buy the book.

    People on this blog preach tolerance/acceptance but turn around and call conservatives every name in the book. Listen up guys, we (Gays) cannot and will not get the equal rights we deserve WITHOUT some conservatives on our side. It just won’t happen. And if every single conservative talker out there is viciously attacked by our community, the more moderate conservatives will turn their backs on us. We need to work together, not separately. I, for one, will continue my fight to engage conservatives in intellectual discussions and debates without namecalling. I would hope some of you would do the same.

  14. says

    “I’m a great lover of books.” Honey, Twilight doesn’t count.

    BC, I’d be more willing to at least respect a conservative if their rhetoric wasn’t based on b.s. soundbites, homophobia, the enslavement of women’s reproductiove parts, and their religion . . . I’m all for religious freedom, but don’t shove your flavor of Christianity down my throat.

    Palin is the enemy of intelligence, the environment, science, feminism, sexual autonomy . . . and let’s not forget her creepy jingoistic rallies during the campaign where threats on Obama were made and she said nothing to stop them. I will never forgive John McCain for letting this harpie out of Alaska.

  15. patrick nyc says

    People on this blog preach tolerance/acceptance but turn around and call conservatives every name in the book. Listen up guys, we (Gays) cannot and will not get the equal rights we deserve WITHOUT some conservatives on our side.
    And what do conservatives say about us BC? Anyone who thinks that the Rush and Beck douche bags will support us is high. The ones who support us do not have an agenda against us, they are the true conservatives who believe in equal rights for all, and don’t label it ‘special rights’. or other lame code words.

    Palin is so full of shit her eyes are brown. She sits there with a straight face and says in one breath that Levi is welcome home, that they don’t like drama, oh yea, and he’s making porn.

    Funny how she does not bring up her buddy Prejean and her porn tapes and photos. At least Levi made some cash.

  16. BC says

    @Alex – I seem to recall threats being made against Bush/Chaney/Rove in several places (TV shows, comedians,this blog) and no one stopped it. In fact, it was encouraged. The biggest problem I have with all of this is that she was treated very unfairly. No liberal female candidate would have ever been treated this way. I have never heard Palin call anyone a name nor be vicious towards a group of people. She has her opinions, as you and I do…they just may differ. A problem is this has never been about Palin’s political view points. This has always been about the fact that she is a female conservative who was moving up in government. If a female can do that, liberals lose a talking point. Case in point, had Hillary won, one entire part of the Dems platform would be eliminated.

    @Patrick – I don’t give a crap about what conservatives say about us. I will not stoop the the level of name calling. However, I watched as Glenn Beck said that gay marriage should be left up to the states, if states say yes, then yes, if they say no then no. Then each state will also decide if they will accept marriages from other states (i.e. New York). You’re right that the FAR FAR right will never agree with us. Just as the FAR FAR left prays that we still get discriminated against. Think about it, if there was no discrimination, what would the Left fight for? As far as Levi, I truly thinks she wants her grandson to have a father in his life. But really Patrick…Levi is in all of this for the fame and money. No one would give a crap about him if he were not attached to the Palins. Why are some people so quick to believe what a 19 year old kid is saying just because it is “Anti-Palin.” And finally, Oprah led the interview. Oprah did not bring up Prejean.

    And again, if she were so unintelligent, so stupid, so irrelevant – why is she getting so much attention on a national level. People don’t try to take down others that are not a threat. The more the Left attacks her, the stronger she gets.

  17. says

    BC, she is a threat because she gets all the gun totin’, Bible thumpin people who love her because she “is filled with the holy spirit” riled up. NO. I don’t want religion in the White House. Period. She appeals to the lowest common denominator of the electorate.

    And I think it has nothing to do with her femaleness and everything to do with her pro-Lifeness, her anti-intellectualness, her love of shooting wildlife, her inability to craft a coherent sentence . . . the list goes on and on and on. It’s all issues/competency.

    And as for Bush/Cheney vs. Obama. Please. Obama has not started a phony (and lethal/costly/damaging) war, infringed on Constitutional Rights, nor ruined the economy. Not that I think it’s right to threaten anyone, but there’s no comparison here. Not to mention, I doubt Obama would allow any sort of “Kill Him” chanting targeting a Republican candidate to go on at any of his rallies.

  18. ricky says

    BC – Evidently now in America to be a viable political “leader” all you have to be is photogenic? Or is it that she won an office in a state with less than 700,000 US citizens? What are her qualifications – other than the oldest, most bitter, most evil, white man in the Senate picked her for his running mate? What McCain eats does not make me fat – his own stunning vanity caused him to choose her – knowing her ignorance, hate, and 150K wardrobe would get the applause he could never get otherwise and his ego demanded that he get applause.

    Sarah Palin is not qualified to do the floors in my house – and I do not care how many lazy, ignorant, hate-filled, bags of bile fall to their knees before their moose. I am a AMERICAN – and I do not have to fall to my knees before anyone – EVER – DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? And least of all some unaccomplished, stupid, fade-ingly attractive Republican PROP whose sole purpose is to make the fat, lazy, uneducated, poorly-dressed, bitter, hate-filled Americans feel better about their meaningless lazy lives and lineage.

    And if you think that Democratic women who have worked far harder and accomplished far more in their lives do not get called vicious names by Republicans you are a LYING IDIOT!

    A patriot does not wave some 50/50 cotton-blend flag made in China – or some cheap genuine 14kt gold over brass flag pin – A PATRIOT IS SOMEONE WHO WRESTLES AND FIGHTS FOR THE VERY SOUL OF HIS OR HER COUNTRY.

    We will fight Palin and her raggedy supporters till our last breath – she is a far greater threat to America and every PRINCIPLE, FREEDOM, AND LIBERTY America stands for and for which tens of thousands have died defending than any terrorist.

  19. says

    I have to agree with drocks a few posts up. Towleroad has become so mired with popups and ads and stuff that it takes forever to load and clicking back and forth between pages is tedious and slow.

    I used to visit here every single day of the week and now I only visit once a week at most; just don’t like all the annoyances and extremely slow surfing because of my pop-up blockers going into overload.

    You’re ruining it guys. And this sincerely was my favorite stop of the day.

  20. ricky says

    Jimmy/Boston – Katie graduated from the University of Virginia – and has had a DISTINGUISHED CAREER IN TELEVISION — what is it that makes her a left-nut job – her education or her accomplished career?

    Water seeks its own level – even filthy sewage water – but then you know that.

  21. BC says

    again – go on the attack all you want. I chose to change minds by being peaceful and engaging others in conversation. If gays constantly attack Sarah Palin, the right-leaning housewives/mothers who like her will NEVER support us. My whole point is that we need to work together as one country.

    Ricky – you’re going a tad overboard here buddy. No one is asking you to fall to your knees for anyone. If you want a full on civil war, go ahead, try to start one. But I’ll tell you what – the things going on with this country now are NOT what the founding fathers had in mind. And, no need to yell and attack me – at the end of the day, we both want equality. I just want a peaceful transition to equality.

  22. Chris says

    BC And you think Sarah Stalin will be the peaceful transition to equality?

    You can’t be serious??? She means us Gays NO GOOD. She is considered a CONSERVATIVE not a REPUBLICAN anymore

    NY23 anyone?

  23. nelson says

    As long as dumbos like Curick and Walters continue to give Palin all this FREE publicity, we are stuck with her. I don’t think two percent of the public gives a damn about her, or her idiot idea of how to keep in the public view. I for sure don’t, and I think she is a real dink. Stop waisting our time and expensive air time on her, and her brood.

  24. Jimmy/Boston says

    Ricky, a good journalist doesn’t take sides which Katie does, so I don’t consider her a good journalist. I don’t care where she went to college and who pays her. She’s a disgrace.

    She should interview Joe Biden and and Obama and ask them what magazines they read. She asked a juvenile question and Palin ignored the question which was the smart thing to do.

    Palin’s views on gay issues are the same as Obama and Biden, so go hate on them. I think some of you queens are jealous because she has a good looking hubby, lots of money, was a governor, and has a big career ahead of her. It’s not nice to be jealous!